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Multiple Sclerosis in a Man of 55

multiple sclerosis

Dr. Peter Naydenov treats a case of Multiple Sclerosis in a man of 55.

May 2016 – A 55 years old man, electronic engineer, comes because of MS – the left leg is affected, the gait is very unstable, and the whole left half of the body has tingling and numbness. Of course he was given corticosteroids for the MS (Homeopathy for Multiple Sclerosis). The patient has very bad teeth – they started to crumble even as he was a child. This is so with the whole family on the mother’s side. The patient has had more than 30 times local anesthesia because of dental work. Many teeth were removed, and he has many amalgam dental fillings. 1st prescription: Detox 4h4 of Poly-Corticosteroids; Detox 4×4 of Local anesthesia; Syphillinum 10 M a single dose. Camphora 30 in dilution every day 3 drops. Zinc, Selen, vit C. Klamath lake algae, probiotics, Colostrum, Liver Cleanse and Fatty acid complex including DHA from marine algae, all from AquaSource – a superfood and health supplements brand established by two leading UK homeopaths Robert Davidsom and David Howell in 1994. I’ve used these products since 1996.

After two weeks the patient felt perfectly well. He said that he did not have any complaints whatsoever. His gait was stable and he did not feel any numbness, tingling etc. He remained well for about 6 months. Then he submitted to very serious dental work with several doses local anesthesia and the complaints returned. Because of this he came for a second consultation on May 2017 – one whole year after the first one. I reminded him that he has to come every 2-3 months for follow-ups. As the complaints started after local anesthesia, I again gave him a  detox course of local anesthetics 4×4, and then he’ll take another detox course of Amalgam 4×4. Here 4×4 means that the patient takes the remedies in 4 potencies, 4 doses of 1 granule each of each potency – starting from 30K, then 200K, MK, 10MK, each potency for 2 weeks, say Monday – Thursday – Monday –Thursday. I haven’t even started to treat him with a constitutional remedy. This will emerge after the detox courses as they help to clear the picture. It is amazing how often people react very badly to anesthetic and how often homeopaths fail to ask about this and other drugs their patients have taken before the complaints had started. This case shows the power of homeopathic detox therapy.  You can learn more about this method from the book “Fighting Fire with Fire” by Ton Jansen –

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Peter Naydenov

Dr. Peter Naydenov became a medical doctor in 1986, and got his first diploma in Homeopathy in 1994. He was the organizer of the first homeopathic courses in Sofia together with the London College of Classical Homeopathy and Peter Chappell. He received his IACH diploma in 2000, then his HDT diploma in 2014. He is also an astrologer, business owner, network marketing leader and publisher. Dr. Naydenov published some of the first textbooks on homeopathy in Bulgarian and he is author of several books on homeopathy. These days he works mainly with children who were damaged by antibiotics, vaccines and other drugs and toxins.

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