Clinical Cases

Phosphoricum Acidum in Treatment of COVID-19 Patients Part 1

Written by Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Živanov shares numerous case summaries of covid-19 patients who were successfully treated with Phosphoricum acidum, some after first treating with their constitutional.

In my article in the March edition of this magazine, a few remedies were suggested as the genus epidemicus for COVID-19, with Phosphoricum acidum 1M as the leading remedy. The suggestions were based on the cases of atypical viral pneumonia we had in our clinic in the months before the pandemic. These were our regular patients with already established simillimums. We first tried to repeat the Simillimum, but we didn’t get much results. This made it clear that we needed to look for the Genus epidemicus.

Now there is evidence of COVID-19 cases in Italy as early as November 2019. There are numerous contacts between Serbia and Italy, with many Serbian nationals living and working in Italy. That is why the first cases in Serbia probably started in early December 2019.

In the first section of this article (Corona Cases Before the Pandemic) are the cases before the pandemic officially started, where we were looking for the remedy for this viral infection.

In the second section (Corona Cases in Pandemic), are some of the cases cured with Phos-ac in our Clinic, and the reports of our dear colleagues who followed us in prescribing Phos-ac for COVID patients.


First case, Female 60 years old, Simillimum Staphysagria, middle of December 2019

She is our regular patient and her simillimum is Staphysagria C200. Her daughter, who is also our patient, writes to us that her mother has been feeling bad for about two weeks, that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. All the relatives have heard that she’s sick and everyone is constantly calling her, which has never happened before.

It was as if everyone was afraid, she was going to die, because she was always active, hardworking, and this was completely unusual for her to lie for two weeks in such exhaustion. We told her to come to the Clinic.

She barely came, and she looked quite bad. She was kind of black in the face, completely exhausted. She said that she has been lying for two weeks and that she feels very exhausted, to the extent that she can do NOTHING (Staph)[1] around the house, and before that she would take care of EVERYTHING (Staph) and would never let anyone help her… But now she can’t get out of the bed. In the last few days, she also had a temperature of 38.5oC, and she has started to feel very nauseous, so there is NOTHING (Staph) she can eat, anymore.

We repeated her Simillimum Staphysagria C200 first, but the next day she said that NOTHING (Staph) has got better. Then, we sent her the remedy Hepar Sulphur C200. After that, she wrote that she was no longer nauseous, that she felt much better, that her temperature was lower, but that she was still very exhausted and that she had to lie down. She coughed occasionally and noticed that she was kind of slowed down by fatigue.

After two weeks, she came to the follow-up. She felt much better, but a dry cough was still present, making her feel fatigue. This time she opened up and told us about the emotional problems she has with her husband. She told us how angry she is with him, and at the point with the highest emotional charge she said:”I HATE[2] (Phos-ac) him!”.

This moment made me realize that she needs Phos-ac.  She was prescribed Phos-ac 1M. She wrote us a text message after two days and said that she was feeling quite well, that the cough had stopped and that she is slowly returning to her usual speed, that she is no longer slow.

