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Magnesium Salts and Thyroid Illness


About 15 – 20 % of my hypothyroidism cases have resolved withmagnesium salts, especially Mag c, Mag Mur and Mag sulph,

 Here is an outline of a case I learned a lot from:

Case of a 29 year old, MBBS Doctor, TSH – 18 .30 mdl


For the case analysis the main area of the case were the dreams, although the experience in dreams isn’t clear. I can formulate a clear pattern in the dreams.

Complete Repertory

Rx: MAG C 1m – 1 dose every month for 6 months, after which the allopathic medicines were tapered off.

Follow up:

TSH – 4.67 mdl

One of the Noteworthy Symptom of the case was –

Sleep; UNREFRESHING; morning; more tired in morning than in evening

 Magnesium Salts – Mag-C, Mag-M, Mag-S are often difficult to prescribe in the first few minutes of the case.They are often not very expressive. Much later in the case one can understand the deeper aspect of their repressed state.They will often just say yes or no to most of your questions and sometimes smile awkwardly.

If you study the repertory, you will be surprised to find that in the chapter Dreams – Magnesium and Cannabis are the remedies with maximum representation (one can understand the repressed state having many dreams).

Dr.Sankaran has famously written about it. In the repressed state, the patient is unaware of what he actually feels.

Vithoulkas has described them as being sensitive to quarrels and being  peacemakers.

In his lectures on M.M., Kent writes about treating orphaned children without any results, until he discovered Magnesium carbonicum.

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