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Painful Urination in a Boy of 8

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Lt. Col MD Azizur Rahman presents a case of painful urination with fibrosis of the urinary tract in a boy of 8. Staphisagria and Thuja help resolve the case to avoid surgery.

Mister x, a boy of 8 years, son of the then Radiologist of Combined Military Hospital, Jessore Cantonment, Bangladesh. Treatment started in August 1992 for fibrosis of penile urethra causing severe pain during urination.


About six months before, while on leave to his maternal grand father’s house in Manikjang, the boy had an accident when riding a bicycle. Near a pond he fell down and was rolling down along the bank of the pond. Suddenly, a cut-out sharp edge of a shrub pierced in between his anus and penis. He was taken to Manikganj district hospital for surgery and treatment.

After about two months, the boy started feeling pain while urinating. Gradually the pain was getting worse,and he used to shriek and jump in pain.Temporary relief was experienced when his mother poured cold water on the penis during urination. Every day the mother had to pour water for 8 to 10 times for him. Initially, he was treated in CMH Jessore, but no relief.

Then, he was taken to an eminent urologist in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Formation of fibrosis in his urinary tract was diagnosed. Then, to clear the passage, dilatation was done in CMH Dhaka.  His condition improved and he had no more pain during urination. However, after about two months, the pain recurred. He was dilated again at CMH Dhaka. The urologist offered  two options for him:

  • Dilatation of the fibrosed urinary tract at regular intervals(ever two months) for his rest of the life.
  • Permanent cure if the fibrosed portion of the urinary tract was removed This would bring a tremendous technical problem for the boy, his penis would not be straight but rather remain curved, restricting his sexual life.

As a result, the parent was in a fix, finding no other way they decided to take him to CMC Hospital Velor India. The Indian uro surgeon also predicted similar after effects of the surgery. With a view to go to India for treatment, they applied for the security clearance. I was involved in the process of his security clearance at Jessore Divisional Headquarters. In the meantime, one senior officer who was close to the boy’s father requested that I treat the boy with homeopathic medicine. I gave him a  questionnaire (62questions).


Main Problem:Severe pain during urination forcing the patient to scream and jump and necessitating pouring cold water on the penis for temporary relief.  Fibrosis in the urinary tract causing stricture.

Mental Side : Timid, does not reply when insulted; cannot protest. Secretive, wicked, fastidious about personal hygiene. Cannot tolerate trifles. Suspicious.

Fear: Not marked.


Foods : Likes sweets& milk. Raw onion aggr.

Amel of pain: Pouring cold water on the penis during micturation.

Miasm in the parents:  Sycosis dominating.

Causation for the onset of current problem:  Surgery of the pierced lacerated wound at Manikganj Hospital, then dilatation operation in the urinary tract, at CMH Dhaka.

Cleanliness: tidy, fastidious

Bathing- regularly

Sleep:  good, no problem.

Other sides: Not remarkable


Under Staphisagria  Cardinal points are:

*  Complaints after surgery, cuts.

* Wounds do not heal easily. Damaged tissue becomes indurated.

*  Hard tumors, chronic indurations, especially in sexual organs.

* Lacerated or incised wounds.

Concerning this case, Under Thuja we get:

  • Secretiveness
  • Tidy Fastidious
  • Sensitive to trifles
  • Suspicious
  • Aggravation from raw onion.

Extracting much information from the allopathic doctors was not an easy task.  The case was very clear cut. Ailments after surgery/ sharp cut/lacerated wounds.  Moreover, the patient was basically a Staphisagria type. His symptoms also coincided with Thuja (fastidious,  disliking trifles, secretiveness, aggr raw onion); Affection of urinary/ sexual organ comes mainly under the Sycotic miasm, where Thuja is the king. Sycotic Miasm also dominates the family. Moreover, Thuja is Complementary to Staphisagria.

I decided to use mainly Thuja and Staphisagria for the case.


1 st prescription: Thuja M/5, twice a day for 4 days.  1 teaspoonful from 2nd glass. Gap  for 4 Days.  Given through that senior officer.

Result:  I received a telephone call from that officer the next morning. “Is it possible that your medicine is capable of reducing  the pain in one day? “ I told him that “in functional problems the medicine can give instant relief”. I suggested that the boy continue the medicine. At the end of 8 days, the pain during micturation was about 50% better.

2nd Prescription.  Staphisagria M/5.  8 mornings, one tea spoonful from 2nd glass. Gap 4 days.

Result after the gap period:  Pain during urination was much less.

3 rd Prescription: Staphisagria M/6.  For 8 mornings. Gap 4 days.

Result:  Pain nil. By this time, the patient was taken to CMH Dhaka for  dilatation ( routinely after two month interval). They were surprised, as there was no fibrosis. The urinary tract has become normal; i.e was same throughout.

4th  prescription.Thuja M/6 for 8 mornings, Gap for 4 days. Then Staphisagria M/7 for 8 mornings and the treatment ends.


  1. They did not have to go to Velor India for surgery.
  2. Only a few doses of homeopathic medicine cured the case without any recurrence and without leaving any side effects.
  3. To this day, the patient is ok. He is serving in Bangladesh Army as a senior Major now.

About the author

Azizur Rahman

Lt. Col Md Azizur Rahman, Psc,G,(Retd)MSC,MDS, DHMS(Gold Medalist) joined the Bangladesh Army 1n 1979. He started practicing homeopathy among the Army officers and troops since 1988. He had the opportunity to treat & check a mass escalation of jaundice cases, in the Rifles Training Center. In January 2007, as a Zone Commander, he treated thousands of cases free in Polashpur Zone and verified the efficacy of Nat mur in old malarial cases. He retired from Bangladesh Army on 10 January 2010.
At present he is serving as the Managing Director of” Mirpur Defence Officers Housing Society, Dhaka , Bangladesh.

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