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My Experience in a Case Of Brain Tumor

Written by A. U. Ramakrishnan

The author describes his experiences in a case of brain tumor using a rather unusual remedy.

My work in cancer cases has been going on, each case being a challenge and each case proving to be a milestone. We experience unbelievable results, taking us to ecstasy and then the unrelenting march of the disease sends us to the very depths of depression. I must admit the latter more often than the former. However, continuous work in pursuit of facing the challenge has given me the opportunity to refine and redefine our tools.

I wish to narrate a case of Glioblastoma Multiforme. A lady 36 years old married, with 2 children, saw me in 2005. The first symptoms, headaches, recurrent and becoming more frequent and intense over a period of 2 to 3 months, finally led her to see a neurologist. Using MRI she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme.

The patient declined to have radiation that was suggested by her Oncologist.

The reason for bringing up this case, is that a rather unusual remedy came up which is not in my “favourite” list of “organ remedies”! For Gliomas and the like, I normally try to see if remedies like Baryta Carb, Plumbum Iodatum etc. would come up.

This case presented itself as a typical Calcarea Carb, constitutionally. Obese, chilly and laid back, but at the same time restless, impatient, impulsive, emotional, sentimental, fond of food and so on. Calc Carb actually led me to consider Calc Ars!

One characteristic feature of the Calcarea Arsenicum is that they get headaches on the side not-lain-on. And this was present in this case. The reason that strengthened the selection, was that I have used it in innumerable cases of epileptic seizures and also seizures due to space occupying lesions.

Putting all this together, I ventured to use Calcarea Ars 200c in “Plussing dose” for 1 week, alternating week with Carcinosin plussing dose.

I continued with the same potency; each month the case was reviewed and the symptoms were dramatically getting better. By the end of three months she hardly had one or two bouts of headaches in a month, and they were very mild. At the end of three months she went for an MRI of the brain (Homeopathy for Brain Tumor) and the lesions were definitely better; some completely gone and most of them showed no increase.

From here I went on to the next higher Potency – Calcarea Ars 1m, but the Carcinosin would be the same 200c. After a 3 months period we saw further reduction. I continued the same remedy and potency for 3 more months. By the time we completed 1 year the MRI showed the lesions were 75 to 80% gone. The patient is in absolute comfort.

After 1 year has passed, I pushed up the potencies to Calcarea Arsenicum 10M and Carcinosin 1M – to be taken on alternate weeks in plussing dose, and this was done for 3 months.

After 1 year and 3 months I stopped the “plussing dose” and went on to Calcarea Ars 10M. Split dose (3 pills x 4 times in a day) for 1 day only. A month later Carcinosin 1m split dose (3 pills x 4 times for 1 day only). And this was continued alternate months for the next 1 year.

I stopped active prescribing by that time. We completed 2 ½ years.

Six months later the MRI was repeated and the findings were the same as last.

Very stable. Patient in good health. Now 5 years have passed.

This is once again a case to illustrate that seemingly unrelated to the pathology,

the remedy when properly matched, can bring about a cure. Ever since this case,

I include Calcarea Arsenicum as one of the “organ remedies” for Brain Tumors.

About the author

A. U. Ramakrishnan

Dr. Ramakrishnan M.B.B.S., MF Hom, PhD, is an internationally known medical doctor from India. He travels the world lecturing on homeopathy and treating difficult cases. Some areas of his expertise are Cardiac Disease, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Arthritis and Diabetes. He is also the homeopathic physician to the president of India. Dr. Ramakrishnan has been presenting papers at International Congresses since 1981. Along with Catherine R. Coulter, he is the co-author of A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer. Visit his website at


  • Engrossing case. Very logical and very homeopathic; constitutional deduction of Calcarea Carb, the reasoning for selecting Calcarea Arsenicum. Excellent Dr. Ramakrishnan. Would love to read your other experiences.

  • The article is interesting. His approach to the treatment give a new inside to the remedy calc ars. Thank you doctor.

  • Thanks for that. I will add it to the list in your book that I have. I also agree that you should post more of your more recent cases!! All the best.

