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A Case of Rabies Vaccinosis

Homeopath Jeanie Notti-Fullerton discusses a little known syndrome called rabies vaccinosis, which affects animals who have been vaccinated for rabies, and may also affect people bitten by a vaccinated (but otherwise healthy) animal.

Six years ago a very upset grandmother called me. Her cherubic two year old granddaughter had been viciously bitten in the face by the family dog she was growing up with. For years this dog had lived with many children and was extremely child tolerant and loving. But in this instance all the child had done was walk up behind him, at which time he spun around and bit her. She required a plastic surgeon that put over sixty stitches in to close the two inch wound on her lip and cheek.

There is a serious health problem most dog owners are unaware of, called rabies (Homeopathy Treatment for Rabies) vaccinosis. It is the reaction and symptoms dogs can get from the rabies vaccine. On an even more personal note, there is a human risk with this ailment. What happens when a dog with rabies vaccinosis bites someone? Can the vaccinosis be transmitted through saliva like the actual disease? I’d like to tell you about one of several experiences I’ve had with this critical zoonotic situation.

Grandma called me, her homeopath, when the child’s behavior changed dramatically. She had been a perfectly behaved, angelic little girl with spun gold hair and sparkling blue eyes that lit up a room. One week after the bite she was a completely different child, screaming at everyone, kicking, and biting. She was now belligerent, demanding, and frightened of everything, including water. Bathing, which had been a joyous time for her before the bite, became a time of wailing and screaming. The family was frantic with upset.

When they brought her to me, the first thing I asked about was the dog. An easy going Bassett Hound, they had recently had his vaccines updated. He now wanted to be left alone, was grumpy, fearful, and hiding away from the children he’d always loved. Some of the critical signs of reaction to the rabies (Homeopathy for Rabies) vaccine are the same symptoms you would expect to see in an actual rabies case. Fear is the symptom I most often see, and compulsive reactivity to anything behind them with a lack of impulse control in how to deal with the fear. These dogs can get so ill they may begin to press their heads into walls or go into their dog house front ways, keeping their heads in the back corner away from the light because of the severe photosensitivity they develop. The aggression I’ve observed has been more fear based than the angry aggression of a truly rabid animal. For more clinical symptoms please refer to the following link to Dr. Michael Dym, DVM’s article on the subject.

This child was exhibiting classic signs of having picked up rabies vaccinosis from the dog bite. We treated her for it with Lyssin 200c one dose*. Within three days she was her sweet and darling little blond self again and there has never been a recurrence of the symptoms.

What if they had let this go? I don’t like to think about how far this may have gone. Another aspect of rabies vaccinosis is what it does to a beloved dog. This family’s Bassett was vaccinated just weeks before and had become gradually more intolerant and fearful. So what do you do for the dog? We gave him the same treatment, Lyssin 200c, and it quickly brought him back to his old self. He had no history of biting, so the authorities allowed him to live. He was one of the few lucky dogs who get a “free bite” if the circumstances seem understandable. And because he was fully vaccinated no one questioned his health.

Being a dog lover, I have concerns over repeated rabies vaccinations. Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM is doing an ongoing US Challenge Study of rabies vaccines and how long the immunity lasts. By doing titer tests annually on dogs given a singular rabies vaccination, they are proving that the dog’s immunity is still intact after nine years, with no boosters. That is significant since most states require a booster every three years. A similar five year study was already done in France and published in 1992. Meanwhile dogs continue to suffer from over-vaccination and all the side effects. Please refer to this webpage for more details on the Rabies Challenge and some of the known dog ailments caused by the rabies vaccine.

Unknown is the number of these over-vaccinated dogs who have bitten and given the vaccinosis to humans and other animals. What we do know is the bites do more than just make puncture wounds. My recommendation to my clients is to treat their dog immediately after any vaccine with the appropriate remedy or remedies that will reduce side effects and then to keep a close eye on their pet for any unusual illnesses or behaviors. If they see any, I suggest they seek homeopathic treatment for their pet as quickly as possible.

As alarming as the potential of zoonotic infection of rabies vaccinosis from a dog bite might be, it can be treated and more importantly it can be prevented. For the love of the dog, homeopathic treatment should be considered with any canine vaccinations as it will help to avoid any vaccine side effects that may happen.

LYSSIN (hydrophobinum)

Mind: feeling of being tormented by someone on whom he depends.

Critical, abusive. AGGRESSIVE.

FEARS: claustrophobia, being alone, water.

Acts like a raving dog. Destructive. Violent. Biting. Kicking.

Acute senses: noise, light, odors, [touch], etc.

Compulsive disorders. Mania. Psychosis.

AGG. Hearing or seeing running water. Liquids.

AGG. Glistening objects, mirrors. Light. Sun.

Aversion: water.

Ailments from rabies vaccine.

(from Schroyens Synthesis, Treasure Edition Vet)

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Jeanie Notti-Fullerton, cHom, has had a 30 year long interest in alternative medicine and the healing arts. She graduated from the Homeopathy School International in Boulder, Colorado in 2007 and immediately opened her private practice, 21st Century Homeopathy, in Hamilton, Montana. She happily works with people at all levels of mis-tunement and has the joy of working with almost an equal number of animals. She is a native Montanan who enjoys the world of nature and is fascinated by the doctrine of signatures in homeopathy. She is also an author and artist who published a book about a dog she rescued, The Providential Doberman, available at

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