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Recurrent Laryngitis in a Man of 31

Written by Chaitra Raju

Dr. Chaitra Raju shares a case of recurrent laryngitis in a man of 31. His loquacity, hacking cough and expectoration led to a plant berry remedy belonging to the Liliaceae family.

Mr. G., aged 31 years, who works as a security guard, was diagnosed with recurrent laryngitis (Homeopathy Treatment for Laryngitis) that he experienced for the last year. His symptoms last for a week or two. They are better after conventional painkillers and mucolytics but the episodes recur after 15 to 20 days, which is why he came to us for homeopathic treatment.

C/O Complaints of hoarse voice since last 2 weeks. Painless. Associated with cough which is hacking in nature, with green mucoid expectoration, especially in the morning after rising. He has a sensation of pressure at the root of his nose, and a stuffed feeling and fullness.

Dryness of throat with sensation as if something struck in the throat. No thirst. Feels tongue is enlarged and cannot keep it inside his mouth. Feels tongue is ejecting out of his mouth. Tongue is coated white.

LSI –  Life space investigation

Patient is working as a security guard for a residential apartment. He had been living alone for the last two years. He is the only child of parents who live in Nepal.  He stated that he had a good, calm childhood and otherwise nothing significant in his past history. His complaints started a year ago, after he started living alone in Bangalore. His hoarseness and cough are on and off persisting for a week or two, better after mucolytics and recurring after 20-30 days.

He said he feels very bored at his job. He came to make money for a few years and return back to his home and help his parents. He says there is no physical work and just sitting all day he feels all alone. He has started talking to himself to make the time pass. He is loquacious, talks nonstop when asked about his complaints, and then talks to himself even after answering. He changes topics constantly in a kind of mania. His conversation is irrelevant, unfocused, confusing.  He has dreams of solitude, and wakes disturbed after dreaming of himself alone in an isolated place.

He consumes Betelnut. He has an aversion to milk which smells foul to him.

ANALYSIS- (repertorisation chart attached)

MIND-loquacious, keeps speaking as if insane, talking mania

GARRULOUS, LOQUACITY – which began after living alone

COUGH-hacking- morning-mucus – rising after

EXPECTORATION- MUCUS – greenish -in the morning


PARIS QUADRIFOLIA 200 ONE DOSE  (prepared by the potentisation of the plant berry belonging to the Liliaceae family) The patient was asked to report after 2 weeks.

Follow up after 2 weeks:  He states that he feels good, no hoarseness of voice, sleep is good. He is asked to report after 2 months.

Follow up after 2 months:  He thanked us that his complaints have vanished and not recurred in the 2 months.  He sleeps well now and feels dynamic.

Follow up:  The patient visited us after four months and the complaints had not returned. He looks composed and speaks clearly now.

About the author

Chaitra Raju

Dr. Chaitra Gangaraju Avinash (BHMS, MS(C&P) PGDHHM), completed her BHMS in 2008 from Government Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore with honors. She pursued a Masters in counselling and psychotherapy from Kuvempu University under the guidance of Dr. Ashok Pai. She did two years of practice as a Homeopathic Medical Officer from 2008 to 2010 in Government District Hospital, Davangere, Karnataka. Dr. Gangaraju began private practice in 2010 and also worked under Dr. A. Ramdas and Dr. A. N. Sundaresh who are homeopathic stalwarts in Karnataka, India. She works with patients to find out why they are ill in the first place, and then clearing the blocks and obstacles to optimum health and vitality.

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