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My Method of Treating Metastatic Cancer


Dr. Sujit Chatterjee discusses homeopathic remedies that he has found helpful in treating cancer. He has used Carcinosin with Actinides and also with organ remedies.

Key words: Cancer, Homoeopathy, Actinides, Carcinosin, Plussing method (PM), Vitality, Miasmatic, Organ affinity.

Cancer is one of the major concerns in the health sector today. All age groups are under the threat of this disease, making it a very important topic of research. In 36 years of my practice, I’ve had an opportunity to treat patients suffering with cancer. There has been a lot of learning in this process, through both failure and success.

In some cases, I was able to give my patients curative relief. For others, I could minimize pain at the terminal stage through various homoeopathic remedies. In this process I realized that only one remedy used for a long time may not be enough to handle the intensity of such a grave disease.

I found some deep acting medicines prepared from actinides that showed a striking response in cancer cases. In the initial phase, I used actinides as rather specifics. Over a period of time, remarkable results were noted when Actinides and Carcinosin were used alternately in the gap of fifteen days (at least). In some cases, I also used organ specific remedies and the simillimum.

Hence, I made a conscious choice to use actinides and Carcinosin in a majority of metastatic cancer cases. In these cases, along with the indicated similimum, different actinides depending on their sphere of action and specific Carcinosins were prescribed.

To elaborate let’s take a case example:

A 63-year old lady consulted in 2017 with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer with metastasis to the liver (27th October 2017- CA 125- 40.2). She was diagnosed in 2015 and underwent hysterectomy. She had been taking oral chemo for the last two years, but the outcome was not favourable. Two different sonography reports of 2017 showed metastatic two lesions in the liver with increase in size in one.  The reports are as follows.

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding was her initial complaint in 2015. She had lost weight, had tremendous weakness and nausea along with much acidity and tremendous fear of the disease.

She was also was on antidepressants for a long time. The main issue in the case lay in the separation from a joint family. She had to stay alone and missed the love, care and warmth of staying together in the joint family. She described herself as very sensitive to insult, gets hurt easily, very polite; couldn’t answer back as she always tried to avoid fights. She couldn’t bear to see others in pain. She felt much better when occupied with work as she loves it. Some of her prominent fears were being alone, robbers, death (family history of cancer).

From incidents in her family that sadden her, she developed weakness and vertigo with perspiration and pain.

ANALYSIS: Running throughout the case her grief due to separation from the joint family. That, along with her nature and fears indicated Ignatia. The main rubrics considered in the case were as follows:

  • Mind: mildness, complaining, bears suffering, even outrage, without (2) : Ign.
  • Mind: grief; silent (145) : IGN.
  • Mind: grief; ailments from, agg. mental and emotional consequences (57) : IGN.
  • mind; reproaches; ailments from, agg: IGN.
  • mind; fear, of alone, being: Ign.
  • mind; fear, robbers, of: Ign
  • mind; fear, death of: Ign
  • mind; sensitive, oversensitive: IGN.

Ignatia 30, 200,1M were prescribed in the plussing method (PM-dilution method in water). After 15 days of which Carcinosin -30, 200, 1M (PM) and after 15 days Americium Muriaticum 30,200,1M (PM), because the primary site of the tumour was gonads.

In between (gap of 15 days) Ruta G 6 c was simultaneously used to prevent metastasis. Cholesterinum (low potency) was also prescribed in this case as an organ specific, which was the main turning point in the case (insomnia with liver diseases). Initially for a few months Carcinosin was used but then because of liver affinity Carcinosin Liver was used. These were the main remedies throughout her treatments.

[Result: 11th May 2018:- CA-125:11(Normal)].

Sonography reports after the treatment: Showed reduction in the size of the lesion. Also, there was now only one lesion in the liver.

After seeing such a wonderful result, with one liver lesion decreasing in size and the other one disappearing completely with only homoeopathy, I was encouraged to try this method in other cases with individualisation.

