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Psoriasis in a Woman of 60

Written by Pravin S. Karkare

Dr. Pravin S. Karkare presents a case of psoriasis in a woman of 60. The case had been previously suppressed with ointments. Careful dosing with an antipsoric remedy resulted in exceptional improvement.

Preliminary data:

Female 60 years, house wife
Case taken on 2nd July, 2019.

Chief complaint (Aph 84,85)

Since she was 15 years of age (i.e since 45 years) she has had skin disease that

allopaths diagnosed as psoriasis. She has eruptions all over her body including her private parts. At present on examination it is on her scalp, both upper and lower limbs, neck, trunk, abdomen, back. Most recently on her neck there is redness with itching +++, burning++

How does it start? (Aph 86,87)

It starts as a small red rash with itching followed by scale formation which is then followed by crust formation. It is itching with burning. She has it during all seasons but this year since summer, it is worse. It has not reduced and it is growing worse day by day.

Medical or treatment history: (Aph 207)

She applies ointment and it subsides in 8 days but recurs in other regions. Till now she was using allopathic medicine and external application.

She is k/c/o hypertension on regular allopathic medicine.

Associated symptoms: (Aph 89 footnote 84)

1.Constipation, stools hard, has to strain, sometimes ineffectual urging, does not pass regular stools.
2.Sometimes mouth aphthae
3.Sometimes blood pressure becomes low
4.Hair fall with dandruff

Past history: – No history of any other illness

Family history: Does not know.

Physical generals: (Aph 89 footnote 84)

Appetite good
Sleep disturbed
Urine adequate, no co
Sweat absent, dry skin

Before treatment images of patient: (Aph 91)

1. Aggravation: (Aph 5) 4 months ago her husband expired, and she was grieving. After that her symptoms became worse.
2.Maintaining cause: (Aph 94,250) external application
3. Root cause or fundamental cause (Miasm/Infection): (Aph 5,72,74,203-209)Venereal ? Non-venereal Psora?

PSORIC SYMPTOMS listed by Dr Hahnemann in The Chronic Diseases: (Page no.45)

1.Eruptions either arising from time to time and passing away again.
2. Small round spots on the skin covered with bran like dry scales which often peel off and are again renewed without sensation, or red spots on the skin which feel dry with burning pain, somewhat raised above the rest of the skin.
3. Dryness of the skin with inability to perspire.
4. Here and there a rough scaling spot on the skin which causes at times a voluptuous itching and after rubbing a burning sensation.

One thing is sure, that the main cause or root cause of her symptoms is a chronic infection (miasm) Psora. So we need to treat this Psoric miasm in order to cure this patient’s skin symptoms.

CASE PLAN:  (Aph 91,92)

In this case we need to understand first that the patient has been suffering for the last 45 years, and the ailment shows strong chronicity. She has used external applications for many years. There is strong suppression and palliation. At present it is a mixed picture of disease, i.e original natural disease plus artificial disease.

  • POSSIBLE OPTIONS: Dr.Hahnemann‘s guidelines

1. Stop allopathic treatment, give placebo and call the patient again after 8-10 days. Then what remains will be original disease symptoms. Prescribe on this. (Aph 91) OR
2.Give a medicine based on the present symptoms considering the allopathic drug abuse, i.e a medicine which also covers drug use. (Aph 92)
3.Start with the great antipsoric medicine Sulphur but in very small doses. (TCD page no.104 footnote)

In this case I preferred to go with the 3rd choice i.e to start with Sulphur in a very small dose. Why??

From Dr. Hahnemann’s The Chronic Diseases book page no.104 footnote:

Used in small doses, Sulphur as one of the antipsoric remedies will not fail to make a brief beginning of a cure of the chronic (Non-venereal and therefore psoric) diseases. I know a physician in Saxony who gained a great reputation by merely adding to his prescriptions in nearly all chronic diseases, flowers of sulphur, and this without knowing a reason for it. This in the beginning of such treatments is wont to produce a strikingly beneficial effect, but of course only in the beginning, and therefore after that his help was at an end.

Sulphur  – Potency : 0/1 or LM 1 (Aph 246-249 with footnotes)

Dose: 2 strokes, 2 drops, 2 teaspoons, from 3rd glass of water

Repetition: Daily morning and evening away from meals.

