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A Narrow Escape – How Homeopathy Saves Lives

Written by Ton Jansen

Ton Jansen gives a brief overview of a case involving multiple anaphylactic shocks in a boy of 16.

Originally Published in: Dynamis 76, winter 2013

A boy of 16 years old with severe skin symptoms enters my practice. He had just gone to the dermatologist at the hospital as he seemed to be having an anaphylactic shock. He experienced three anaphylactic shocks already over the past 6 months, treated each time with Cetirizine (anti-allergy medicine).

He has received multiple treatments of prednisone, three days each (90 mg per day). According to his parents, his vitality has strongly decreased the last year, notably after each treatment with prednisone. At the hospital he was prescribed prednisone again. The dermatologist diagnosed it as allergy. His parents brought him to my office as they felt he was slipping away.


– ADHD (takes Concerta, before that Ritalin).

– Consumes a lot of alcohol on weekends. Can be very aggressive.

-Possessed weapons illegally.

The image gives me the impression of an auto-immune illness, Lupus erythematosus. During the visit his state is deteriorating progressively. Blood pressure is 100/60. Temperature 35,2˚C. pallid face, cold sweat on the forehead, yellow sclera. He has lots of big, dark red, swollen spots on the skin, itching enormously. His hands are blue and ice cold.

During the consultation I give him the remedy Dioscorea Villosa, because of his inclination to stretch backwards, the yellow sclera and being completely poisoned by alcohol and medicines. Shortly, his blood pressure raises and he says he feels warm again. His hands gain their normal colour and temperature again, but not for long.

When they leave, I ask them to call me after one hour. The situation rapidly deteriorates again. All symptoms return and more intensely. I give him Camphora and request them to call after three hours. When they call, they inform me the situation is normal and he is ok now. I advise them to start with the homeopathic detox course that very nigh, before going to sleep.

The next morning they call again. A miracle happened and he is doing very well. He has fewer spots, is being less swollen and of lighter red. Itching decreased by 80%. He feels alive again. His parents say the situation has been extremely precarious and they are very glad to have their son back. A week later he visits my practice again. He gives himself a 8.5 (on a scale of 10). After each intake of the homeopathic detox he felt better.


Editors Note: Ton Jansen uses Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) which consists of giving a potentized version of the most disturbing external factor to the patient in order to overcome the obstruction hampering the healing. The treatments include support from a constitutional homeopathic remedy and orthomolecular supplements. You can read more about it here:

About the author

Ton Jansen

Ton Jansen (1956) studied ClassicalHomeopathy in Den Hout (the Netherlands) at the "Antroposofische School voor Homeopathie". In addition to this course he has followed the training for "Antroposofische Geneeskunde" in Zoetermeer and Arnhem (the Netherlands). In 1987 he started his ownpractice "Centrum voor Gezondheid in Beweging" (Centre for Health in Motion) in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands, near Delft). Over the years Ton specialised in the treatment of 'modern' diseases, like MS, rheumatism, fybromyalgia, Lyme'sdisease, cancer, migraine, epilepsy, asthma, PMS, depression. ADD, ADHD, Asperger, phobias, autism. He has been developing a method to treat these diseases which is called Homeopathic Detox Therapy. In his practice Ton achieves many positive results with this therapy. Ton Jansen teaches the Homeopathic Detox Therapy both nationally and internationally. Website:

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