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Psychogenic Polydypsia, Hypertension, Addiction – Man of 36

Dr. Arindam Maity shares a case of psychogenic polydypsia, hypertension and addiction in a man of 36. The patient’s family history helped lead to the simillimum.  


My knowledge of Carcinosin started 18 years ago from my internship days after I came across a book Clinical Experience With Some Nosodes by Dr. S. P. Dey. Every word of the author has been found to be true and clinically verified by me including a new observation other than Kent’s 12 observations.

My first case is regarding this 13th observation as stated by the author and verified by me. The patient was a man 36 years of age, driver by profession. He was introduced by my mom as he was driving my father to office every day.

The first consult  was on was on 02/09/2005. On his first visit he let me know that he was being treated for his psychogenic polydypsia ( diagnosed by the doctor) as he was drinking water from a bucket instead of a jug or glass whenever he was feeling thirsty. He was taking sleeping pills 10 at a timem and was addicted to them.

He was taking medication for hypertension and benign prostatic hypertrophy. He had severe burning piles and chronic colitis, hyperirritability and anxiety were some other features. His father died at 55 years due to liver cancer. This patient was addicted to tobacco chewing and alcohol. He had craving for sweets, hot food and raw meat.

Prescription- Carcinocsin 200 in water, one dose only. I kept him on placebo for 6 months as the improvement was steady after the first dose of Carcinosin He was told to stop all the medications. He could not sleep for 3 days after stopping all the medications, including the sleeping pills but started feeling better after that.

Rationale for prescribing Carcinosin:  Family history of the patient – paternal side: father- liver cancer, uncle – insanity. Maternal side – mother – depression, hypertension, uncle- Ankylosing spondylosis.

Family history of degenerative diseases 2) The patient had multiple moles. 3) Causeless insomnia 4) Apprehension/ anxiety like Argentum nitricum & Gelsemium but more so  5) Broncho-pneumonia at the age of 3 years , H/O nocturnal enuresis and somnambulism in childhood depicting insecurity feeling and fear since childhood 6) Recurrent H/O diarrhoea and abdominal colic in childhood .  N.B. – He had a severe acute episode of abdominal colic some 10 years back with the characteristic feature of Pulsatilla – More the pain more the chill.

Suddenly it crossed my mind to check his blood sugar level and it was found to be fasting 260mg,/dl and PP 560 mg/dl. But astonishingly, the patient was feeling much, much better after the medication. I did not prescribe anything but a strict diet.  I checked his blood sugar after a month and it was: fasting 150 mg/dl and PP 250 mg / dl. He could sleep well now, his burning piles got relieved, abnormal polydypsia was gone, BPH symptoms were better, BP was under control.

The patient was later followed up with series of medicines including Calcarea carb, Lyc., Sulphur, Uranium nitricum mostly in 50 millesimal potencies. Now the observation is that in such a case after the application of a deep acting constitutional remedy, although the patient felt better, the laboratory tests report shoots up initially. I have not seen similar results when I used 50 millesimal potency in such cases. I sign off with a food for thought for my homoeopathic brethren to reverify the observation. He is still under my treatment. His blood sugar level rises sometimes and acute exacerbation of chronic colitis occurs occasionally. He is still in the driving profession.

He developed right sided glaucoma. His intraocular pressure and vision is improving . Addiction still remains for tobacco chewing. He is now on Lycopodium Clavatum-0/14, taking it from 40th cup every alternate day. I started the medicine from 0/1.

This episode taught another lesson that mere medicine selection is not enough. The right potency selection along with the medicine is necessary to give quick relief to the patient.  I visited his place because the pain was very severe. I gave Pulsatilla-30 with no relief, waited for 10 minutes gave 200 with no relief gave 1M with no relief, gave 10 M and it took a minute to get relief and he was in deep sleep.

Another interesting episode of this patient occurred in this patient around 15 years back. At that time I was not dispensing the medicine by myself. The patient was on Calcarea Carb -0/3, and after taking the 1st dose the patient suffered from hypoglycemic shock.  Opium 200 single dose along with glucose saved his life.

A pharmacist who is not learned enough might ruin the dose of medicine if he thinks one poppy-seed or 5 poppy-seeds are the same. That’s why homoeopaths should try to dispense the medicine by themselves as guided by the Master.

About the author

Arindam Maity

Dr. Arindam Maity, graduated from Midnapore Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, (Calcutta University) West Bengal in Oct. 2005 with the dream of practicing classical homoeopathy. Being a first generation doctor he slowly overcame all the hardships of initial years of practice. Later to quench his special interest in psychology he did a Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Psychology. He desires to share lots of clinical experience gathered during his 17 years of practice with his homoeopathic brethren.

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