I use Carcinosin very frequently in metastatic cases of cancer as it is Hahnemann’s anti-miasmatic remedy. Depending on the organ affected, different Carcinosins have been prepared. For example, Carcinosin liver if liver is the affected organ, Carcinosin stroma if the stomach is affected. They have shown better results than just using Carcinosin. According to Foubister, a family history of cancer is an important indicator to use the Carcinosin remedies, as it will remove the miasmatic block.

There is a case of colon cancer with metastasis to the lung which showed favourable prognosis on using Carcinosin and Curium Mur. It was used because of lung metastasis. In this case Absinthinum (low potency) was used as an organ specific as all his complaints started after undergoing gall bladder surgery (rubric- abdomen; operation, after, gall bladder). He was not taking any allopathic or alternative form of treatment. There were multiple lung nodules which disappeared. The patient also showed great improvement in his general health.

Use of organ specific remedies in low potencies play a role in the treatment of such cases as they act specifically towards the organ, bringing it back to normal functioning and allowing the simillimum to act in its full potential.

Actinides, because of their deep acting effect on tissues give satisfying results. As in this case, Americium mur was used because it has special affinity for gonads (both male and female). Other Actinides used in cancer cases are:

Thorium:  Well indicated in cases where the primary or secondary site of tumour/metastasis could be liver, omentum and lungs.

Curium – Predominately when liver, lungs and bones are involved. Salts like Muriaticum and Nitricum vary depending on the individual case. Muriaticum is indicated when there is disappointment, feeling cheated or let down, along with glandular affection.  Nitricum comes into the picture when there is marked suffocation and claustrophobia in the case.

Plutonium – Shows good results in cases with widespread metastasis along with lymph node involvement. Salts again vary in each individual case.

Neptunium nit when used with Carcinoma of the oral cavity as well as gastrointestinal tract has shown desired results.

Radon- Being effective in cases of lung cancer.

Melanoma showed favourable prognosis when Actinium is used.

I have seen that giving stimulation to the patient by using remedies with  the plussing method stimulates the vitality of the patient and favours the suitable action of the remedy.

Coping with cancer damages the general wellbeing of an individual because of its grievous effect on the body by further lowering the immunity and vitality. Lately good results with using low doses of remedies like Vitamin B17 (Amygladin), Selenium (prevents break down of chromosomes), Ruta G (prevents metastasis) have been noted. These remedies when given in lower potencies (6, 12, and 30) improve the immunity of the patient in general by continuously stimulating the vitality and supporting his general wellbeing. To avoid any confusion, please note, I use only one medicine at a time. Layers are removed one by one by giving medicines based on indications one after another with an average gap of 15 days.

About the author

Sujit Chatterjee

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, is a classical homoeopath practising in Mumbai the last 27 years. His knowledge of converting patients’ understanding into Rubrics is unique. He has also conducted provings of several known as well as new remedies such as Chocolate, Camphora, Pipal (Ficus religiosa), Banyan (Ficus indica and Uranium nitrate. He has also made brilliant use of the 50 millesimal potency in his practice. Dr. Sujit is a senior consultant, an esteemed faculty member at the other song and has rich and varied clinical experience in treating several cancer cases with excellent results.


  • Dear Sir
    Do you have any recommendation for Carcinoma Prostate . I have been diagnosed with the disease. I have undergone radiation therapy recently which brought down the PSA to pt 03 from 11pt8.
    I however continue to have frequent and urgent urination problem at night. medicines that I have tried are Thuja 200,Petroselinum 200, Sabal serulatta 3x and conium 200 but to no avail.
    Your eminent experience could help me.

  • Dear doctor, my wife aged 48 yes is suffering from metastasis of Cervix cancer. She had undergone chemo and radiotherapy 3 times since 2016. Presently , her left side thighs to feet indurated swelling since 3 months. Pain unbearable. Bone tumor size 12cm. Pain more at night. She can only sleep in sitting slant position
    . She can not walk. Walking is arrested totally. Please suggest further course of action.

  • I would like to ask an advice for stage 4 lung Cancer with bone metastasis if someone was cured with homeopathy method. Thank you

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