Male 47 years old, Simillimum Ferrum metallicum C200, end of December 2019

He felt like he had a cold, but he continued to work, because there was no one who could take over. After a few days, a strong, agonizing cough begun, that lasted all night. Dry, strong cough, every few seconds… Scary! He goes to the pharmacy the next morning and buys antibiotics. Next six days he took two boxes of antibiotics. The cough had calmed down, but he still felt exhausted. He said that he felt bad for three more weeks.  He came to our clinic and we decided to repeat his Simillimum Ferr C200. He still felt some difficulties in his lungs, and then a terrible diarrhea started, which lasted for days. As soon as he had put anything in his mouth he would immediately go to the toilet. That made him feel even more exhausted after that.  In that condition he comes to our clinic and we give him Arsenicum album C200, but he didn’t get any better. Then we give Gelsemium C200, because it is his acute remedy, but again nothing. Then, we give him Ignatia amara C200, as he started to feel POWERLESS[3] (IGN).  After the remedy, Ignatia amara C200, he felt better for one day, in the sense that there was no diarrhea, but he still felt stomach pains. And then the diarrhea started again. At the end of January, I realized that Mancinella 10M could be one of the remedies of genus epidemicus for Covid-19. The patient said he now feels DISGUSTED[4] (Manc) even with the slightest unpleasant smell. He was starting to panic[5] (Manc), and there was something dark in his face. So, he was prescribed Mancinella 10M, and he had one more yellow[6] (Manc) stool, and then his diarrhea stops, a month after the onset of the disease. However, at the end of March, he started coughing again. But now, we already knew that the main remedy for that form of Covid-19 was Phos-ac, so he was prescribed Phos-ac 1M.  At the time we already had experience with a number of other Covid-19 patients who had a similar dry cough.  After the remedy, he reported that the cough had calmed down the same evening, and that the next day he started coughing up something yellow from his lungs.  He had only suppressed the disease with antibiotics, which had now returned. Fortunately, we already knew the remedy.  Only after Phos-ac 1M, was he truly healed, without suppressing the disease, because the cause of the separation of the polarities of LOVE and HATE was resolved by this remedy.  Female 47 years old, Simillimum Arg-n 10M, January 2020 She told us it all started when she experienced a severe fear in traffic. When a pedestrian jumped out right in front of her at the pedestrian crossing and she barely managed to stop, not to hit him. That was a terrible stress for her, so that HORROR[7] (Stram) kept coming back to her head, and she couldn’t stop thinking what would have happened if she hit him.  The images of her killing that man couldn’t get out of her head, and how she would now be in prison, and how TERRIBLE (Stram) was all of that. After a few days, one morning she felt nausea, so she went for a walk in the cold air[8] (Arg-n). When she came back home, she felt her temperature was rising, and she started shaking in fever (Manc, Stram), with the temperature around 38.6oC. She had severe muscle pains, complete exhaustion, so she could do nothing but lie down. Then we sent her the remedy Stramonium 1M for that fear she faced, when it all started.  She soon reported that the fever immediately got better and that she was optimistic again had the hope that she will survive. The temperature was still high, around 38oC, for the next two days. She felt a great generalized weakness, as if her lungs were so weak, that it felt like they were wide open.  She felt like if she would go out now, she would die of pneumonia. That’s how bad she felt. The cough was coming and going from time to time. Then we prescribed her Phos-ac C200, and after that she immediately felt that her lungs were better, that her strength was coming back and the exhaustion got better. But, even though it got better it was still dragging on for the next few days, so we decided to raise the potency to Phos-ac 1M. After that, the lungs got well. For a few more days, she had a runny nose and she got a herpes on her upper lip. She told us that the herpes on the lip usually happens to her when she gets sick.  There was no more fever or cough. She felt better in general, but for another two weeks she needed to take care and not to work too much. She said that even later when she started to work, and there were no more symptoms, she was not totally OK, for another two weeks. She can’t remember when she was ever so sick. Only after she had measles as a child, had she felt similar to these last two weeks after the symptoms were gone.   Boy 12 years old, Simillimum Arg-n 10M, February 2020 He came with his aunt to our clinic, after he had been ill for days. He went through a phase of high fever and after that he felt exhausted for many days with a constant strong, dry cough. After coughing for ten days, they came for the remedy. He was prescribed Phos-ac 1M. When his aunt came to her regular follow up, we asked her how her nephew was after our remedy. She said that the cough passed the same day after he took the remedy, and he felt like new!

A man 32 years old, Simillimum Arg-n 10M, February 2020

He felt sick and thought he had a flu. But, in addition to the high temperature of 38.8oC, that lasted for several days, he had a terribly strong headache all the time. We sent him Phos-ac 1M. After the remedy, his temperature immediately dropped and the headache stopped.

Woman 21 years old, Simillimum Arg-n 10M, February 2020

The patient is studying medicine. She studied pathology for the exam and got quite tired. She felt exhausted and her temperature jumped. She burned with a high fever for two days.

