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Osteoporosis in a Woman of 69

Written by Shamim Sherwani

Dr. Shamim Sherwani shares a case of osteoporosis in a woman of 69. Using a well known remedy with an affinity for bones and a specially made mix of cell salts, the patient was cured.

A few years ago, a 69-year-old lady who had a long history of osteoporosis came to me for help. She also had well-controlled diabetes. She received shots to slow the progression of osteoporosis but after a year, she started to feel the effects of this disease.

Her thigh bone was fractured because of a fall. She ultimately underwent surgery, during which a rod was inserted. She then fell once more after a year and a half, breaking her jaw. The agony was excruciating. Only calcium, vitamin D, and painkillers were prescribed by her doctor. The doctors said that her chances of recovering were extremely slim. She was in a panic and in pain. It was sad to see her, and I was praying to my ever-living God to guide me.

 I short-listed a few medicines, and then chose Symphytum for the fractured bone of the jaw. I gave her Symphytum 200 C, every 2 hour,s a total 10 doses, followed by a break of 15 days (placebo period).

But again, I had to do something for her deadly jaw pain. Cell salts came in my mind. I made a combo of Calc Phos 6X, Kali Phos 6X and Mag Phos 6X as analgesic – 2 tablets each mix, and to be taken every three hours. She took it during the placebo period.

Then, I had a video call with her where she looked happy, no pain and she was easily moving her jaw and eating peacefully. Still, I felt that her jaw was fragile, so I asked her to repeat the same regimen.

After 15 days I again I had a video call with her. By the grace of God, her jaw was fine, and she told me that her x-ray was normal.

Now, my focus was on her osteoporosis, and to prevent future fractures. I gave her Symphytum 200 C six doses every month for one year, along with the combo of Calc Flour 6X, Calc Phos 6X, Nat Mur 6X, Nat Phos 6X and Mag Phos 6X based on my research.

By the grace of God, she recovered from osteoporosis in one year.

Choice of medicines:


Symphytum was given based on her total symptom picture, and to ‘glue’ the bones.

Symphytum “accelerates the consolidation of fractures surprisingly” (Anshutz )-

“P. Squire knew a bone-setter who practiced fifty years ago, and rendered himself famous for setting compound fractures with this root”, that was Symphytum, “which he kept secret, and he never removed the bandage after the first dressing until the limb was well” (Clarke)

Cell salts Combo

 “The inorganic substance found in blood and tissues are sufficient to cure all diseases that can be cured”. – Dr. W. H. Schuessler

“They help to cure all diseases that can be cured, and in particular they help to regulate constitutional disturbances.”  (Kansal)

“Inorganic constituents of bone cells include Calc Fluor, Mag. Phos and a large portion of Calc Phos… Virchow says that disease is an altered state of the cell, and hence the normal state of the cell constitutes health.” (Boericke & Dewey)

 Following Schuessler and Kansal, I made this combo for bone health.

Calc Phos

Calc Phos is given for the solidity to the bones. Its sphere of action includes all bone diseases. It works on tardy formation of callus around the ends of fractured bones, in the unnatural growth, defective nutrition of bone and other textures found in rickets and similar diseased conditions. (Boericke & Dewey)

Calc Fluor

Calc Fluor is for the malnutrition of bones. (Boericke & Dewey)

Nat Mur

It fixes hormone imbalance from a hyperactive thyroid gland which is one of the causes of osteoporosis in later ages. (Boericke & Dewey)

Nat Phos

Diabetes can be a risk factor for Osteoporosis. Though controversial, but it is claimed by many that increased acidity increases the risk of osteoporosis.

It is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid, often resulting from too much sugar. It also covers ailments, with excess of acidity. (Boericke)

Mag Phos

It acts as a painkiller as it is called the aspirin of homeopathy.


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About the author

Shamim Sherwani

Shamim Sherwani is a Classical Homeopath (1988 to date). D.H.M.S, Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Diploma in Nutrition Diet and Health Science, Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Cease Practitioner.

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