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Joint Pain after a Fever

Homeopathy takes care of the lingering complaints after an episode of viral fever.

John, age 46 yrs, came to me for his joint pains which he had been suffering with for the past 6 months. He had pain in the lumbar region, pain in the ankles and heels, pain in the shoulders and also pain in the knees, elbows and fingers.

He had sore pain in the lumbar region, < exertion and > lying down. The patient had boring pain in all the joints except the back. The pain in the knees < while rising up from a sitting position and > continuous walking.
Shoulder pain < raising the arm. All the pains were < while in bed, cold weather and > while concentrating on doing things, warmth (washing with warm water, hot fomentation)

All the complaints started after a viral fever which lasted for a week. He had good appetite and thirst. Habitually constipated and stool was hard and difficult to pass. Better after stool. Urine was normal. Perspiration was sour smelling.

He is a hard worker and goes to any extent to get his job done. He craves stimulants like coffee and drinks at least 10 cups a day. He has been a smoker since he was 25 yrs old. He also drank beer occasionally. He often has indigestion with heartburn and sour eructation.

His wife calls him obstinate and said that he likes to exaggerate his problems. He had fear of poverty and fear that he will be a cripple all his life.

While repertorizing the totality of this case, I ended up with Pulsatilla, Rhus tox and Bryonia as the top remedies. Nux vomica was one of the remedies which didn’t score a high grade in the repertorization, but I couldn’t ignore it.

I chose Nux vomica considering the following rubrics:

– Sore pain in the back
– Pain in all the joints, bed in
– Craves stimulants
– Sour discharges
– Hard stools
– Indigestion with heartburn and sour eructation.

I advised the patient to take Nux vomica 30, (2 pills dissolved in 8 oz of water and 1 tsp taken from it in the morning). In the follow up visit 15 days after the commencement of treatment, the patient’s wife said, “He is so lively and happy now”. The joint pains had decreased considerably (60% better) and the constipation was completely gone.

The dosage was decreased to twice a week with no change in the potency and the patient did beautifully. After a month and half, the patient called to report that he had no more pains and was going hiking in the Grand Canyon for the weekend.

We all know that Nux vomica is one of the top polychrests that we often use in our practice. Once again, the efficacy of Nux vomica is proved through this case.


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About the author

Sowmya Sridharan

Dr. Sowmya Sridharan graduated from Dr. M.G.R. medical University, Chennai, India with a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery and Masters in Physiology and Neurobiology from The University of Connecticut. She has an Advanced Practitioner of Homoeopathy (APH) license from The Nevada board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners. The board has strict regulations and requires a board exam to qualify as a practitioner. Dr. Sridharan has learned facial diagnosis, Medical Varmalogy and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. She has been in practice for over 14 years and has successful practices in Las Vegas and Dallas. Having watched Homoeopathy being practiced by her father, she is to this date constantly amazed by its healing power. Dr. Sridharan practices what she preaches and has not taken antibiotics or pain killers, even after her Caesarean Sections, thus entrusting her family's health to Homeopathy.


  • Mam I got fever nearly 2 months back I still have pain in my joint .fingers and Ancle please refer me some h.pathy ….I am from chandigarh …India refer that medice which will be easily avilable …..

  • My daughter was in India 2/18-3/5/2017 and picked up a viral fever while she was there. She was treated with Neem Tea for 2 days but then taken to the Hospital to be checked on the 3rd because she wasn’t improving and they had to start traveling home the next day. They gave her a pain reliever and just said viral fever.

    Its been 4 weeks and she is still having joint aches and pains. I’ve taken her to her pediatrician twice and she doesn’t have a clue and is sick of seeing us.

    What in the world or where in the world do I need to go?

    Is my daughter making this up?

    • No your daughter is definitely not making this up. I had viral fever two weeks back and now I am suffering from severe debilitating joint pain in the lower half of my body, which has reduced my movement considerably. Please consult a general physician or go to a rheumatologist.

      • What did you take for your viral fever? Anything? If nothing, then I would suggest that a homeopath take the case of your virus even though it’s gone and prescribe the remedy that would have been appropriate at the time.

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