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Psoriasis in a Woman of 54

Written by Prachi Thole

Dr. Prachi Thole treats a woman of 54 for psoriasis. Anxiety about health, fear of being alone and fastidiousness led to one of the Kali salts as the simillimum.

June 25, 2018

A woman of 54 came with a complaint of chronic psoriasis (Homeopathy for Psoriasis), since the last 10 years. She had blackish, hard psoriatic patches on the dorsal aspect of her right foot, on the lateral side and some patches on the right lateral side of her hand. There was itching which was more at night, better by lukewarm water and better after massaging it with oil. She also had pain in the lumbar region for the last 8 days. The pain was greater after standing, after rising from a seat and it used to get better by rest and on lying. She also had pain in her back during menses.

I asked about her physical generals. She said that she has marked cravings for sweets; her sleep position is on the right side; perspiration on exertion and thirst is for large quantities of water, sip by sip at short duration. She is very chilly.

She said that she is very much worried about her health and anxious about her disease.  She is very family oriented and cares much for her family. She has extreme fear of death. She calculates everything; she will make a note where she is spending money. She is very anxious about money matters.

When I enquired about her dreams, she said that she dreams of dead people.

Her husband, who was accompanying her, said “Whenever her son and daughter in law is out of town, she makes me stay at home, she always wants someone to stay with her, she will never stay alone. She will either want her son, or me to stay with her at home. He adds that she is very fastidious. She gets irritated if I keep things here and there, she wants everything in a proper order.

For analysing the case , at first, I checked the repertory for the rubric – chronic psoriasis

There were only 14 remedies in complete repertory under the rubric =

Skin, eruptions, psoriasis, chronic.

Then, for not being prejudiced, I took other symptoms also in consideration and repertorized the case by taking following rubrics –

This suggested that the remedy could be Kali-Ars.

Now that Kali-ars covered all the symptoms, I read the remedy from different materia medica to check if the pathology is also covered by the remedy. I referred to Boericke’s materia medica, in which, the pathology, psoriasis was given in capitals.

Finally, I referred to the soul of remedies by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, to see if Kali-ars matched the overall picture of the case. I was again pleased to see the state of Kali-ars as explained by him, matched the patient beautifully.

Dr. Sankaran says that Kali–ars is the remedy belonging to the MINERAL KINGDOM, ROW 4

ROW 4 is mostly to do with money, relationships, job, house, health.

Kali- ars patients, as per Soul of Remedies, are the patients who fear of being alone, are anxious about their health and concerned about their family. They are very fastidious.

As this case belonged to level 4, the level at which psycho-neuro-endocrine and immune (PNEI) axis action is prominent and as the picture of the case matched that of the remedy quite well, I chose to give Kali-Ars 1m.


July 4th 2018

After one week of giving Kali-ars, the patient called me and said that the back pain which she had the last 8 days, had completely gone within few hours of taking the medicine. The itching which she had at night was a little better this week.

AFTER 1 month

6th August 2018

There was no pain in her back during the whole month. The black discoloration of the psoriasis had faded and is coming back to normal skin tone. The itching at night is much better, the psoriatic patch at her hands is almost gone; it is only there in the legs now ( Herring’s law of cure )

REMEDY repeated  Kali- ars , 3 doses again

Meanwhile, there were any complaints and she was doing very well. I called her after 7 months for the follow up.


10th march 2019

No episode of back pain. Itching at night is almost better now. I am feeling mentally peaceful nowadays. The blackish discoloration has come to normal skin tone now. Other physical generals are also normal.  Feeling much better in every aspect, after the medicine.


8th August 2019

Patient is off medications, doing perfectly fine. The complaints with which she was suffering from the last ten years are no longer bothering her. Her psoriasis is absolutely gone and she is very happy with the homoeopathic treatment. The psoriatic patches which were on her foot are absolutely cleared. Even the back pain and lower abdominal pain is not present. There is no itching of her feet, The anxieties are not present.

Following is the picture taken on 8th august 2019 –

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Prachi Thole

Dr. Prachi Thole -BHMS - Smt. K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College, Chandwad. MCAH – The other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.


  • That is really good result with precision & short time.. The way you made correlation of pathology with the rest of the symptom picture & state is amazing. Congratulations??

  • Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently and You proved it…. Dr PRACHI THOLE KEEP IT UP☺☺

  • Can i have the contact number of Dr Prachi Thole? I wanted to consult her for myself and my mother.
    S Ubale

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