She seemed to be getting sick from learning fatigue. So, first we sent her Simillimum Arg-n 10M. After the remedy, the temperature dropped, but she started coughing a lot. She would cough all night. The cough was dry, persistent, exhausting.

We’ve sent her Phos-ac 1M, and she didn’t cough the next night. She was already feeling better after her Simillimum, but after Phos-ac 1M she was regaining her strength and the exhaustion was slowly passing.

She even managed to go to her pathology exam after two days and get the highest grade, even though everyone at home thought she would have to miss that exam, just three days before!

Granny Simillimum Sulfur C200, mother Simillimum Lycopodium C200, sister Simillimum Magnesium carbonicum C200, February 2020

After a few days, mother, grandmother and sister of the girl in the previous case report also fell ill, but their symptoms were far milder in the form of a feeling of mild exhaustion with a runny nose.  They took Phos-ac 1M and recovered quickly. The next day after the remedy, they were completely fine.



Male 50 years old and his 2 year- old son, March 2020

The patient had fever and a terrible headache with nausea. He threw up whatever he tried to eat or drink. He was so exhausted that he couldn’t move for hours. He didn’t have diarrhea, just vomiting.

He isolated himself in a room, to avoid infecting his wife and children.

Then he got an idea to try to drink Coca Cola, and he was surprised that he could drink it and didn’t vomit after that. For a few days he drunk only Coca Cola and gradually he got better. Only then he could slowly start eating and drinking normally.

He was working at the hospital where the first patient tested positive for COVID in Serbia. Many got infected because nobody expected a COVID patient in their small town. At the time there were just a few test kits for COVID in the country, so he and others infected were not tested.

One of the main ingredients of Coca-Cola is Phosphoric acid, so it seems like it eased the symptoms of his condition. A week later his 2 year old son got flu-like symptoms, with fever that lasted for more than 10 days.

He was treated with antibiotics, but he wasn’t getting well. In the beginning he was getting better after the drugs for lowering the temperature; he was playing and eating, but later he had difficulties swallowing because of a swelling on the left side in his mouth.

Doctors first thought that it was an abscess, but when they tried to surgically drain it, it turned out to be an aneurism with thrombosis on the left carotid artery. They barely managed to stop the bleeding. His life hung on a thread.

After the surgery he got better in a few days, but nobody could explain why. He was examined by top specialists, using NMR and CT, as well as doppler, but without definitive diagnosis. This was the first case we have heard of that was most likely the clinical picture of vascular symptoms of COVID-19, with thrombosis.

The child is now well and came to our Clinic a few months after this condition. He was prescribed with his Simillimum first, and on the next follow up he was prescribed Mancinella 10M, for the changes in the blood vessels caused by COVID.

Also, on the next follow up after the Simillimum his mother told us how she was so DISGUSTED (Manc) by the way the doctors told her that her child could die, and that she fainted. After the remedy he had a yellow stool (Manc). On the scheduled follow up with the vascular surgeon, the carotid artery was checked with doppler and the size of the aneurism had decreased.

Female 47 years old, Simillimum Carcinosiunum 10M, April 2020

Our patient, whose Simillimum is Carcinosinum, came to the regular follow up. Because of the pandemic, we also gave her a vial with Phos-ac 1M, to have at home just in case. After two weeks, as soon as they started sneezing and their noses leaking, she gave everyone at home this remedy. So, she took it, as well as her child and her husband. The next day no one sneezed or had a runny nose.

Female 42 years old, Simillimum Nux Vomica 1M, April 2020

Our patient, Simillimum Nux Vomica, developed a temperature of 38.5 and felt tired with muscle aches. On our advice, she took the drug Phos-ac 1M and by the next day the temperature had dropped, and she was feeling well.

Female 67 years old, April 2020

A woman is asking for help via Facebook, and she says that her chronic asthma has worsened, so she is worried that she got Corona. She took the remedy Phos-ac 1M, and later reported that she was completely well after the medicine, and that she feels fine.

Male 50, from Germany, April 2020

A patient from Germany, tested positive for COVID-19. He stopped coughing after we sent him Phos-ac 1M. The fever was also gone, and generally he feels well.

