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Kidney Failure in a Man of 54

Written by Dipendra Singh

Dr. Dipendra Singh shares a case of kidney failure in a man of 54. Conventional treatment did not improve his creatinine levels or his condition.

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Case History:

This is the case of Mr. O.P., a 54-year-old male patient who reported to the clinic in March 2016. He was a known case of kidney failure (serum creatinine level 8.64, blood urea 93, GFR-10). He was on allopathic medicines which were giving him no relief and his creatinine levels were not decreasing.

He had complaints of:

Decreased urine output

Loss of appetite,

Edema on face and legs

Persistent nausea with vomiting.


Weight loss

Mind-Irritable due to his disease.


Build: average


Perspiration – poor



Clinical examination

Pulse-76 beats per minute

B.P. 188/100 mm of hg

Weight-64 kgs

Oedema- present on face and legs


Based on the above history the patient was prescribed the following remedy.

6-3-2016 –  Natrum mur1000 one dose -S.L  30  4 pills 2 times a day for 15 days

20-3-1016 – The patient was feeling much better, his complaints like headache, nausea vomiting were reduced and there was marked decreased in the edema with increase in urine output. His appetite gradually started to improve.

S.L.  30 4 pills 2 times a day for 15 days

He was advised to repeat the tests

 31-3-2016 –  The patient was feeling much better and his complaints like headache , nausea, edema had disappeared. His reports were as follows:

Creatinine level which was 8.64 earlier came to 2.6

Blood urea which was 93 came down to 39 (normal value)

GFR which was 10, was now 26 .

Rx   S.L. 30  4 pills 2 times a day  – for 2 months

He was advised to repeat the tests

10-6-1016  – The patient is now much better:

Creatinine -2.2

Blood Urea -33

This case illustrates how kidney failure patients can be efficiently tackled with homeopathy, even in those cases where other forms of treatment have failed. Homeopathy can even help to arrest the further progress of the illness by targeting the tendency to develop kidney diseases.

About the author

Dipendra Singh

Dipendra Singh did his Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College in Pune. He completed his MD from SSNPGI Allahabad and started his practice in 2009. He states that he has successfully treated many cases of cancer, renal failure and other chronic ailments that had not been helped by other modalities. Dr. Singh also learned under the benign and capable direction of his father in treating cancer through homoeopathic medicine. With an experience of almost 12 years his area of clinical interest lies in treating cancer and kidney failure with homoeopathy. Dr Singh states that he runs the Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic and has been successful in curing chronic diseases.


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