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Quadriplegia in a Man of 75

Dr. Prachi Shah shares a case of injury induced quadriplegia in a Man of 75. Etiology of the ailment and patient’s sympathetic nature indicated the simillimulm.

This patient is a 75 year old man with complaint of quadriplegia after head injury. I was called for a home visit and informed that a neurologist had already told relatives there was no hope of recovery at this age.


The patient is lying in bed with negligible movement of hands and legs. His mouth was open and he was constantly drooling. Eyes half open and drowsy with multiple warts on face. Ecchymosed near right eye. Can’t speak a word; absence of neck movement. Just lying there without response. He has great difficulty in swallowing.

He was not able to eat or chew and the doctors said to given juices. No awareness of bowels or urine. Can’t understand what we tell him. This is the brief summary of case history taken from his grandson.


Im the early morning he suddenly fell down and became unresponsive. Couldn’t  walk. Relatives took him to hospital and he was release after 5 days without relief.

MRI: Altered signal area in the right basal ganglion and right corona radiata, represent acute areas of ischemia/infarction.

A focal narrowing involving M1 segment of the right MCA.

Past History

Myocardial infarction 13 years ago

Pulmonary Tuberculosis 5 years ago

Parkinsonism the last 4 years.

Physical General:

Food desire: Ghari (Indian sweet full of ghee), fermented food, spicy.

Thirst: Thirstless

Sleep: Normal

Perspiration: on chest

Urine & Stool: Involuntary after head injury

As a person:

He was introverted. Very sensitive to suffering of others. He says that he has affection for religious saints and invites them to his home. He often says that religious saints suffer a lot in life and so we should always help them.

Every year while cutting his birthday cake he gets emotional and cries. Fear of being injured. He tells others to take care that they don’t get hurt. He has sympathy for injured birds and tries to help. When he was ill before, he used to say “ I am healthy, its rubbish to be in hospital for this.”   In his youth he was an accountant, very duty conscious and trust worthy. He got easily irritated. Liked travelling and going to religious places. He was quite dictatorial.


Here concussion of brain is important to consider first, as it is the cause. While reviewing the case I evidence of Dr. Sankaran’s compositae family. He has fear of being injured and so was very sensitive to injured birds and helped them. He was sensitive to suffering of saints also. Very sympathetic.

Repertorial Totality:

Remedy: Arnica 1m once a day (OD) for 1 week.

Follow up after 1week:  He was able to drink liquid easily, also smiled at me. Ecchymosis below right eye disappeared, Quadriplegia remains the same.

Rx: Arnica 10m 1 dose weekly for 1month

Follow Up after 1month:

Started eating snacks, no difficulty in swallowing, started regaining sensory control of urine and stool. He was eating in lying position and was wiping his corner of mouth. Started understanding what we said. He identified his elder sister who came to meet him.

Rx: Arnica 10m OD for 1month

Follow up after 2 months:

Initiated walk with support in room. Started replying yes or no.

Rx: Arnica 10m OD for 1month

Follow up after 3months:

When I visited him he was sitting in a chair. Answered questions though with poor pronunciation. Cough since 4-5 days. Cough while eating, more at night. Feverish since 2 days. Before 5 days, air conditioner was on very low temperature the whole night which triggered cough.

Rx: Tuberculinum 1m 1 dose stat

After 3 days, Arnica 10m OD for 25 days.

Follow up after 4 months:

Cough was relieved in 3-4 days after Tub. Started walking confidently. Eats everything but takes time to chew. Urine control totally regained. Started talking in small sentences. Note: This follow up was given entirely by him.

Rx: Arnica 10m OD for 15 days

Follow Up after 5 months:

Overall good. Living normal life. Advised to discontinue medicine.

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Prachi Shah

Dr. Prachi Shah, BHMS graduated in 2016 from C.D. Pachchigar Homoeopathic College, Surat, India. She is recently pursuing PGHom course from Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy, London. A young, dynamic, dedicated, sincere person, an ardent follower of homoeopathy, always eager to search and upgrade her knowledge by taking motivation from seniors.


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