Female 60, December – April 2020, Simillimum Natrium muriaticum C200

Our patient with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL), whom we have been treating for two years was prescribed Phos-ac 1M in December, for a dry cough. On the follow-up in April, she was still feeling some pain in her lungs, so she was prescribed Mancinella 10M. After the remedy she said that she felt like “something turned over[9] (Manc)” and just like that the pain passed.

Male in his 40s, from Sweden, April 2020

This is a patient from Sweden with high fever and dry cough, who was positive on COVID-19. We prescribed Phos-ac 1M. After the remedy the fever and cough were gone. He was generally feeling well, but then he got diarrhea. Then we prescribed Mancinella 10M. After that remedy, there were no more soft stools.

Female 40, Simillimum Arg-n, July 2020

Dr: “You said you had COVID-19 this summer?” “Yes, I literally had it from July 14th, Until August 1st. The first three to four days were headache and terrible exhaustion, the temperature was never above 37.5oC. I was lying down.

I took your medicine Phos-ac C200 the next day and after that the headache passed. Then on the 10th day I got yellow diarrhea (Manc). My temperature didn’t go down until the 13th day and it dropped to 37.2oC. I was told that temperature is fine. But how can it be fine, when I never[10] (Phos-ac) have temperature above 36.9oC?”

Dr: “For you it is not fine!”

Patient: “Yes! For me it isn’t fine! I had chills[11] (Manc) all the time, like if someone had dispersed[12] (Manc) something over my legs. Ugh! DISGUSTING[13] (Manc)! I felt chills like that in parts of my body. Terrible! And these were no ordinary chills, but as if someone had poured[14] (Manc) something on my thigh or calf, and then it got dispersed (Manc) again.

Dr: “DISGUSTING!” (Matrix potentiation – repeating the patient’s own words with the highest emotional charge)

Patient: “Yes! Well, and then the fact that I stopped smoking, I mean, I really feel pleasant because of that and everything, but my organism experienced some kind of shock! That’s because I’ve been smoking for 20 or 25 years and I’ve smoked a lot. And now I get annoyed when I take a cigarette and smoke it from time to time, and I would really LIKE (Phos-ac) to keep not smoking! Everyone around me is smoking, so it’s very difficult for me not to smoke, and I feel NICE (Manc) when I do not smoke. I stopped smoking when we were closed in the first weekend of the COVID lockdown. I told my son, “Let’s not buy cigars!”, as he always begs me to quit smoking… but, I can’t go a day without smoking! Soon, I thought I was going to kill the kids and everything, and I can’t go out to buy cigars because of the lockdown…There my neighbor who smokes wasn´t at home, and the other neighbor stopped smoking. So, it´s just terrible! Now, I want to smoke, but now I can´t! So, nothing until the lockdown ends on Monday! On Monday morning, as it dawned, I zoomed into the traffic, bought cigars, came home, made coffee and lit up a cigarette, but it was DISGUSTING (Manc), and I’ve put it out and didn’t light up another one for three months! I did it for the first time in my life! I was so proud of myself that I did it. However, now that Corona has slowed down, and people were on the move again, and I’m seeing my friends again, everyone around me is fucking smoking!”

We see how DISGUSTED she was in Corona with the feeling of chills on her legs, and also, how NICE she felt because she didn’t smoke. Here she named both polarities from the Mancinella Code:  DISGUSTING – NICE

Woman 54 years old from Belgrade, July – September 2020

A patient from Belgrade who was treated in our clinic, during her pregnancy, asks for a remedy for her mother who feels exhausted, coughs, and has a bilateral pneumonia. She showed us a picture of her mother where she looks really bad – black in the face, baggy under-eyes… She says that her mom has difficulty breathing, like a shallow breathing. She lost the sense of smell and taste. Her illness has been going on for three weeks.

The COVID like symptoms, lead us to recommend Phos-ac 1M. Her daughter wrote us that her mother fell asleep immediately after the remedy, that she slept all afternoon, all night, and that she got up the next morning like new.

