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Luffa operculata in Sinusitis

A useful article about Luffa operculata in Sinusitis.Full details about Luffa operculata in Sinusitis

This rare and wonderful drug has great role to play in many cases of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, migraine, bronchial asthma and hay fever. In the year 1963, Schwabe conducted a study onLuffa operculata. They have done more experiments and have also published a book – Luffa Oeprculata in Bronchial Asthma. This medicine (in authors experience) has a very good action in the following potencies 6x, 12x, and also in 50 millesimal potency 0/3,0/6.

Below in brief, are the Characterstic symptoms of Luffa Operculata.

Lack of concentration, absent minded, anger at trifles.
Pain in the forehead agg in stuffy room, morning, amel evening and oversensitive to light.
Eyes – heavy dry, tearful with sensitivity to light, heavy vision.
Chronic rhinitis, with involvement of the sinuses.
Nose – obstructed, with frequent sneezing, cold with sinus, dryness of inner nose.
Sinusitis – with headache and watery discharge from the nose.
Throat – dryness, inflammation, coated.
Mouth – dryness, metallic or bitter taste, ulcers, corners cracked.
Tongue – thickly coated with ulcers.
Chest – pain during sneezing coughing.
Wheezing and rattling sound in the chest with difficulty in expectoration.
Respiration – difficult with little exertion.
Cough – spasmodic, agg by cold breeze, dust fog etc.
Agg by dust, exposure to cold, night, early morning.
Amel by heat, covering the head.

Few cases treated by Luffa Operculata :-

Mr. V., Age 20. Cough in the last two months, cough was rattlingExpectoration difficult, dyspnoea on little exertion. Cough was worse morningProstration. Build was tall & slim. Luffa Operculata 0/3 one globule in 4oz of distilled water was given, 10 succussions to be given to the bottle, then one teaspoon dose of medicine to be mixed in ½ cup of water. Stir well and take one teaspoon dose. The rest is to be discarded. The medicine is to be taken this way, three times a day. Within a day the patient felt better and was completely all right within a week.

2nd Case

Mr.H. Age 40 years. Complaint of severe headache in small spot, in different location of the head. He feels as if an abscess is forming in the scalp. Repeated attacks of coryza, violent sneezingworse morning and night. Lethargic, aversion to work. Luffa Operculata 0/3 was repeated in the same way as in the first case. Headache was much better within a week. Next week he had a mild attack of coryza. Bacillinum 0/6, one dose was given as an intercurrent. The patient became much better and now he looked more cheerful. The treatment was continued for one month at the end of which the patient was free from all symptoms.

3rd Case

Mr.K., Age 29 years, was suffering from severe attack of sinusitis, with a blocked nose, agg morning and night. Cough spasmodic, dry with little foamy expectoration. Expectoration amel cough, cough agg morning after breakfast, after dinner and on alternate days. On auscultation chest wheezing sound & whistling sound Respiration difficult. H/O Nasal Polyp, left side operated in 1979. Piles. Patient likes warm drinks, prostration from cough, dullness of mind, absent-minded. Luffa Operculata 6x was taken three times a day. Patient was feeling better within two days. He continued the treatment for a month and was free from all symptoms after that duration.

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