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Phobias During Pregnancy

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Homeopath Stavroula Pervolaraki presents a case of phobias during pregnancy. After the third month of pregnancy, the 34 year old woman developed anxiety of conscience, forsaken feelings and phobias concerning the health of the fetus.

An old patient of mine came to my clinic in June 2018. She was 34 year old woman, in the 6th month of her pregnancy. She was previously treated by me with Natrium muriaticum, Thuja and Lycopodium for psoriasis which she had since childhood.Her main complaint now was that after the third month of pregnancy she had developed a number of phobias (Homeopathy Treatment for Phobia) concerning the health of the fetus. Every time she would dance, bend in the garden, work for long hours, or eat unhealthy food she would have persistent thoughts that something bad was going to happen to the baby. She used to be very careful, bend towards her belly and hold it with her hands, to protect it while walking. Apart from the intense fear she had that she could inflict harm on the baby, she was also afraid about herself regarding the time of labour. She wasafraid that something bad would happen to her from the doctors and nurses.In addition, from the beginning of pregnancy she suffered from interrupted sleep. Every night she would wake up at exactly 4:00 in the morning.She also felt isolated from her social surroundings. She felt rejected, as if she had done something wrong  and she perceived her friends  to be distant. She didn’t even feel comfortable talking about her pregnancy.

She narrated a dream that she had more than once during pregnancy. She was in a house where she locked all her family and friends in the basement. She stayed on the ground floor where she closed all the windows stayed there alone in the dark to show them that she was ok and she didn’t need anyone and anything, not even food.

From our previous sessions she appeared to be a strong and independent woman, who had great difficulty in expressing her needs and asking for help.As before pregnancy, she continued to neglect her nutrition. She might be hungry but forgot to eat.She had developed strong cravings for fruits, yogurt, ice-cream and raw vegetables. She craved refreshing things and had a strong aversion to cooked food, When she ate cooked food she would get hot and she felt weight in her stomach. She felt much better when in the open, walking in nature or exercising.

Pregnancy is a period when intense characteristic symptoms may appear. In this particular case we see strong cravings and aversions,  an intense dream and mind state and also a characteristic time of sleeplessness. As a result of having a clearer picture of her state, the right homeopathic remedy became apparent.

Repertory analysis

The rubrics used for the analysis of the case (Radar Opus 2.0) were:

-Sleep, waking, night, midnight, after, 4 am

-Mind, anxiety, conscience, anxiety of

-Mind, forsaken feeling

-Generals, food and drinks, fruits, desire

-Generals, warm food, agg

-Generals, air, in open, amel

System approach

Main themes of the case

-Care, nourishment

-Unmet needs although she seems independent

-Forsaken feeling

-Dream of house, relatives and friends

These are themes from the 3rd row of the periodic table. The patient feels emotionally malnourished. She has so many needs but is not able to express them. On the contrary, she avoids them and shows up as strong and independent. Avoidance and covering up are indications of the sycoticmiasm.

Magnesia carbonica, which comes up first in the Repertorization is also a remedy from the third row of the Periodic Table. In the Soul of Remedies, Dr. Rajan Sankaran writes about Mag-carb:

“Μagnesiacarbonica is a sycotic remedy. The feeling is that the person doesn’t get the care, protection and nourishment that he needs. There is total repression of their needs. They feel they should not make any demands on anyone, should not ask anyone for help. In this way, they seem to be independent. In fact, they can be quite caring. Their repressed emotions can be expressed in dreams. Often their dreams are symbolic. Magnesia carbonica has dreams of friends and relatives and of being lost in his own house.”


Magnesia carbonica 200CH/ 1 dose a day for 2 days was given

1st Follow up

One month later

There are no fears regarding the baby. Also, the fear about the labor has vanished. The patient takes more care of her diet, eats better. She continues to wake up during the night but sleeps again far more easily.Magnesia carbonica 200CH/ 1 dose was given

2nd follow up

3 months later

The patient remains improved. Calmer, no fears. Happily waiting for the labor to come

On the 8th of September 2018 she gave birth. Both the mother and child are healthy.

About the author

Stavroula Pervolaraki

Stavroula Pervolaraki graduated from the School of Pharmacy, University of Athens in 2008. She graduated from the National Association of Homeopathic Medical Cooperation in 2011 and from the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012, in Athens, Greece. Meanwhile she attended the e-learning seminar “Wednesdays with Rajan”, held by Dr. Sankaran and after that an Advanced Course in Sensation Method in The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, India. She has also attended seminars with Dr. Sankaran as well as with Dr. Jayesh Shah and Dr. Misha Norland. She runs a private practice in the city of Heraklion, Crete.

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