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Opium in Attention Deficit Syndrome

Written by M.S.Jus

The author presents two brief, but interesting cases of Opium in children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Syndrome.

I would like to present you two cases of Opium in hyperactive children. Opium is a great medicine in behaviour problems of many sorts. It is one remedy which is often useful when indicated medicines fail to show sufficient action. One finds often an element of shock, fear or effects of loss in the background.


Case 1

Male child, 8 yrs old, was adopted from India as an infant. When he was 7yrs old his adoptive father left the family and the parents got divorced. The child suffered tremendously from the separation from his father. Since then he developed behavioral problems and was diagnosed as ADS-child (Attention Deficit Syndrome). He became aggressive and querulous. He started to stammer, could not concentrate at school anymore, and developed many fears such as fear of being left alone, of animals, of ghosts and of thunder. He became suspicious of being betrayed. He was very sensitive and felt easily hurt. He developed a marked tendency to lie or exaggerate. He was very moody and showed phases of strong excitement alternating with depressive ones. He showed an unusual sadness from music. He had a sort of emotional coldness and would not cry either from emotional nor physical pain. He would at times laugh from physical injuries. He would be at times very reserved and quiet, refusing to speak about his feelings, but at other times he would be very talkative. He could not stand heat or direct sun and preferred cool weather. He answered to all my questions with: “ it’s ok, I’m ok, I have no problems.”

On the 9th of June 2004, I prescribed Opium XM based on following symptoms:

– Was abandoned from his parents and given for adoption.

– Was later abandoned by his adoptive father.

– Lack of sensitiveness towards his own situation and health

– Lack of proper reaction to emotional or physical pain. Laughs when he feels hurt.

– Phases of loquaciousness and excitement followed by depressive state of mind

– Fear of animals, ghosts

– Tendency to lie

– Intolerance to sun


Follow-up 23. 9. 2004

He can concentrate better and goes again happily to school. His fears are milder. He can leave the house without fear of finding it empty on coming back and of being abandoned by his dear ones. His self-confidence is improved. No medicine.


Follow-up 27. 1. 2005

He has much less fears and can stay alone. Stammering has clearly improved. He has no problems at school anymore. No further treatment is needed.

Till today he did not need any other medicine and is developing into a fine young man.

Case 2

A 15 yr old boy was brought to me because of behaviour problems. He was diagnosed as an ADS-child and the teacher refused to keep him in his class unless he was put under allopathic medication (Ritalin). The parents agreed unwillingly to it. When he first came to me, he was already 3 months under Ritaline. Though his condition improved, he suffered from side effects of Ritalin; he felt like a stranger to himself and developed facial tics. His parents as well as he himself wanted to find an alternative to the allopathic treatment.

He was a slim, blond boy with blue eyes. He was very friendly and gave quick and precise answers to my questions. He displayed enormous self-confidence. His biggest problem was his bad concentration and his lack of application in all subjects which would not captivate his interest. His mark sheet was very variable from excellent to zero. He had a very active memory and felt easily bored at school. In such moments he would disturb the class by talking nonsense and doing things to draw their attention. He was very nervous and could not remain still. Amongst his friends, he was very loved and enjoyed being their leader. At home he was loving to his brother and parents. But he was chaotic and unreliable. He would promise things and not do them. He was jovial and in high spirits as long as nobody would contradict him or forbid him doing certain things, such as going out till late hours at night with his friends. He would argue like a grown-up and would not give in. He was very obstinate and could not tolerate losing, for example a discussion or a game. He could at times get very loud and angry and tried with all his might to overpower the situation, but he would never get physical.

He also had very bad pustular itching acne, which he fortunately never treated. He was a hot type and was particularly sensitive to sun.

Based on the above symptoms and also thinking of neutralizing the side-effects of Ritalin, I prescribed Sulfur XM on the 15th of June 2004.


Follow-up end of September 2004 showed no significant changes.

I reassessed the case and realized my mistake. He was trying to impress everybody including me by his charming behaviour which was not real. During this consultation he admitted to lying excessively. He was caught in his own lies. He would lie to his parents to reach his goals, to his friends to be loved and accepted, and last but not least to himself. Before an examination, he believed that he was ready for it, that the subject was so easy that he would come through with flying colors. He pretended as if everything was very easy for him. Results showed an opposite picture. He constantly overestimated his capacity and his skills. At this juncture, I had the feeling that he had a complete loss of reality, as if he would be in a trance. I prescribed Opium XM.

The result was astonishing.

3 Months later, end of December 2004, he had stopped Ritalin by himself. His concentration improved tremendously and he became a better listener and could even sometimes accept the meaning of others. His main problem of lying,  which I could not dare to discuss the previous time, was still there, but I could discuss and counsel him on this matter. No further medication.

In March 2005, he positively surprised me by saying: “I found out that to say the truth is easier than speaking lies. People do respect me more, now that I don’t lie anymore.” He made constant progress at school. His nervousness disappeared and his concentration is good. His parents expressed their deepest gratitude to Homeopathy. He is now in his professional training and never needed any other medicine. He enjoys a healthy state of mind and body.

About the author


Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, DMS (Cal),
Director SHI Homoeopathic College, Switzerland.

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