  • An excellent example of finding the simillimum;wish u continue the same service to humanity.
    Dr.Saif(allopath & Homeopath:MBBS,MPH,RMP,RHMP)

  • Dear Dr.

    Wonderful analytical shown in selecting Cal ars. Is there any case pertaining to the treatment of Pleomorphic adenoma of sub maxillary salivary gland may please be reported. Thank you Dr.

  • Dr Ramkrishnan.

    Thank for your article “My experience in a case of Brain Tumar”.

    Excellent analysis to selecting the Calcarea Arsenicum.

    All the best, continue the same service to humanity.

    Prof dr shaikh shamsur rahman.
    Abu Dhabi, U A E.

  • A wonderful and very insightful article,as always expected from a very respected A .U.Ramakrishnan. Very few can do what he has achieved in treatment of Cancer.His choice of medicine shows what deep knowledge of individual medicine, in this case CAL ARS, can do in a positive manner;

  • Personally, I work alot with brain cancers and love hearing about remedies I have not previously used. They are so important especially at this time with more and more people being diagnosed daily. I also feel that it may be of interest to some of your readers that the remedy Luachar Annaverna (the proving of which I coordinated in 2007) is proving to be very effective in the treatment of various types of brain cancer and may be a remedy worth considering also. I had one case of a pituitary tumour which was untreatable allopathically where one pill of Luachar Annaverna 10M cleared it, no other treatment. I feel sometimes as a homeopath that I wonder for the clients who pass on how deeply it impacts to their spirit. I’ve been blessed to be able to share a case where the clients was diagnosed with a large mass and instructed that it was too late to do anything for him. His family approached me and asked could I help. My sense was it was too late to cure as this man was totally bed bound and losing all bodily function. I explained this to the family yet I gave them one pill of the Luachar Annaverna 10M saying it may help him on his passage. It had to be dissolved in water and rubbed on his lips as he was losing his swallow. He passed away a week later and when they performed the autopsy there was scarring where the tumour had been but there was no tumour there. I really feel that trauma has been cleared and he didn’t need to carry it to the other side. I have printed the proving so it is avaiable for anyone who wishes to purchase it and the remedy is stocked in Helios pharmacy in Kent. I just feel it’s important that this is shared. Many thanks, Michelle.

    • What exactly is Luachar Annaverna? All I find when I search on google is the book with the same title and the fact that Helios carries the remedy
      thank you for any information

      • Hi Beth
        Luachar Annaverna is a plant remedy of the Juncus family. Where this remedy was sourced from is a sacred site in Ireland where there is also one of the controversial tetra masts. It was a difficult proving as coordination/motor skills were affected along with speech, memory – blackouts -, neuralgic pains, headaches, desires to kill, desire to be in the rain. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks, Michelle

  • this is wonderfull case .congrates .i have an confusion about the corsinosin ,that why you alternate calc ars. with corcin.

  • “My Experience in a Case Of Brain Tumor”
    Wonderful article i like it.Sir my aunt having a same problem we visited many neurologist but all of them refused and said that her case is at last stage and if we operate her she might go in coma.I am a student of homeopathy 2nd year.After reading your above article i am very glade that there is still possibility that i can help her so please help me out.Is there any way that i can contact you.Hope you will reply soon {[email protected]}

  • Would there be a homeopathic remedy for Cushing’s Disease in horses?
    I am asking here because they have said it is mainly caused by a brain tumor near the pituitary gland but some say not a tumor.

    Quote: “It is now called “PPID” (The clinical signs are associated with abnormally elevated hormone concentrations in the blood and along with other hormones, cortisol, plays an important role in this disease. This syndrome is better defined as Equine Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) because it reflects the location within the brain that is abnormal. In humans, Cushing’s disease affects a different location within the pituitary gland, thus the reason why veterinarians prefer to call this disease PPID.”
    thank you for any info.

  • This could be a stupid question, but still, was it possible to draw a correlation between Calc Ars remedy picture and the symptoms of the patient?

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