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Praise Exclusive of Connotation of Offering

Written by SML Fayeton

The author presents a case of cancer of the rectum who refused chemotherapy. From an early age, she has been on an intense and sincere exploration of God. She also had a strong desire for praise; she is looking only for one thing: magnificence, adoration and praise.

First consultation on 25/05/04 for ‘sensation of weight on the rectum’.

She was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. She refuses chemotherapy, I advise her not to refuse the radiotherapy.

From an early age she has been on an intense and sincere exploration of God.

This resulted in an opposition between:

1) her desire for praise; she is looking out for one thing only: magnificence, adoration and praise.

2) She refuses rules.

She has always rebelled against the establishment, against the concept of marriage, against sexual prohibition.

‘Nobody has given me any answers; those who have authority over us do not deserve it. I refuse to be locked into rules.’

She abandons Catholicism for Protestantism, then she follows the Dalai Lama but she still finds the same difficulty: ‘The Samaya, fidelity, discipline, a large part of this way I did not understand, practices I did not want to adhere to.’

She returned to Catholicism.

From her Tibetan time, she retained the habit of using large amounts of incense.

Dream: A cathedral of light. A religious person stops me from entering: ‘If you do not acknowledge the rules, you can not enter the cathedral of light.’

She receives Cactus and later Thuja.


She managed to make the doctor believe she had received 30 radiotherapy treatments when she had received 25 only. During the previous week she suffered with very severe diarrhoea. There are spasms in the intestine. Nevertheless she was scheduled for further brachytherapy three weeks later.

‘I asked them: and what if I am cured”? The doctor told me: ‘it always relapses’. They threaten me with the bag (chemotherapy) if I don’t come for the radiotherapy. I won’t go.’

I give her X-ray which improves the intestinal complaints very quickly and send her home with a dose of Thuja 18000 which she takes 5/10/04 because she feels very tired.


She suffers with severe pains in the left lateral abdominal region: ‘it comes like waves from the right hypochondria, it burns, it is bearable, then it goes to the left. I have to lie down. Just like 15 – 20 years ago.

I find in Encyclopedia Homeopathica the following remedies based on the description of these symptoms:

Arn, Brom, Lept, Myrica, Nux m

AFADH (French Materia Medica study group) says for Myrica: ‘it is about praise being part of offering, the Myrica patient does not want to offer him/herself, they don’t want to take anything of themselves; they want to offer their essence with no connotation of an offering.’

The contrast in this patient between the desire to praise God and her refusal to follow rules to serve Him, make me prescribe Myrica. (The rules are a form of offering, giving.)

She always talks with her hands joined in front of her.

Myrica 1M one dose


48 hrs after the dose, copious diarrhoea and after that no more incontinence.

Her feeling of powerlessness/incontinence disappeared.

No more colitis and pains.

A few stitching pains around the anus.

Sciatica one night.

Still a little lack of confidence/continence.

Myrica 10200 one dose


Incontinence aggravated after this dose and then disappeared.

No more sensations around the anal area.

There is now a very painful sciatica, the same that she had 6 or 7 years ago at that time cured by a healer.

Myrica 12000 one dose


‘Incredible, the sciatica disappeared overnight and never returned.’

Gained weight.

Hypodermic stitching pains on the extremity of the buttocks.

Myrica 12001

Mild incontinence for 2 days.

Dental disease under a crown and poor dental treatment.

Stiff back after lifting a weight (8/08/05) improved with Ruta and cured by the osteopath.


No more incontinence since last prescription.

She traveled to South America in September. Very spicy food caused a return of anal inflammation followed by the appearance of a very painful anal fissure, treated with Homeoplasmine®, followed by an episode of diarrhoea. ‘I keep the spicy taste in my mouth.’

During the return flight eats poor quality lasagna: indigestion, vomiting liquids ‘in incredible amounts’. This is followed by a week of feeling as if she was sitting in the spices.

09/11/05 Telephone: she has eaten an egg which caused an involuntary, curdled, non formed stool.

Myrica 9C after each involuntary stool proves efficient every time.

Echo-endoscopic control 12/10/05: no adenopathy, only slight thickening like scarring of the posterior anus.

Protein markers: 02/12/05 perfect.


Lumbar pains. Spondylosis L4/L5 consequence of posterior arthrosis, bone demineralisation without crumbling and the beginning of coxarthrosis of the left hip.


03/06: eats an egg again, followed again by the same type of involuntary stool

04/06: She feels a need for reconciliation: she writes letters of reconciliation to three people who had made her suffer.

‘After that, I felt a well-being in my abdomen, as if a bung had disappeared and my energy started to flow. The lumbar pain disappeared.’

‘It is impossible to describe the weight one carries due to resentment.’

I remember the first symptom she gave me was ‘a weight on the rectum’. The only symptom that is still present is the occasional involuntary evacuations of non diarrheic stools.

Can we say that the sudden evacuations are a sign of the 6th level? The symptom that tells her: evacuate your weight and your energy will flow.

Myrica 18 000 one dose


‘I can see the results of this medicine in my body. It is evident.

I am doing very well. Fifteen days ago, I was constipated whilst traveling. When I returned I evacuated with a little diarrhoea. I took Myrica 9 and all settled.

Later, I developed pain in the knees, it disappeared with one dose of the remedy in 9C as by miracle.’

Use Myrica 9C when something goes wrong.


All is well. She returned from the country to Paris to continue her studies in philosophy on the Jewish origins of Christianity.

She had to adapt to life in the big city and became very tired after one month. I told her to take one dose of Myrica 30 which had a ‘spectacular’ result.


April 2007: Results of a check up at the hospital : ACE 1.4 Alpha Foeto Protein 2.6 , CA antigen 19/9 8.6


Echo-endoscopy : ‘ No signs of relapses. We cannot even see where the scarring is supposed to be. There is no need for further check up.’ The specialist declares her cured.

I ask her : Have you changed your views on rules and regulations ?

It is very clear for me now: what is set is important, it is important to accept God’s wish.

And discipline?

There are important foundations as long as their profound motivations are understood.

There appears to be something more relaxed about you.

Oh yes, there is something more flexible.

(She is interested by Judaism, the religion with an enormous amount of rules.)

I can affirm that she is cured because she is cured on her most vulnerable level, which is more reliable than any medical marker or examination which can change overnight following any occasion that wakens her psora.

About the author

SML Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton was born January 1935. She did her medical studies in Paris, and earned her medical degree 1960. From 1977- 1983 she taught Homeopathy in Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales. She studied Unicist techniques with Dr. Mureau in Belgium and later with Dr. Schmidt in France. In 1983 she met Dr Alphonso Elizalde Masi. In 1984 she became Founder and President of Association Française pour l'Approfondissement de la Doctrine Hahemanienne.

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