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Polycystic Ovaries in a Woman of 21

Dr. Meeta Nihlani shares a case of polycystic ovaries in a woman of 21. The case is worked using the sensation method.

June 30, 2021- The patient is a woman of 21 years. She is very studious and she sings well. Her father has a very bad temper and even hits her with belts. (I got this information from her friend.)

D What is your issue?
P PCOD. Delayed and painful periods. I get periods once in four months too. They are delayed to that extent.

D – Tell me something about you.
P- (She smiles and has tears )

There are constant quarrels between my parents. Although now they have reduced.  It’s maybe like we are beneath our father. I feel very small. (HG
I have a lot of self respect everywhere. I study a lot since childhood.
I am planning for my masters so that I can do a job and earn. I don’t want to be treated like my mom. I don’t like the way my mom is treated. Maybe because she does not have a fall back system. I thought why doesn’t my mom have it.       She never stands up for herself. She didn’t have the option at first. Her parents were not there.

D- How does it feel when your parents are not there?
P- The parents give you the support. They’re like home. I mean for everything. It’s not like you’re married so everything’s gone. My Grandmother had asthma. She was in hospital most of the time. My grandad retired. There was no back up. They were struggling of their own thing. I get irritable at small things. Everything affects me.

D- What is the experience of being dependent or needing support?
P- I don’t need it. (A spontaneous denial) My mom does for everything. Like survival, having a home.

D- What does home give you?
P- Home and food. To live we need it, essential, we need support.

D- What are your fears?
P- I‘m not disgusted by insects. ( spontaneous denial ) I am the only person can kill them, shoo them away. I am disgusted by cockroach.

D- How do you look at a cockroach?
P- (Laughs) It’s disgusting if its roaming around the house. Mom and sister are afraid, So I shoo them. Disgusting, filthy. Lives in filthy places. Roams around.
Even if we kill it.. it lives. Something like palat jaye toh b jeeta hai ..Even when it is turned upside down it lies. It doesn’t give up. I don’t like it.

D- What is this quality of not giving up?
P- It’s there. It is very resilient.  It doesn’t want to die. I don’t relate to cockroach.

D-  Any other fear?
P- To be left alone, even in friends circle.

D- What is the experience of it?
P- School in high school Very great friends. It’s not there anymore, we stopped talking. I put in a lot of efforts to build the friendship and all of it went it vain.

D- Why did you put in so much effort?
P- We were friends for a long time.  You have to be there for each other, come what may. They had some misunderstandings. I tried to explain. They said we’ll reconcile but they didn’t and I felt betrayed. So many years of friendship and they didn’t give a chance

D- What are your hobbies?
P- Singing, dancing, sometimes acting (not professionally )

D- What movies do you like to watch?
P- All kinds except horror.  I can’t watch horror movies. I like biographies.

D- Which?
P- Ms. dhoni

D- What did you like about him?
P- His career path. He was flaky and at that time he didn’t have a career. He wanted to pursue cricket but couldn’t. One day he just gave up and followed his dream.  He could’ve chosen to have a stable path but he gave up. He is a risk-taker.  Courageous, hardworking.

D- Horror movies, how do they affect you?
P- I don’t like them— I cant watch them.

D- Fear of darkness or of being alone?
P- No not darkness.  In childhood  a little but not much. I used to shiver in childhood.

D- When do you shiver?
P- Once, when out of a swimming pool- cold water

D- Do you like swimming?
P- No, I can’t.   I just don’t like it. I can go into the pool, but I don’t like swimming.

D- Any dreams?
P-  Sometimes I see my family, friends, working in a corporation.
Working there and giving commands. Subordinates 4 or 5 I think.

D- What is the opposite of giving commands?
P- I like to be the leader

D- What is the experience of being on the other end?
P- I’m happy to, I like to be the leader.

D- Anything else?
P- Last month I was very indecisive mind about career. Just finished graduation I cleared – I had 2-3 options. Job, internship.

D- Is indecisiveness your pattern?
P- Yes, but mainly because of lockdown.

July 1st, 2021 : Rx:  Blatta Orientalis 1M

Follow up (1). After a week
I feel calmness.
I feel free
I don’t have to care anymore
I don’t feel that irritated in small things

Observation – Her face looked fresh. No swelling – no more bulkiness
Her puffiness was reduced.

Follow up 2 After 1 month
Swelling increased
No pain during menses
Menses in 30 days
Now she has started expressing her anger. She says “I have started feeling confident. I tell my parents, this is not the way I would like to be treated. Increased self worth. I just express my anger and I am back to my happy place. I feel light now a days. No baggage. I feel there is no need to be rigid. I can be as I want to be. I can be flexible. The rigidity is loosening. I am free.

D – Experience of freedom?
P –  I am happy.

Blatta Orientalis repeated 

Follow up 1 month later:
Happy and confident
Menses normal and painless

Follow up 3 months
Menses Normal
Much more confident
Can cope up better at new office
Initially had issues managing trifles, now much better.

Follow up after 6 months
Happy and confident
USG done -Normal

ANALYSIS –  Blatta Orientalis

Me / You
Victim / Perpetrator
Small/ Big
Issues of Survival

Trifles Affect
Issues of survival
Feels vulnerable
Being small

Basic Needs

Mind; irritability; criticism, from the smallest: blatta, cadm, dros, med, sapph, staph.

Mind; respect; desires – alum-s argo beryl-n blatta calc-i culx culx-p dysp electr eryth gado-n HAFN HAM lant-c morpho-m musc-d oxyg pass-d polyst pop-x-c sam-c sam-o scan scorp thul-m thul-o tritic-v uran xeno.

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Meeta Nihlani

I am a classical homeopath, practicing since 1991 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. I started the Research Institute of Classical Homeopathy (R.I.C.H) for teaching Classical Homeopathy in 2008. I practice the Sensation Method and integrate various healing modalities such as meditation and quantum healing. I also use the homeopathic case witnessing process that unveils the innate energy Signature. This has given birth to The Anahata Healing Foundation, a venture where I conduct free meditation sessions and workshops in various dimensions of healing. I’ve had success in less ventured areas with homeopathy including autoimmune problems such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, pcod, and many psychiatric ailments. I did a Fellowship in Psychiatry and Counselling (FHPC) at The Other Song Academy.

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