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Psoriasis in a Man of 44

Psoriasis in a Man of 44
Written by Nishtha Bhatt

Dr.  Nishtha Bhatt presents a case of psoriasis of the feet in a man of 44. Hisanxiety of conscience and feeling “as if guilty of crime” along with hisbeing reserved, religious and with amelioration by music indicated the simillimum.

A forty-four year old male patient presented with complaint of psoriasis on bilateral soles of feet for the last two years. The eruptions affected only the plantar region of feet with intense itching and scaling with cracks and cuts,which used to bleed occasionally. At times there was a white, sticky discharge from the eruptions.


He describes himself as a simple personality. He is calm and reserved. He says he wants to do all his work in as perfect a way as possible. Religious, trusts in spiritual aspect and acts accordingly in life. He likes to listen to music, which makes him feel better.  He worked for one company for almost 30 years. He thought of starting his own business as he found himself experienced enough, so he resigned from his job. His boss didn’t like it and made sure he couldn’t get any materials from the market for his independent project. He had to struggle a lot. Though he knows he did nothing wrong, he feels guilty as if he had done some crime by doing this, and constantly reproaches himself. All his physical complaints started after this episode.


Appetite- normal

Thirst- 2-3 litres/day

Stool- satisfactory, once a day – Urine- normal

Perspiration- moderate

Sleep and dreams- sound/ not remembered Thermally- chilly

Craving- sweets++ Aversion- nothing specific



29/1/2018Aurum metallicum200 1dose

FOLLOW UP:12/2/2018

Eruptions on both feet reduced by 40%. There was no bleeding and discharge since last week. Itching reduced by 50%

Rx- Aurum metallicum 200 1 dose13/3/2018

Lesions in both feet better by 90%. No bleeding or discharge from lesions. Occasionally mild itching.

Rx – SL16/4/2018

Lesions in both feet better with mild itching, no discharge or no bleeding.

Rx- SL14/5/2018

Lesions on both feet better with no itching, discharge or bleeding.

Rx- SL18/6/2018

Fully recovered from eruptions. Mental and physical state is good.

Rx- SL


The anxiety of conscience which triggered the psoriasis in the patient was the core of this case. The theme of Arum Metallicum is anxiety of conscience as if guilty of crime, which is clear in this case. Also, the basic personality of this patient as reserved, religious and with amelioration by music is well covered by Aurum Metallicum. With the simillimumthe patient improved without much repetition of the remedy.(See photos below)




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Nishtha Bhatt

Dr. Nishtha Bhatt, MD (Hom), Mumbai, completed her BHMS from CMPH Medical College, Mumbai and MD from YMTH Medical College, Mumbai. Currently, she is operating from Dr. Nishtha’s Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai. She uses a blend of homeopathy diet and counseling.
She says she has had success in psoriasis, oral lichen planus, and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis where conventional treatment alone did not provide solutions.

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