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Monywa Burn Case

Monywa Burn Case

This Monk, 64years old, was admitted as a burn case to Mandalay Hospital.  I treated him from March 28, 2013 to June 17th, when he was released.

Status:  Serious burns over 45% and also has diabetes. He had received a skin graft in the Bankok Hospital. He suffers from intense pain from the various wounds. There is inflammation and burning pain. Burn contracture on Rt and Lt dorsum of foot.  His skin graft did not produce a good result. There is thickness, swelling, pain and large boils at the skin graft location. He can’t sit, walk or change his body position. His lower limbs are contracted and there are thick large scars and a sensation of contraction when he walks or sits. Keloids have developed.

 Hospital Burns Unit








For daily course:

Arnica mont 200, 5pills every 2 hours for 5/doses.

Arsenic alb 200,  5pills for one dose at bed time.

Kali Phophoricum 6x & Natrum sulph 6x -3tablets each, 3doses.

External application:

Cantharis Mother Tincture +NS solution  (1:3) Daily 3times.

First follow-up on March 30 at 8:30 am.

He reports that he felt quick relief and that all symptoms are improved. Wounds are drying up and he experiences pain relief.

April 3,2013.

Repeat above doses, 5 pellets for 6 doses.

External application of Cantharis mother tincture (30%) olive oil (70%).

April 15,2013 to Jun 17,2013
Arnica mont 200 three times a day and Natrum sulph 200 once a day.

Today he experienced significant relief and he can walk.


I gave Arnica mont 200 because his case was chronic.

Arnica mont – after any operation. This is a valuable first-aid remedy to help reduce pain and swelling, black and blue skin and the tendency to tissue degeneration and septic conditions, especially of muscular tissue.

Natrum sulph –  Useful in diabetes, especially skin symptoms and in supporting the cells.

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