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PCOS in a Woman of 16

Written by Sudha Tiwari

Dr Sudha Tiwari shares a case of PCOS in a woman of 16. Delusion deserted, forsaken, answers abruptly, pain neuralgic ovaries were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Patient Name – MA – Age 16 yrs – Sex- F

This patient arrived on 9/12/20 with USG report of 27/11/20 which suggested large right ovarian simple cyst.  She presented with complaints of pain in lower abdomen which started at last menstrual cycle (21/11/20). During her menses pain was unbearable.

Now the pain is constant and dull in lower abdomen, associated with pain in lumbar region on slightest exertion. Menarche at the age of 12 years. After that for six months she didn’t get her menstrual cycle. Since then, her cycles is irregular, sometimes late and sometimes early.

Other complaints
Low backache present since school days, which aggravates standing for longer duration.

Past illness– Hepatitis A at the age of 7 years.

Mentals – Patient appeared very quiet and answered abruptly. She revealed that her mother did not give much attention to her, as she was busy taking care of the extended family.

Studies and activities- Patient was chirpy and playful and good in studies till the age of 7 years. Sensitive to reprimands, rudeness.

At the age of 7 years patient suffered from Hepatitis A (for which had taken allopathic treatment for longer duration). After her long illness patient’s concentration in her studies reduced and it was difficult for her to retain what she learned. She became quiet and cried for small things, shouted back in anger. She would get nervous from minor things, had no interest in daily chores. She would only think “Why am I suffering.”

Delusion deserted forsaken
Answers abruptly
Pain neuralgic ovaries
Tumors ovaries

Remedy selected- Kali Brom 200 (single dose) – on 9/12/20

Follow up- 11/1/21— No pain in lower abdomen, backache persists, menses appeared on 2/1/21 to 7/1/21, regular flow.

Remedy given- SL X 30 days

Patient was advised to come after 30 days but she returned after 60 days.

11/3/21—February- menses appeared on 3/2/21 to 8/2/21 with no pain.

— March menses appeared on 4/3/21 to 9/2/21 no pain, no back pain, patient complained of hair fall. She was advised USG after 30 days. Remedy- SL X 30 days

12/4/21- Menses appeared on 5/4/21 to 10/4/21 no pain regular flow, hair fall reduced. Patient had loose stool 4 days ago. I contacted over phone and advised not to take any medicine other than sufficient liquids.

USG report- Ovarian cyst resolved no abnormality detected.

3/6/21- Patient visited after 2 months for coryza with her mother, Mother says now patient shares most things doesn’t complain much, Menses regular, back pain reduced, appetite improved, hair texture better. As psora of patient was returning only SL was prescribed.


The case is Syco-syphilitic as patient has unbearable pain during menses with PCOS. For cure to happen we need to observe Hering’s law.

In this case the disease got suppressed from Hepatitis A (liver embryological  originates from endoderm layer) to fibromyalgia lumbar region (embryological origin connective tissue which is deeper than endoderm ) amenorrhoea ( mesodermal origin) PCOS (Neuroendocrinal origin).

Here we observe how disease was suppressed due to allopathic medicines from less important organ to more important organ. Now the cure has to be in the reverse order, that is from more important organ to less important organ according to Herings law.

After Kali brom 200 single dose during patient’s next cycle there was no unbearable pain (syphilitic symptom reduced) menses was regular, hair fall started and then loose stools (disease travelled from deeper layer to outer surface).

Lastly patient visited with psoric complaint of cold and coryza. Here we observe how disease travelled from more important organ to less important organ indicating cure.

Reason for selection for Kali bromatum:

Right sided +Patient was sad and melancholic throughout+ she has no interest in daily chores, she used think only about her disease.


About the author

Sudha Tiwari

Dr Sudha Tiwari was a lecturer and HOD at Bakson’s Homoeopathic Medical College. Her Indian Homeopathy Clinic was inaugurated in 2012. Dr Sudha Tiwari has been practicing homoeopathy since 2002. With her excellent academic background and her clinical experience of more than 20 years Dr Sudha has cured cases of PCOD, infertility, asthma, chronic eczema, behavioral disorders in children, ADHD, and tumor in breast. Based on teachings of Dr Hahnemann and Predictive Homoeopathy, the Indian Homeo Clinic follows the idea to “treat the man in disease and not the disease in man.” From time to time, health awareness workshops are organised to educate patients about their health condition and homoeopathy treatment. During the pandemic when transportation was down and it was difficult for distant patients to travel and get medicine, we started online consultation with home delivery of medicines to the comfort of patient’s home.

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