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Persistent Hiccough in a Man of 77

Written by Urvish Parmar

Dr. Urvish Parmar shares a case of persistent hiccough in a man of 77. Sensitive to and irritable from noises, scolding others, delirium during fever and hiccough induces vomiting were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Male / 77 years / retired

Seen on 21-07-2019

This fellow came with the chief complaint of hiccough for the last week. He had taken allopathic treatment for this, but in vain. His other complaint of fever was  relieved by allopathic medication. He felt very sleepy after taking allopathic medications so he stopped taking them.

Constant hiccough (3) even while eating or sleeping. His sleep is disturbed from this.  Hiccough > by inducing vomiting through inducing gag with finger (1). This relieves his hiccough for 15-20 minutes only.  Weakness

Etiology – On 21-07-2019 he was riding his Luna Moped (2 wheeler ) down the street, and he fell down with the vehicle over him. He came down with fever and hiccough that evening. After this he took allopathic medicine which removed the fever, but the hiccough persisted.

Mental State –

His son said: He becomes irritable (2) has some forgetfulness (1) scolds anyone at home (2) was talking and muttering during fever (2).

Asked about this muttering the patient said he was unaware of it.

His daughter-in-law said: He becomes irritable whenever he hears noises in the street or in the house.

His family members said this behaviour is unusual for him. He is normally a calm and contented person

Observation –  Patient is sitting calmly. He has constant hiccough, which prevents him from speaking properly.

Negative history – no head injury, no other physical injuries, no rotatory sensations or black-outs.

B.P – 124/84      Temp. – 98 F     Pulse – 80/mi

Interpretation –

Hahnemann wrote that in acute cases, importance should be given to the currently changed state of health to find the simillimum. Here, apart from the cause of his suffering, the mental state of the person is strikingly changed. We should consider it in the totality for finding the remedy.

Totality of Symptoms –

  • Irritable (2)
  • Sensitive to noises, becomes irritable from noises (2)
  • Scolding others at home (2)
  • Delirium during fever (2)
  • Constant hiccough (3)
  • Hiccough > inducing vomiting (1)

Repertorial result –   From Complete Repertory 2018

Selection of Remedy –

I selected Nux Vomica as Nux vomica are very sensitive to external stimuli. They are angry and irritable. Also, it covers the pathology which is of nervous origin.

Prescription – ( 21-07-2019 )  Nux Vomica 200  – 2 doses tonight & next night. 4 pills to be dissolved in water and to be taken for each dose.  Sac Lac for 7 days

FOLLOW UP  (22-07-2019)  (on telephone )  – Last hiccough episode occurred at 3 a.m. then he slept. Thereafter no hiccough.

Patient was told to continue Sac Lac and not to take the other dose of medicine as it may alter the curative process established by the first dose.

FOLLOW UP  (28-07-2019) Patient has had no further episodes of hiccough as of today. Healthy on all levels. He is able to eat and sleep properly. No more irritability or adverse behaviour observed by the family members.

About the author

Urvish Parmar

Dr. Urvish Tribhuvan Parmar - Assistant Prof. (Practice of Medicine ) P.G. Department, Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Sevasi, Vadodara, Gujarat. Owner and Physician at “Homoeopathy House”, Vadodara, Gujarat.
M.D. ( Hom.) ( 2018-2022 ) from V. H. Dave Homoeopathic Medical College, Anand, Gujarat. B.H.M.S ( 2012-2018 ) From Anand Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Institute, Anand, Gujarat. PC.NAHI ( 2014 ) From National Academy of Homoeopathy, India. PG.IACH (2022) From International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, Greece.


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