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Molloscum Contagiousm in a Man of 21

Molloscum Contagiousm in a Man of 21
Written by Pravin Pente

Dr. Pravin Pente presents a case of molloscum contagiousm in a man of 21. Delusions, imaginations of wealth, boasting, passionate, and burning eruptions were key symptoms in finding the simillimum.

Name J. P.

Date- 14/09/17   -Age- 21  -Male –  Unmarried


  • molloscum contagiousm since 6 months.
  • varicose veins (in left lower limb) since 2 years.

Presenting Complaint:

He has molluscum contagiosum (Homeopathy for Molluscum Contagiosum) on his back since 6months. There are many eruptions on the back with itching followed by burning pain.Itching is unbearable but after itching there is watery discharge and burning pain.

Patient: I am a wrestler – when I go to Akahada (wrestling place) we played wrestling in soil after that there is severe itching eruptions followed by burning pain.  While playing wrestling there is rubbing, slapping on back by opposite player so eruptions get burst out and much more pain to it. After wrestling, I take bath with cold water- it gives me relief in pain.Even in every season I used cold water for bath I felt better by it. (Thermals HOT).

Why do you go for wrestling?

“It’s my dream to become a great wrestler for India and wanted to get a job in Indian army – I wish to play wrestling by Indian Army and want to become famous wrestler. I want to achieve many prizes, money, and name–fame.Then I will buy big home- car and I will take my parents to luxurious life then I will feel happy and proud. I love cars, new cloths, and hair style like a Bollywood hero. I follow Bollywood hero- Salman Khan is my ideal – I love his movie “Sultan” I just wanted to be like him.  I do hard gym like Salman Khan – I do weight lifting.  I used to do 70-80 pushups in one attempt. I used to eat good diet as suggested by my trainer.After going to home I used to eat a lot- if it’s late then I get angry on my mother, I can’t tolerate hunger.I like non-veg especially mutton, I used to take fruits, milk, eggs whatever which is needful for any wrestler.  I do running also but there is a pain in the left lower limb- I had visited orthopedic Doctor at Akola so he told it’s a varicose veins and he advised me to stop running otherwise I need to go under surgery- Dr. you do something for varicose veins.”

“There is a pulling and throbbing kind of a pain in left lower limb after running.

Before 2 months back I had running event of 5km run for physical examination of BSF just after a run there was a bleeding in my varicose veins of left limb – that time I took allopathic treatment. They advised me elevate my limbs and avoid exertion though I am following their advised but there is no any result-So I feel angry. “

Tell me about anger?

Usually I get angry if anything goes against me. I can’t tolerate teasing by anyone or If someone is not listening me. I shout at them, become abusive and desire to beat them. Before 4 months back I had a fight with my friend but after that I felt guilty about it. I said sorry to him. I am emotional and sensitive. If someone asks me for money, I love to help them though I don’t have enough money but I give them. My mother always scolds me for that. She said everyone takes my benefit.

She always gives me good advice but I never listen her. I am very close to her and I always share everything with her. If something happen to my parents I become emotional. Last time my mother was admitted in hospitalI felt like weeping.

My father is dominating in nature.So many times I get angry on him but can’t express it. He is my support but our thoughts never matched, so there are always quarrels in family. I feel that I am always right but my father never listensto me. So most of the time I am out of home among my friends. I have many friends and I am famous for my wrestling. I love when they appreciate me.

PAST HISTORY- typhoid two time. H/o- worms in childhood.


FATHER- Acidity+++

MOTHER- Lumber spondilosis



DESIRE-spicy+++, meat++




STOOL- hard stool but after eating spicy food there is burning per rectum.


DREAMS- of wrestling.


Rx:  Sulphur 200

14/09/17 sul200+6+1dr
24/09/17 He is feeling better, small new molloscum  appearing on the back and mildly painful.


Burning is reduced from before.

Mild pain in abdomen and hard stool.

Pain in the left leg is same.During running there is a pulling kind of pain in varicose veins.

10/10/17 Eruptions are reducing and there was watery discharge from them.Itching is reduced.

No burning pain in eruption.

He is feeling fresh and confident.

There is a pain in the left lower limb on running and pulling kind of a pain in it. Irritability increased.

17/11/17 He is feeling better, no new eruptions.On back only black spots remain. No itching, no burning, no pain in it. There is a pain in left lower limb- throbbing pulsating kind of a pain while walking and running. agg- standing, running , walking.


2 doses (sos)

30/01/18 He is feeling better, no eruptions on back.

Varicose pain is 80% better. Now he can run for 5 kilometers without pain. No burning pain in back and no itching. He won wrestling at division level. He feels confident. He had spice on veg so there was mild burning pain per rectum.

09/03/18 He is doing well. No eruptions on the back. Once he had quarrels with his father so he wept a lot.

Pain in the lower limb is 70% better. no eruptions on the back.


Sul1M (sos)

About the author

Pravin Pente

Dr. Pravin Pente B.H.M.S C.C.A.H. completed his B.H.M.S. from Panchasheel Hom. Medical College Khamgaon in 2006. He did C.C.A.H. from “the other song” International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy, Mumbai in 2013. He subsequently studied with Dr. Narendra Mehta and Dr.Rajan Sankaran. He began clinical practice in 2008 at Karanja in Vidharbha Region, Maharashtra. Dr. Pente has taken seminars at Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore through “the other song” and won the Best Case Presentation Award in 2013 and 14. His current focus is more on pathological cases and pediatric cases. He is presently doing an F.C.A.H. fellowship course at “the other song” Academy, Mumbai.


  • Thank you Dr. Pente. Imagine how many steroids and other suppressive drugs would have been used by the allopaths, and without curing. It’s important to share these dermatology cases to show what an experienced homeopath can accomplish.

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