Her breathing was better. Her general condition was very good. She stopped coughing. She felt so good that just two days later she went to work. Only the loss of smell and taste were present for quite some time after all the other symptoms were gone.

Then, in September, her mother wrote to us that she wants to come to our clinic, to thank us, and to start the constitutional homeopathic treatment. When she came, she explained to us in detail how terribly bad she was in July, how she went to allopathic doctors… They gave her some antibiotics, and medicines to lower the temperature. She says that it didn’t help her, she was even more sick and vomited from those drugs. And when she took our remedy, she relaxed and immediately fell asleep. When she got up in the morning, there was no fatigue, no feeling of exhaustion, no temperature at all. She started to breathe better… Until then she was only breathing shallowly.

Her breathing was much better, like 80% better, but still not as it used to be, so we prescribed Manc 10M.  One week after the remedy, her breathing got back to normal. She said that she felt like something that was blocking her breathing was lifted after the remedy.Then she told us how she was sharing her experience with the remedy we gave her for Corona. She was cured with Phos-ac 1M in the middle of a new wave of COVID in our country, and many of her neighbors were tested COVID positive, or had the symptoms.

She gave the remedy to every neighbor in her street, and all of them got well soon after the remedy. One of the neighbors didn’t want to take the remedy, while his wife took it. He got worse that night and was rushed to the hospital. His wife got through, but unfortunately he died the next day.

Young man 20 years old, electrical engineering student, Simillimum Staphysagria C200, July 2020

He has been a regular homeopathic patient since May this year. He had a high temperature for days. He feels generally well, and he isn’t very exhausted, but he has a headache. He is most troubled by the temperature. Phos-ac 1M was prescribed for him and after that the temperature dropped, but soon it went up again. While talking to him we found out that he drinks strong tea, which probably antidotes our remedy.

We told him to take the remedy again and advised him not to drink that strong tea. This time, the temperature dropped and didn’t go up again. After he recovered, his mother, who is not our patient, fell ill. She did not want to take a homeopathic remedy. She was ill for a month with a serious general condition, she could not walk, cook, she could not do anything, but she still didn’t want to take a homeopathic remedy that helped her own son. Later her son told us that she was very ill and that it took her a very long time to recover.

Male 36 years old, Areraj, Bihar, India, August 2020

In August, a friend from Nepal writes that one man, his best friend, in Areraj, Bihar, India, is very ill. He feels generally unwell, has a high fever, exhaustion, “feels cold and feverish!” He was tested on Covid-19 and was positive. He asks me what medicine to prescribe for him.

I recommend Phos-ac 1M. The next day he says that he is now normal! They ask me if they should repeat the medicine, and I replied that there is no need. He writes again the next day and reports that the patient has now done the test again and is negative for Covid-19. So the second day after taking Phos-ac 1M, the test for Covid-19 was negative. Furthermore, he felt well without any other symptoms.

Male 42 years old, from India, a family of 9, June 2020

A colleague wrote me via Facebook. He asked for a cure for his friend who has T2 diabetes. His friend got sick, and he feels fever, weakness, and has a high temperature. He was tested positive for Corona, after which the whole family, 9 of them, were quarantined.

His 65-year-old mother had been tested and she was also positive for Corona, but is still asymptomatic. I recommend Phos-ac 1M. After two days, a colleague told me that the patient had taken the remedy and is now well. He no longer had a fever. He says that everyone in the family also took the remedy Phos-ac 1M, as a preventive measure. His mother, who tested positive, also took the remedy. Five days after taking the remedy, everyone in the family was tested for COVID-19 and they all were negative. The quarantine for the whole family was lifted the next day!

A letter from my dear colleague homeopath Dr Bhupendra Nath Rasaily M.D. (Hom), November 2020

Respected Dr Mirjana,

Congratulations for your unique application of homoeopathy in the treatment /prevention of Covid19 by the medicine which you identified after exhaustive research work and clinical trial as Acid phos 1M.

Here are few cases successfully treated and used as preventive medicine for Covid19 cases in India as per your teachings. My sincere regards and gratitude to you for serving the mankind in this crisis of humanity by homoeopathy.

