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Mood Swings in a Woman of 20

Written by Anand A. Joshi

Anand Joshi presents a case of a 20-year-old female with adjustment disorder, mood swings aggravated around menses. Read how homeopathy helped!

About the case:

20 year old female presented with c/o adjustment disorder, mood swings aggravated around menses in Jan 2016,

Upon inquiring about it further she described as below,

D: What is your complaint?

I feel low weeping mood, cry a lot even with music & songs 2 days before menses. Just after menses appear I am WOW!
I want my mother’s support
My decisions are also emotionally influenced rather than intellect.
I accept things very easily, I can’t be adamant, even I can’t express my opinion in talks
I always feel always need for company have to share things with someone. (Voice- crying)
Like even I would have an ice-cream, only if everyone is having it, I would never eat alone. But now even do not tell that, I cover up such issues.
I suffer from daily headaches since school days
I get headaches whenever there is overexertion or my schedule is disturbed, when I am out In SUN. My headaches are better by sleep.
I have difficulty managing b/w my friends& family life.  I feel I can’t manage & adjust every-thing. : Also I easily gain weight @ home. Can’t be on diet at home.

D- Describe the feeling I need somebody, have to share with someone.
P- I feel free when I share. I started getting attached to world outside once I moved out of home. I started learning managing on my own, rather grow up actually afterwards.
I get dreams that my father is dead, Also someone comes to take my mother away, I hid her in room & made a door trap
I am allergic to metals can’t bear touch of safety-pin even.  :I have desire for 100% true relation.


My menses gets delayed by 12days since 2-3 cycles. Before periods, there is leg & back pain 1 day prior. During periods, there is normal flow & I am relieved.
Thirst- more. 2-3 liter/ day, I prefer cold water 365 days.
Desires- warm food sweets, cheese+3, salt
A/f- semi- solid stool after cheese.
Perspire- Normal
Season – winter, hot +3, body hot in summer
Skin- dryness+3


I found that throughout the case patient talks about issues around connection & separation with mother, issues around emotional nourishment, she failed to bond with the world outside and had adjustment disorders.

Just confusion completely passive, easily influenced by others and can’t exert her opinion. There was desire for company or someone constantly with feeling of dis connection from all. Also there was no reaction which appeared calmness to others.

Also the dream of her mother being taken away and hiding her in another room with a door-trap is suggestive of the fetus secured in the embryo and shows the deep sense of connection with mother for all her needs.  (Fear of separation).

Rubrics from proving by Welsh school of homeopathy:

  • desire for company but < due to sensation of communication breakdown – can’t be bothered and feel awkward visiting people. Feel distanced, distance interrupting communication – as if behind a screen.
  • company ameliorates, but averse seeing people.
  • desire for company but not feeling sociable.
  • feeling out of control and more easily influenced by others opinions. Aware that people are taking over my life – more resigned than fighting.
  • general indecisiveness

On this basis she was prescribed Placenta 1M infrequent doses.

Follow Ups:


: I am Feeling better emotionally, can accept things now, I am able to cry when alone earlier could not react at all. I can manage answering friends now as and when needed and also tell them or make them feel what they haven’t done, earlier I used to leave things as they were, I express and make  them feel if it’s their mistake. Even my friends have noticed this change in me.


Emotional state much better than before. I can do things faster & better now, initially would just think & not do. More reactive now.  I can do things on myself, less need of emotional support now. I had to appear for exam and the paper was not good still I did not fumble or got confused, took it well without crying in examination-hall.


I can initiate & take actions now. I am not waiting for support of others emotionally strong – cry seldom now. I feel stronger like never before.


I had developed a boil which was very painful, it burst open the same night I took the dose, I had fever like symptoms also but all was well after the dose. I am much active but less tired

Now can do things without spoiling relations earlier would withdraw or break relations. Now I get it done – make them feel & do in a balance way so I can’t believe myself.  Earlier inferiority complex affected now I positively work towards it. Now I set my priorities. I am more pro-active now. Attachment to mother is very less means not affected without talking to her can manage on my own now.

Skin dryness improved. Dreams- spending good time with family.


Lost 9 kg of weight. Recently I met with a minor accident but managed situations well without being anxious or fearful. I can take intellectual decisions & stand with it. Sleep better. Menses have been regular and I have improved emotionally a lot.


Patient has gained confidence, can stand for herself, is clearer in her thoughts & actions. She can execute things which she could not have imagined earlier. Her need for connection has gone down & can manage people and relationships much better. Also she has lost 9 KGS of weight in last 6 months which is indicative of improved metabolism. I have frequently observed in my practice with right remedy we are able to touch lives of patients deeper than expected not only the chief complaints, emotional state but the metabolism improves and the patient is optimized both physically and mentally.

Let us also take Row 2 of periodic table in comparison with the above state of the patient. Row 2 also has separation anxiety, fear of being detached – “Am I a part of something? Or Am I attached or detached?”  The main crux of Row 2 is fear of survival without that connection, will I be able to survive on my own or not? Whereas here, our patient has desire for connection, confidence in herself. She was overwhelmed emotionally which is a deeper experience compared to Row 2.

In Placenta, the desire for connection is stronger than fear of separation & survival after separation.


Welshschool of homeopathy proving by Kathy Bigs & Linda Gwillim.

Structure – volume-1 – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

About the author

Anand A. Joshi

Dr. Anand A. Joshi, M.D. (Hom.) is a homeopath from Ahmedabad, India. He is Associate Professor in Organon of Medicine at AHMC. He also helps his patients with counselling and pranic healing. He has been selected from across India to present his dissertation at CCRH, New Delhi. He is actively involved in teaching and sharing through seminars, titled “Understanding to the Core” for aspiring homeopaths. He works with various NGO’s with a desire to educate and spread general awareness on physical, mental and spiritual health and parenting. Dr. Joshi is the chief mentor for students and doctors at “Tuesday and Thursdays @ Tathya” learning center, refining their skills. His cases and articles have been published in national and international journals of homeopathy. He has been actively involved as the core committee in organising various seminars.

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