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Molluscum Contagiosum in a Woman of 35

Written by Venkat Chowdary

Dr. Venkat Chowdary shares a case of molluscum contagiosum in a woman of 35. Symptoms leading to the simillimum included, startles easily, laughing involuntarily, reassured easily, extrovert, delusion she is a person of rank.

Patient name: P.D.,   Female, age 35

Consultation date: 15.6.2020

Diagnosis – molluscum contagiosum (acute viral skin infection)

She has been a regular patient of my clinic for the last 3-4 years. She used to come  for every minor complaint. Whatever happens to her or to her family takes them to the clinic. In March, just before the lockdown, I successfully treated her son who suffered with molluscum contagiosum.

At the end of the March I received a phone call from her and she said anxiously:  “Doctor, I got pimples over my face. Day by day they are increasing in number. Now I am in another city since lockdown and I can’t come there (no transport). She described the lesions and they sounded like her son’s molluscum eruptions.

When the lockdown period was over, she came to my clinic (April 15th. )

Pt: I have been feeling eager to come to your clinic since 15 days for this complaint. My face is full of pimples and they look like my son’s eruptions. I counted days of lockdown to meet you in clinic. In the interim I observed my face how it is filling with eruptions like small spots. At midnight bump come out. eruptions will spoil my skin. Are these viral eruptions?

(I observed that she laughed along with her emotional narration.

Dr:  What did you do in this 15 day period?

Pt:I called my cousin, a dermatologist, to get help. I called my friend the beautician who suggested some home-based preparations, steaming but in vain.

If these eruptions grow like this they will occupy all over my face and body . Oh…I can’t imagine that situation. I have hope only on you doctor. You cured my son’s case

(I gave her three doses of medicine and she left the clinic with peace of mind and a smile as usual. )

History:   Whenever she got a fever she used to have cold sores (fever blisters) on her upper lip.  In the past she shared one thing. She participated in sex after so many days and she laughed as usually to closing the dialogue.

Physical Generals


THIRST : Fluctuates on weather conditions. In general, moderate quantity.


URINE: watery colour, no specific change

SLEEP:  sometimes disturbed due to thoughts about this disease

THERMALS: no specific change in this acute episode. As a person she is chilly.

There is vital energy in her narration. She is very expressive.


As this was an acute disease of the skin, I did not go deep into her history except the history of her son’s molluscum. Usually molluscum is limited to the young  and rarely does it affect adults.


She had much anxiety about her condition.

Prescription:  PHOSPHORUS 30 one dose and three doses to take home

She was cured within a week.



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Venkat Chowdary

Dr. Venkat Chowdary BHMS MD(HOM) works as an Associate Professor in a Department of Surgery. He Graduated from India’s second Homeopathy Medical College which has a history of 75 years, Dr Gururaju Homeopathic Medical College, Natural Health University, and then did Ap. postgraduation from Nashik Health University, India. Dr. Chowdary has been practicing classical homeopathy for the last 13 years. He currently runs a chain of clinics as Managing Director, Dr Chowdary’s Homoeo Clinics which are located at various sites in the state. He can be contacted at +91-97406-80019 or by email: [email protected]

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