Dr Bhupendra Nath Rasaily M.D. (Hom)

Ex co-ordinating officer homoeopathy

Darjeeling district, West Bengal



1. In the month of July 2020 Mr. Pritpal Singh chief priest of Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib and his mother Mrs. Joginder kaur 60 years old tested positive for Covid19. They were in home quarantine and contacted for treatment. They both were given Acid phos 1M one dose each along with eleven members of joint family. After one week they tested negative for Covid19. None of the family members contracted the virus.

2. In the month of June 2020 an officer of West Bengal police along with his team of four personnel were exposed to a Covid19 positive ambulance driver during routine check in Assam border. They were sent for home quarantine by the department. They contacted me and they were all advised to take one dose of Acid phos 1M each. After 14 days they were found to be Covid-19 negative.

3. In Sept. 2020, my friend Yashpal Levin 63 years old was tested positive for Covid19 and was admitted in Bengaluru hospital. He was there for one month. After discharge from the hospital he was still very weak He was given Acid phos 1M one dose and in couple of days he was completely fit. His two young sons also tested positive for Covid19 and they were also given Acid phos 1M one dose each. They improved dramatically. Their mother and one elderly uncle were also given Acid phos 1M one dose each and they were safe.

4. In Sept. 2020 my friend Mr. Abhijeet Chowdhury of Kolkata tested positive for Covid19 and he was given Acid phos1M, his O2 saturation came down and he was advised to take Mancinella 10M. Unfortunately, they could not find the medicine and he was admitted in a hospital where he was for seven days and released after testing negative. His wife and elderly mother were given Acid phos 1M one dose each and they stayed safe all throughout.

5. A software engineer Mr Anirban Sarkar 40 yrs old was exposed to Covid19 positive colleague in a meeting in Siliguri. He and his wife lost the sense of smell and taste. They both were given Acid phos 1M one dose each. In two days time they regained the sense of smell and taste. His elderly father with the history of bypass surgery and mother with diabetes hypertension and seven year old child all were given Acid phos 1M one dose each and they too stayed safe all throughout.

Report from Dr Rajendra Patel, Panvel India

High risk patients under my homeopathic treatment for COVID positive, at home quarantine with daily video call or telephone monitoring, with daily proper diet. They were all prescribed Phos-ac 1M. They recovered at home only without hospitalization.

Male 76 years old, asthma, high risk patient, Fever was only for first day (Temp 100 deg F); Feeling bitter taste in mouth; Though no effect on Taste and smell. Covid Test Done on 02 July @ 9 AM; Test Results received on 03 July as “Detected”.  Under Homeopathic (Phos-ac 1M) and allopathic treatment (Limcee & Zincovit). The second and third day the sense of bitterness was reduced. On the fourth day all the symptoms were gone, and the patient felt normal.

Male 68 years old, no earlier disease, fever was only for first day (Temp 99 deg F); Feeling bitter taste in mouth; Though no effect on Taste and smell. Suffered from dysentery (3-4 times a day) for 2-3 days), Covid Test Done on 02 July @ 9 AM; Test Results received on 03 July as “Detected”.

Under Homeopathic (Phos-ac 1M) and Allopathic Treatment (Limcee & Zincovit). The second and third day the sense of bitterness was reduced.

On the fourth day all the symptoms were gone, and the patient felt normal.

Female 68 years old, diabetes and BP, high risk patient, Fever was only for first day (Temp 99 deg F); Feeling bitter taste in mouth; Though no effect on Taste and smell. Suffered from dysentery, (3-4 times a day) for 2-3 days). Covid Test Done on 02 July @ 9 AM; Test Results received on 03 July as “Detected.  Under Homeopathic (Phos-ac 1M) and allopathic treatment (Limcee & Zincovit). Wet cough first two days, slight dry cough for the next three days, reduced on the seventh and eighth day. On the ninth day all the symptoms were gone, and the patient felt normal.

