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Palpitations in a Man of 51

Dr. Vasudha Vij presented a case of palpitations in a man of 51.

This case involves a 51 year old male with history of diabetis who presented with the complaint of palpitation. He believed he would die anytime. He described his sensation as if his heart moves very fast and as if it would stop. I remember the patient so vividly because he was narrating his symptoms as if he was going to die in my clinic right then. He experienced palpitations more at night time, and while sitting. His ECG was normal. This patient had acidity from digestive issues but no eructation. He also experienced congestion of his chest.

For the last three months he was prescribed Clonafit 0.25 MG. It’s a medicine for the treatment of seizures but is also used to treat panic attacks. He used to take it whenever he felt tremors in the chest area.

Analysis of Case

The way the patient was explaining his complaints drew my attention. He was exaggerating his condition as if he was about to die. The key symptom of the case was his palpitation.

Reference from Lippe Red Line Symptoms for Asafotida:

Nervous palpitation, like a tremor when sitting, with small, quick, irregular pulse.

I also noted that hysteria is one of the main expressions of Asafotida.

Rx- Asafotida 30 three times a for 7 days

Follow up after one month

Abnormal palpitation stopped totally. Patient is much better, acidity much better. Digestion is good, eructation started after eating, abdomen feels smooth and light.  He was able to stop taking the Clonafit.

Patient was followed up and to this day he is still without palpitations.

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Vasudha Vij

Dr.Vasudha Vij, B.H.M.S ,C.C.A.H graduated from medical school in Punjab. Her passion for homeopathy brought her to Mumbai and she completed a certified course in advanced homeopathy at The Other Song. It inspired her to assist Dr Sujit Chatterjee from whom she learned about cancer and other pathological cases. Dr. Vij also took a course at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos Greece. She has a special interest in deeply understanding every patient. She currently has her own clinic in Jammu.

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