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Lichen Plannus Simplex in a Woman of 45

Written by Bhushan Jain

Dr. Bushan Jain presents a case of lichen plannus simplex in a Woman of 45. She exhibited swelling all over her body.

A woman of 45 presented in Dec 2020 with complaints of pruritus all over her body with facial puffiness. Swelling all over body with bilateral pedal oedema. There is an ill-defined oval shaped reddish maculo-pappular rash like appearance on legs, upper arms and back.

She was my old patient and had taken homeopathic medicine for other ailments. Her presenting problems was seen by skin specialists and they diagnosed it as Lichen planus simplex and gave allopathic drugs for two years i.e. since 2018. There was no improvement with these drugs. All complaints are recurring with increasing intensity.

She was okay two and half years ago. Gradually she was feeling itching all over with appearance of the rash. During allopathic treatment she also gained weight of 10 to 14 kg within two years.

Family History:   Father is diabetic and on regular medicines. Mother has no  illness. No skin problem to other family members.

Past History: mouth ulcers treated successfully with homoeopathy.

Physical Generals:  Build: robust, stout
Appetite – Increased.  Diet: only vegetarian
Thirst- small quantity at long intervals
Sleep- Disturbed due to itching
Throat-  Uvula was also looking swollen with minor stinging pain
Mouth (Tongue) -Red swollen with vesicles, gums are also swollen
Desire-  milk and its products
Aversion – Sweets
Extremities: swelling on both upper and lower limbs with pitting oedema on both ankles.

Physical Examination:

Temp. Afebrile          /pulse 85 bpm       BP: 126/86 mm of Hg    wt. 95kg

Repertorial Totality:

Prescription: APIS MEL. 30 three doses on first day given with placebo for next 15 days.

BEFORE TREATMENT                                           AFTER TREATMENT

BEFORE TREATMENT                                                               AFTER TREATMENT

Follow up:

  1. She had stopped all allopathic medicines after starting Apis. After 15 days i.e. Jan.2021: there is marked decrease is pruritus with fresh feeling. Placebo was given for next 15 days.
  2. 2021: There is no facial puffiness. Also reduced pedal oedema. Most important that she was sleeping the whole night without interrupt. So she was happy and looking satisfied. No repetition of dose only kept on placebo for next 15 days.
  3. In march 2021, she reported that she lost her excessive body weight with 5 to 6 kg and it was around 86 kg.
  4. In April 2021, there were no more complaints and she was on placebo and continued treatment for the next three months with complete cure of her disease.

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Bhushan Jain

Dr. Bhushan Jain M.D. (Hom), Ph. D. (Scholar) HOD. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Ulhas Patil Homoeopathic Medical College, Jalgaon (MS). Private Homeopathic clinical practice since 2007 in Maharashtra.

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