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Moving Through Lifes Transitions

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This history shows a sensation type of history which also overlaps with traditional rubric analysis. It also shows an expanded ‘mental/emotional’ theme of a remedy often prescribed on acute indications alone. The history has been abridged by not repeating themes already stated, and I did not include my questions which asked the patient to expand upon her descriptions/experience.

This demonstrates that a patient can often provide a clear picture of the substance in nature that they need for healing. In this case the choice was also be supported by classic repertorization and confirmation through materia medica. (I initially found the remedy not through repertorization, but by doing a word search in Reference Works using ‘small purple flower’ and ‘veil’, and then was able to confirm it through materiamedica.)

I have a wart on the back of my thumb. It was treated with liquid nitrogen, but it’s still very sensitive and isn’t going away.

I’m in the middle of a lot of transitions right now. I want to stay as strong and as healthy as I possibly can during this time. I’d like to build a stronger base, to feel a source of balance and strength.

I want to work with people without feeling burnt out. My mother has dementia, and it feels very draining. It drains my energy. It’s been 3-4 years of making changes, trying to accomodate her needs.

There’s a lot of sadness; everything is different; there’s nothing to work from. It’s sad and drains my energy. I feel tired; it sucks the energy out of me. My own energy becomes blocked, stagnant, slow.

It’s like dampened feeling–heavy, compressed, draining. It’s distracting–it weakens me. It puts a veil on things. Going out in the world isn’t as clear or bright. Rather than seeing beauty naturally, I have to look for it. It’s like a veil; I have to open it up.

There’s a heaviness, a pulled down, veiled over feeling. I feel like it’s temporary, transient, not there all the time. I try to support myself when this heaviness is around.

It’s draining and tiring to have the veil pulling me down. It’s complicated and difficult, a dark, lifeless, energy sucking element. It’s heavy and exhausting. My energy is pulled away.

In the winter I feel more pulled down and dampened. I’m better in the spring and summer.

Maybe this has to do with cycling–the seasons, the cycles of life. I have an aging mother, a growing son.

Something is taking away from the normal energy I feel in my life. The veil is like a screen which makes it harder to tune into the beauty, goodness and abundance of life.

I feel cold, damp and dark in the drained state. But temperature and water are a part of nature. Darkness is a part of nature. Dark, damp and cold are all draining for me. I’m definitely not a water person.

I want to stay healthy, strong and balanced. Life is full of things that are hard. I want to take those feeings and balance them with everything else in life. I want to experience that vitality, energy, growth and light.

It’s like a beautiful blooming bush or fruit tree. There’s good energy–able to grow, have vitality, give something off–fruit, flower in full bloom, a vine with berries.

It’s like being hooked into the cycle of life–growing, being healthy, giving back something you’ve received, bringing joy. Whoever can appreciate it can see it.

It’s like a violet plant with small petals, just as beautiful as a big sunflower. It’s precious, but not everyone sees it. How sweet, how lovely this plant. A little lavender flower–it’s there, but not in your face.



Worse dark, damp.
Worse change of seasons.
Sensation of a veil.
Extremities warts fingers.


Sensation method leads to a plant/bush with with small purple flowers.


The client was given dulcamara 200, single dose. The wart resolved within a week, and the dose was repeated in 3 months when the wart slightly re-appeared. The client also experienced dramatic improvements in energy and mood, and has not needed a repetition since her last dose 2 years ago.


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