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Mom Saved by Homeopathy After Gall Bladder Perforation & Coma

Written by Sonu Mehrotra

Dr. Sonu Mehrotra shares his experience in treating his own mother, who had gone into a coma after gall bladder surgery.

ABSTRACT– This is my mother’s case which was a hopeless case according to modern science. Only homoeopathy could save her so I’m sharing here step by step the remedies I gave her. The doctors were astonished after seeing this miraculous result of homoeopathy. This is a recent case. I have attached the sonography report.  I hope this case will aid in understanding how homoeopathy can snatch a patient from the jaws of death.

Acute calculous gangrenous cholecystitis with gall bladder perforation

This is a recent case from January 2020. My mom is 77 years old and had acute pain in right hypochondrium associated with vomiting. I tried to control this pain with homoeopathic medicine but she was weeping terribly because of pain. I took her to the hospital where they did ultrasound which showed perforation in gall bladder with septicemia.

The doctor did not have much hope as she was barely conscious, and he told me to be ready for anything. The doctor said she is not in condition to be operated on since her blood pressure fell to systolic 70, and she can collapse at any moment.

I was weeping and told the doctor to do his best. They did surgery and afterwards, she went completely in coma. They put her on a ventilator which was very painful for me as a son and as a doctor too.

Three days passed but there was no improvement. I got permission from the doctor to give homoeopathic medicine as he knew me as a homoeopath and a friend. She was in complete coma with stertorous breathing. I checked Lotus Materia Medica   (Dr. Robin Murphy). The symptoms were: coma from drug overdose, fright, stroke or injury, profound coma, for which I gave Opium 10 M one dose.

The next morning when I went to the ICU, I found that she was conscious but was not recognizing anyone and continuously moving her hands in restlessness. When I called her, she did not recognize me and was giving me a very strange and stupid look. Here the symptoms had totally changed. I waited. The doctors removed the ventilator but tied her hands and legs as she was moving continuously.

The doctor said that it was some kind of encephalopathy, but he didn’t know why she was doing this, as her all reports were coming normal. But the same condition continued and they did an MRI of the brain but nothing significant showed up.

They asked to take fluid from her spine which is very painful. I retook the case and when I was going through Helleborus in Allen’s Keynotes, the symptoms given were unconscious, stupid, answers slowly when questioned, a picture of acute idiocy. First, I gave Helleborus 200 and nothing changed. Then the next day I gave Helleborus 10m single dose and waited.

The next morning when I went to see her, she was talking behind the oxygen mask. I went near her and she was telling me, “I want soup. I’m feeling hungry and why have you tied my hands? Ask them to untie me.” I had no words to thank our homoeopathy and of course GOD.

Later when I checked Helleborus I saw that it is a plant of the Ranunculaceae family. Nowadays I am learning the sensation method by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and in his chart it is in the Magnolidae subclass and it is the exact picture of my mum.

She is very sensitive, and the stage from which she was passing was a totally confusing stage. According to Dr. Mahesh Gandhi the first subclass magnolidae has chaos, confusion, bewildered, beclouded, strange, lost sensation all of which my mother had.

I have her video of that time and all reports with me. She is absolutely fine now, and now and then I give her homoeopathic medicine for small ailments. I went to Mumbai to attend a seminar on survival to learn more from our masters. Salute to all of them.

About the author

Sonu Mehrotra

Dr. Sonu Mehrotra, D.H.M.S (Merit) DI HOM (London) I have been practicing homoeopathy since my childhood as my father, Dr S. S. Mehrotra, was a renowned homoeopath. I am practicing individually for the last 25 years, dealing with all kinds of acute and chronic cases. My son is also studying homeopathy and is in his final year in homoeopathic college. Nowadays I am practicing the Sensation method introduced by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and I‘m getting more accurate prescriptions. I am really thankful to him.


  • Dr. Sonu Mehrotra is trustworthy and dedicated doctor. He serves for his patients selflessly. Rajpuians are proud to have a homeopath as him in the city itself.

  • Nice case sir and I am glad to know you mother is doing well.
    But sir, when I open Lotus MM, i see a whole book of symptoms, how did you find that one symptom and decided your remedy upon it.
    Same holds true for Hellebores. It seems by some magic you referred the very remedy you needed! and disregarded all other medicines needed in coma.
    Your analysis here would have been helpful to a reader like me.

    • thanks for reading the case,and wrote your curiosity ,sir i wrote my mother was in deep coma and she had all symptoms of opium which brought her out from coma after if you study recently released chart by dr rajan sankaran”THE SENSATION IN THE SUBCLASSES” subclass magnolidea order ranunculaceae AND THE FOUNDATION BOOK BY DR MAHESH GANDHI SIR PERSONAL EVOLUTION MODEL wrote the first mag subclass magnolidae has chos,confusion,bewildered,beclouded,strange,lost sensation which i observed my mother had all and she presented exect picture of helleborus.
      in such cases we have very less time and only a attending doctor can feel the case and i proved right.
      you said correct we have many other medicines for coma but i wrote now a days i am practising sensation method which has cleared my concept after listening our masters DR RAJAN SIR AND DR MAHESH GANDHI SIR and i could save my mom by our great homoeopathy,at the end i am thankful to my mother homoeopathy which has saved my biological mother.

    • and sir i have mummy’s video too which was taken at that time shows exect picture of helleborus,which i will present as a case sometimes in seminar thanx

      • if we read allen’s keynotes in mental generals UNCONSCIOUS,STUPID,ANSWERS SLOWLY WHEN QUESIONED.A PICTURE OF ACUTE IDIOCY
        these two symptoms where very prominent
        so i from all sides when i confirmed than i selected this remedy, thanks

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