My dear colleague Mirjana Medic, followed my suggestion to prescribe Phos-ac 1M for Corona cases, and here are the results (sent in Novembar 2020):

A woman of 50 years, was in contact with a colleague who was tested COVID positive. She had a temperature of 37.9oC, weakness and a sore throat. She was prescribed with Phosphoricum acidum 200C, and after the remedy in the evening the temperature rose to 38.8. During the night, she has been experiencing night sweats several times, and the next day she did not have a fever, the sore throat was gone and she felt better. After 2 days, she lost the sense of smell and taste and there was weakness and drowsiness. She was then prescribed Phosphorucum acidum in 1M and the next day she did not feel weak, and after 3 days, sense of smell and taste gradually began to return.

A 46-year-old woman complained that she had totally lost her sense of smell and part of her sense of taste (she only got the taste of sweet preserved). She was prescribed with Phosphoricum acidum 1M. The PCR test showed that she was positive for Covid. The next day, she had a severe headache with nausea, diarrhea that alternated with vomiting and a feeling of fatigue. She repeated the remedy Phosphorucum acidum 1M. During the day, the headache gradually decreased, and diarrhea and vomiting stopped. After 2 days, she noticed that she was starting to smell some scents again. On the seventh day after the onset of symptoms, runny nose and occasional sneezing occurred. On the evening of the tenth day, she had a headache with a sore throat and ears. Small painful bumps have appeared all over her head. That night she repeated the remedy Phosphorucum acidum 1M, and since then all the symptoms were gone.

My dear colleague Jelena Vitorovic Pavićevic, followed my suggestion to prescribe Phos-ac 1M for Corona cases, and here are the results (sent in Novembar 2020):

A girl of 20 years. The patient had a sore throat, and her lungs were painful as well. When she exhaled, she felt a burning sensation in her chest. She felt tired and exhausted. She was in contact with a Corona positive person, so I prescribed Phos-ac 1M. After the remedy she went to sleep and after two hours she woke up without a sore throat and that feeling in her lungs. She felt so good that she went to a friend’s birthday party that night.

A 38-year-old woman developed a temperature of 37.5 with profuse sweating, muscle aches and severe sore throat. She was prescribed with the remedy Phos-ac 1M and the next day she no longer had a fever or a sore throat. Muscle weakness and pain still remained, so she was advised to repeat the remedy and after that she felt much better.

A woman, about 40 years old, had loss of sense of smell and coughing as the only symptom, after her father had Corona and died. She was prescribed Phos-ac 1M and very quickly the cough stopped completely. The sense of smell had not returned yet, so she took the remedy again after a few days. Then she reported that she was feeling quite well and that everything was slowly starting to return to normal.

A 31 year old woman had a severe sore throat and difficulty swallowing this summer, with a temperature of 37.3oC, and she was almost never sick. She was prescribed Phos- ac 1M. The next day her throat stopped burning and she swallowed easier. After repeating the remedy, it all stopped completely. The temperature passed immediately after the first remedy.

A friend of mine from Nepal, Sushil Aryal, followed my recommendation to take Phos-ac 1M for COVID, and here are the cases of people to whom he gave this remedy:

1. A 35 years old businessman from Bihar, India have Covid-19 positive in September. He was suffering from cold, high fever, headache & cough. Acid Phos. 1M was given him immediately. After 3 days he became normal. After 20 days, PCR test report also came Negative. Now he is busy in his totally well & doing business.

2. A 12 year old girl from Gorkha, Nepal was Covid-19 positive in October. She was suffering from cold, high fever, headache & cough. She was given her Acid Phos. 1M After 7 days she became normal. After 21 days PCR test report also came Negative. Now she is going to School daily.

3. A 40 years old housewife lady from Kathmandu, Nepal have Covid-19 positive in September. She was suffering from cold, high fever, headache & cough & nausea. She was given her Acid Phos. 1M After 4 days she became normal. After 18 days her PCR test report came negative. She did not usedany allopathic medicine like paracetamol or antibiotics etc. Now she is well and working with full energy.


In our experience with the COVID cases, Phos-ac 1M results were very good in predominantly respiratory symptoms, with feeling of exhaustion, headache, fever, loss of senses of smell and taste. Mancinella 10M helped in resolving the cases with predominantly cardiovascular or gastrointestinal symptoms, especially long-lasting diarrhea, headache and fever.

