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It Is Only Me Here and Now, Light and Nothing Else A Case of Neon

Written by Roma Buchimensky

Homeopath Roma Buchimensky presents a case of Neon that was followed for 4 years.

June 2010.
The first consultation and the follow ups are documented on video.
Female, 26 years old.  Diagnosis: different psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia. Her mother brought her to consultation. She communicates-answers questions but it feels like she is not completely awake and aware of what is going on around her, more concentrated on her inner worlds.

She has two major problems, weakness, lack of concentration.

She repatriated to Israel from Ukraine alone and in the beginning was okay, She functioned normally and independently, and for some time tried to make it herself, but her condition slowly got worse and she became a social psychiatric case. She says:
I cannot function normally. I didn’t get out of bed for years. I was lying in bed. I have schizophrenia. I have stones in my bladder. I was recommended a surgery. I wait. Voices and visions pursue me. I behave weird. My behavior doesn’t suit the surrounding. Those multiple visions and events are with me.

I am an introvert. I wanted to be a psychologist. I wanted to learn what kinds of people exist and how it is possible to help them. A person’s soul is a mystery. It is interesting to uncover secrets, people’s characters, reasons for such or such behavior when they are conscious or unconscious. Psychological help in choosing a partner is also interesting. When their characters don’t suit, it is a reason for fights and divorce. In order to live in peace, people need to suit each other. It is important that people have a family so that they are not alone. Happiness is being confident in myself, it is when you are satisfied and you communicate, love, friendship and good financial situation.
I asked her what is the opposite, when you don’t have all this?

Lonely, frustrated, sadness, lack of desire to live, to drown, to hang yourself. Easy death.

What do you like to do at your free time?

Read books. I like bad literature. I am not patient, positive, confident of myself, even snobbish, introvert, good-hearted and I was full of joy.

Darkness, Monsters

How you were as a girl?
Full of joy, helped at home, communicative, confident, but at the age of 13 I started to get distant from people, straight forward.

She preferes cold.
Likes juices- apple, grape, pears, apricots. Likes salads, meat
Aversion: fish
Likes sweet and sour. Sleeps on stomach (was said spontaneously).
Repeated  dream – In high school she dreamt that she climbed up a tree and fell down. It happened at the same place every time.
She takes psychiatric medicines. The most important complaint?
Lack of concentration. It is not pleasant to be not smart enough. Lack of concentration doesn’t let me live in this world.
Fears: big insects, spiders, snakes.
Hobbies: To read fantasy stories
Sharp and strong bladder pains once in two weeks.

Her mother stated: She lives inside herself more that outside. From early childhood: weakness in hands and need to lie down all the time. Like she closed herself up and if there is a problem, she tries to solve it alone.

Observation  :  When her mother talks about her, she calls her “little girl” (she is 29 years old now).


About the remedy choice:
Someone very naive. Constantly needs help. Doesn’t make it alone in this world. Introvert, inside of herself, feeling not suited to the world. She is in a situation of pre-family, pre-relationships, but is lonely. On one hand, she wants communication very much, on the other hand she keeps distant from people. She said about herself-simple and straight forward. What her mother added, suits the remedy: weakness in palms is weakness in ability to do. Palms symbolize the ability to do something in this world. She still cannot be alone/independent in this world. What is characteristic for the row of noble gases is the will to solve the problem alone (she is not able but tries it anyway).

From Jeremy Sherr’s proving of Neon in 1995:

Absent-minded,  Absent-minded; dreamy, Absent-minded; inadvertence Concentration difficult; studying, reading, while.  Delusion; light, incorporeal, immaterial, he is.  Dream; ascending, a height.  Ideas; abundant.  Indifference, apathy; intellectual, occupation, to usual. Introspection

1st follow up – 1 month later : After the remedy I felt fresh, felt better.

One week after the improvement she fell down to her abnormal world, but she felt her abnormality less and the visions were not sharp. She dreams more often, more physical weakness.

Prescription: Wait and watch

A month later she called and reported aggravation.  She got another dose of neon 200c. On follow up (month and a half later) she said that after she took the remedy, she felt instant improvement in her condition, both mentally and physically.  Her mother added: “My little girl has much more energy now. She started to watch movies, she went back to reading. She started to help at home. She can watch a movie for 40 minutes without a break!”

Follows went on for 4 years during which time she got a few more doses of Neon 200.  In March 2011 Rx Neon 1M

In March 2011 it went up to Neon 1M. She got one dose once in some time according to her need.

In November 2011 we went up to Neon 10M.
In May 2012 she started Neon LM 7 and since then we go up by 2- 7,9,11, now she gets NEON LM23.

During all these years she came to the clinic with her mother, and the last time she came to follow up alone (distance more than 100 km). She has a part-time job where she helps handicapped people to participate in projects.
Since she is treated with homeopathy and didn’t have to take any allopathic pills for her bladder pains attacks and also reduced considerably the doses of psychiatric meds.  During the last year and a half there were almost no complaints about her bladder. She is a successful student at a University. Life goes on…

About the author

Roma Buchimensky

Roma Buchimensky, RCHom, MSc, IACH is a graduate of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece where he studied with Prof. George Vithoulkas. Since 1996 he has been running his own practice. At the same year he established "Via Homeopatica" - the International Center for Homeopathy. Roman is active internationally in dissemination of holistic medical knowledge through seminars, books and internet projects. "I am very passionate in integration between different healing fields, the arts, spiritual traditions and science, working to apply such knowledge in my life and sharing this with patients and students, and the growing international community".

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