Placebo tds daily.

Advice to patient (According to Dr. Hahnemann’s guidelines given in The Chronic Diseases book)

Stop all sorts of external applications to skin.
Avoid putting any drops in eye, ear, nose etc.
Eat a pure vegetarian diet
Exercise daily
Walk in the fresh air every morning.

1st follow up after 7 days: (Aph 253,104)

I feel slight improvement in eruptions
No other change
No new symptoms

Treatment: Increase dose to 5 strokes, 5 drops, 2 teaspoons from third glass of water tds daily

2nd follow up after 15 days:

Eruptions on back better than before
Itching persists but in less intensity
No new symptoms

Treatment continues same as it is

3rd follow up after 1 month:

Itching less than before but persists
Eruptions much better, healing now
Eruptions all over are improving
Not much scale formation now
No new eruptions
Hair fall reduced
Generals good
Had a fever with throat pain which subsided without any medicine.

Treatment: Continue same as it is

4th follow up after 45 days:

Eruptions much better than before
Itching stays for 15 mins with redness, no scale formation
Pain in both legs today.
Treatment continues the same as it is.

5th follow up after 2 months on phone:

Redness swelling in both eyes which subsided on its own without any medicine.

Treatment stop Sulphur for 2-3 days

Follow up after 2 days: no eye symptoms now. Start Sulphur again in the same dose and repetition.

Follow up after 2 days: Again same eye symptoms, heaviness in eyes, better by closing eyes. (Psoric symptoms related to eye)

I searched The Chronic Diseases book under Sulphur materia medica (proved materia medica) to check whether Sulphur covers patient’s present eye symptoms (heaviness eyes) Sulphur symptom no.222 has it.

So there is no need to change the medicine, just adjust the dose of medicine.

Treatment to reduce dose of Sulphur to 2 strokes 2 drops 1 teaspoon from third glass of water daily one time.  Advised her to get opinion of ophthalmologist.

6th follow up after 3.5 months:

No eye symptoms now. Showed to an Ophthalmologist who diagnosed it as an allergic problem. Did not use allopathic medicines. Did not put any drops in her eye.

Eruptions are much much better, almost gone.
Itching persists with redness on ears, neck, face but much less than before.
Agg when she has to speak in public
Agg evening 6pm (not daily)
Generals good, gained 2kg weight.
No other new eruptions
No other new symptoms

Treatment: Sulphur 0/2 2 strokes 2 drops 2 teaspoons from third glass of water daily two times.

7th follow up after 6 months i.e on 30-12-2019 :

Itching has reduced much. She does not have itching daily now. A little dryness of skin since winter started but not significant. General wellbeing good. No new symptoms. Overall much better.

Treatment Sulphur 0/3, 3 strokes 3 drops 1 teaspoon from third glass of water, daily morning and evening empty stomach.

8th follow up after 8 months on 5-02-2020 :

Skin is much better now
No new symptoms
Itching much less than before
General wellbeing good.

Her son expired a few days ago in January,2020 due to myocardial infarction. She is grieving but still this recent unfavorable event in her life did not lead to aggravation of her chronic disease (skin symptoms) nor any acute illness. This is because the strength of her vital force has been increased by homoeopathic antipsoric medicine. We are treating her chronic miasm (infection). The more we lessen the chronic infection with the help of antipsoric medicine the more the strength of vital force increases so that the individual gradually becomes more healthy. This is a very important point to note..

Treatment to continue Sulphur 0/3 as it is.

9th follow up on 16th March,2020:

Much better in her skin symptoms
Itching of palms and soles on and off
Had mild dizziness a few days back which subsided in two days without medicine by taking rest.
Sleep is sometimes disturbed due to memory of her son.
Appetite good
Stools satisfactory
Urine adequate, no complaints
Sweat scanty

Treatment: Continue Sulphur 0/3 as 5 strokes, 5 drops, 1 teaspoon from 3rd glass of water daily morning away from meals.

Continued improvement. See image below:

Note : Patient has been following all the instructions told to him as it is. The above result is only with internal Homoeopathy medicine.

Thank you.
Dr. Pravin S Karkare.
Gmail : [email protected]
Mobile number : 8237146057.
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Instagram : drpravinkarkare

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