I wish to thank my dear colleagues from the Matrix team, Dr Stojan Primovic and Dr Andreas Kelemen for contribution in work with the COVID patients, and my dear colleagues who followed our suggestion to prescribe Phos-ac to COVID patients and share the results: Mirjana Medic, Jelena Vitorovic-Pavicevic, Dr Bhupendra Nath Rasaily M.D. (Hom), Dr Rajendra Patel.

Also, I wish to thank my dear friends, who shared my recommendation to take Phos-ac 1M for COVID, with their families and friends and reported the results to us, especially to Avinash from India and Sushil Aryal from Nepal. Last but not the least, I would like to thank my dear patients who shared the remedy and information about it with their friends and families.

You can read more about the COVID cases cured during the Pandemic, in the PART 2 of this article in the February issue of this magazine.

[1] EVERYTHING-NOTHING is the deepest pair of opposites, the Code, for Staphysagria, according to the Matrix method. In moments with highest emotional charge a Staphysagria patient will often use these words. Expression of feelings with words is the very essence of our need to socialize, and the exact words a person uses to express strong emotions have a special importance for that person.

[2] HATE – LOVE is the deepest pair of opposites, the Code, for Phos-ac

[3] POWERLESS – JOY the Code for Ign

[4] DISGUSTED – BEAUTIFUL the Code for Manc

[5] Keyword for Manc

[6] Keyword for Manc

[7] HORROR – RESCUE the Code for Stram

[8] Keyword Arg-n

[9] Keyword  for Manc

[10] Keyword  for Phos-ac

[11] Keyword  for Manc

[12] Keyword  for Manc

[13] DISGUTING – BEAUTIFUL the Code for Mancinella

[14] Keyword  for Manc

About the author

Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered homeopath, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 20 years of everyday clinical practice in classical homeopathy, at the Homeopathic Clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is the founder of this Clinic. She is an associate member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK. She is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, "Homeopathic medicine - Principles", "Homeopathic medicine - Invisible Influences", and many published articles. The books published by BJain on her Matrix Method in 2018 are: "Matrix Method with Tetractys Model in Homeopathy" and "Opening the Secret Door with Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy". Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the "Matrix Method" in homeopathy, and she presented it at international congresses: IHS London 2015, IHS London 2016, IHC Bangalore, India 2017, lecture at SLD Novi Sad, Serbia 2017, and at the IHC London 2018, IHC London 2019. She was awarded with the HCH “Star of Homeopathy” in London, 2019. and in 2020 with CoA CORONA WARRIOR by SYSI, New Delhi. In 2021 Dr. Zivanov developed the Karmic Labyrinth method. More information: and Dr. Mirjana Zivanov’s contact: [email protected]


  • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. My son got infected at Uni in March last year and my recommendation of Gelsemium and 2 days later Bryonia from his Helios kit stopped the development of pneumonia or any severe respiratory symptoms. However, he until today has not overcome the fatigue and muscle pain and the exercise tolerance despite many homeopathic remedies and 5 element acupuncture.
    I remember him saying “I feel dead inside” which I found under Phos ac. All I had was a 30c which didn’t seem to do anything admitting that I didn’t repeat or order a higher potency. Now I will have another look at this remedy. Would I be right in thinking that Phos ac goes to the root of the mitochondrial energy metabolism? Your work is worth a book if you ask me.

    Michaela Just VetMFHom MRCVS
    Just Holistic Vet Care
    And 20y old son Oliver

  • I’m a homeopath, lives in Karachi, Pakistan. I would like to share my experiences regarding Covoid-19. I have treated many patients by Bacillinum 200C or 1m as a single dose. After 2 days I have given them Arsenic Alb. 200C, according to their body symptoms and other complimentary medicines like Ipecac30C, China30C , argentum nit 30C as well, so I obtained amazing results within a week. I have also treated many patients by similimum (homeopathy) and taken further more amazing results.


    Dr. Salman Manzar

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