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Pyrexia of Unknown Origin with Headache

Written by Rajiv Peres

Homeopath Rajiv Peres presents a case of headache with FUO in a woman of 30. Empty sensation in forehead, amelioration from hot bathing and amelioration lying on the abdomen led to the correct remedy.

On 26th May 2018 a 30 year old female approached me with complaints of pyrexia 101’F which began in the afternoon. It began as a headache,“as if blood was not reaching the brain.” She became impatient with the headache. If anything that she asked for was not met with, then she would become abusive, followed by crying, and then become restless. She did not want to have any conversation. Her head felt hot but extremities were not hot. No thirst during fever. Neither sweating nor chills during fever. Desired to be washed by hot water which relieved. Felt good by washing face with hot water. Warm food and drinks relieved her. All the bones in her body were paining very badly as if bones were crushed. Could not have the body touched. She wanted to lie down on the ground (hard surface) and sleep by stretching and spreading her body. She would lie down in one position for a long time. Frontal Headache was relieved by pulling her hair, > hard pressure on the eyebrows, > by bending head backwards, overall felt well by lying on the abdomen.

During fever wanted fan and even air conditioner. Remained absolutely quiet with fever and headache. Felt slightly better by eating. During fever eyes were burning as if heat escaping. Three days prior to onset of fever she complained of excessive flatulence, which she could not control even in presence of others. She felt uneasiness in the urinary bladder because she could not pass urine at the end of passing stool. Takes very long to pass stool, mostly has tendency for diarrhea and in between is constipated sometimes. She was continuously worried as if something dreadful was going to happen concerning her future. She could not bear noise.

Although sick with fever on 26th morning she went for work and socialization (birthday party) on 27thMay. Fever was continuous. The cause of this episode of fever was not known to the patient. The patient was observed for 40 hours without any medicine in order to understand the pattern of development of the fever. On 27that night, she needed cold compresses on her head, which brought down the fever.

I considered the following rubrics: Empty sensation in forehead and amelioration from hot bathing. This led me to think of Chelidonium. Lying on the abdomen is the best position, which is the highlight and emphasizing symptom of this case.

John Henry Clarke says, “Chelidonium is a poppy and therefore allied to Opium and Sanguinaria”. Dr J.T. Kent explains how not to get confused with Bryonia because both are worse by motion. Chelidonium has alternating constipation and diarrhea. Bryonia has obstinate constipation without urge. Chelidonium is better by warm whereas Bryonia is better by cool.

He further says that it is so close to Lycopodium that when Lycopodium seems indicated but fails to act, Chelidonium should be given.

Prescription was made on the morning of the 28th:Chelidonium 200, 1 single dose was given.At that time the patient only had a mild headache. Patient went to work. No more medicine was required. No appearance of fever after that and headache reduced totally after the medicine. By evening patient went to play with neighbor’s children. No sign of reappearance of headache seen. Hahnemann advises in aphorism 236 of the Organon that “The most appropriate and efficacious time for administering the medicine is very soon after the termination of the paroxysm, as soon as the patient has recovered from its effects; it has then time to effect all the changes in the organism requisite for restoration of health”

Eupatorium Perfoliatum was ruled out because this patient was better by eating food and averse to conversation. Eupatorium fever’s are associated with chills and sweat which relieves most of the symptoms, which was not the case here. Nux Vomica was ruled out because this patient is better after eating.

Getting a fever is essentially an advantage. Fever makes the life of bacteria and parasites difficult. If we bring this raised body temperature down by advising a crocin (anti-pyretic & analgesic) tablet then the bacteria are stronger than ever. That’s why you have complications after sinking fever. I have seen people never recover in their intellect after their fever went down. Isn’t it better to have fever and be mentally sharp? Just see the price you pay.You have to concentrate on the life force and not to focus on killing bacteria. We need to strengthen the patient,  not directly kill microbes.

In this case it is noteworthy that this patient had never suffered a fever, at least in the last 10 years. In this scenario, when she develops a passing flare-up of latent psora it should be welcomed. In such acutes, time is short but at the same time a wrong medicine will only do her harm. Therefore while dealing with these kinds of episodes of fever one must ‘go fast but slowly’.

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Rajiv Peres

Dr. Rajiv Rui Viegas Peres M.D(Hom) Assistant Professor, Dept of Organon of Medicine, Aarihant Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhoyan Rathod, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Pin 382721 Received Best Teacher’s Award 2010-11, Received Hahnemann Award 2018, Received Excellence in Homoeopathy Award in April 2022, Active Member of H.E.R.I Mumbai.

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