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Psoriasis in a Man of 25

Written by Ketan Singh

Dr. Ketan Kumar Singh presents a case of psoriasis in a man of 25. The patient’s symptoms had been suppressed previously by allopathic steroids. Psoriasis had affected his entire body except his face.

Patient Name– XYZ

Age- 25 yrs.

Chief Complaint–  Diagnosed with psoriasis 8 years ago

Location – Entire body except face.

Modalities – Sweating agg., heat agg.

Accompaniment – pain in lower leg, burning sensation in soles.

Life space

He had extremely anxious look on his face when he came for first visit. He said that he had been rejected for many jobs because of this condition. He was very disappointed by his condition and visited many doctors but with no relief.

Because of his condition he was staying away from his family. He had been preparing for a railway exam for a long time but got rejected which caused much disappointment.

He was depressed by his condition. He kept saying that “No one will help me, I had to live with this condition for my entire life”.

“I asked him why he stayed away from his family, He said  “It’s very embarrassing for me because everyone was staring at me.”

Before he came to me he went to various allopathic doctors who gave him steroid injections and drugs which caused suppression of the symptoms.

Personal History.

Appetite – Normal

Thirst – Increased

Stool – Unsatisfactory

Desire – Salty

Thermal – Hot pt.

Perspiration – Extreme especially on lower body with offensive smell

Past History

Eruptions on legs with itching which was treated by allopathic drugs and ointment.


Patient was extremely anxious and worried about his ailment and very concerned about his job and future. Had good knowledge about his surroundings and had vision for his future.

Diagnosis   Psoriasis

First Prescription – 4/04/2019

Psorinum – 1M single dose followed by placebo for 15 days. There was a history of suppression of symptoms also there was more itching in winters.

Follow up – 16/04/2019

Patient came with anxious look on his face because the eruptions and itching had increased a lot. I told him to wait.

Second Prescription. – Sulphur 1M followed by placebo for 1 month. Since it covers all the symptoms and also follows the previous medicine.

Follow up – 17/05/2019    

Patient came with a smile on his face. “I am better than before”

Placebo for 1 month

Follow up – 16/06/2019

Patient felt better in itching and eruptions but the pain in lower legs increased aggravated during standing.

Sulphur 1M followed by placebo for 3 months.

Follow up – 17/09/2019

No itching and no eruptions.

A small eruption had appeared on lower left leg. Patient said this was the first eruption I got before the entire body.

This is where the disease had started. According to Hering’s Law of Cure, we are on the right track.

Placebo for 1 month.

Follow up – 16/10/2019

Patient completely symptom free.

(Also he got job in Railway as “Locomotive pilot”. )

After 4 months   07/08/2019



23-1-2020 After 8 months

About the author

Ketan Singh

Dr. Ketan Kumar Singh received his BHMS from Vasundhara Raje Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Gwalior (M.P), India, in 2016. He has been working as a homoeopathic consultant for 3 years and is currently practicing in Tundla.


  • Great case, thank you! Listen, it appeared to be Sulphur all along. Do you think Psorinum helped at all? It seemed to make him worse. Also, since he had no outbreaks on his face, what did he think people were staring at?

  • Seems to be really a school book case. I would like to know at what point did you stop the allopathic drugs, or ointments? Itching is not easy to handle without any help. Or did you recommend some other, more homeopathic friendly ointment instead? 🤔

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