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Renal Calculi in a Woman Of 45

renal calculi

Dr. Vitain Gosain treats a woman of 45 for renal calculi. The symptoms of her being hot and thirsty for large quantities,right sided problem, intolerance to heat and sun and dryness of mucous membrane led to the simillimum.

This is a case of right sided renal calculi measuring 4.95mm, in a female of 45 years. The patient came to see me on 20th April, 2018. She presented with dull pain in right flank since three days, associated with nausea, bloating and pain in calves. She had been having pain off and on for a month and came to me when the pain had increased.

Other symptoms were:  Sensation of burning and dryness in va-gina and urethra, with a feeling as if pepper has been spread over the area.  Burning sensation in stomach.  Occasional episodes of breathlessness.  Palpitations <exertion  Blockage of right nostril < change of temperature.  Right sided headaches <sun ,< coffee ,>pressure  Dryness of mouth.  Right sided sciatica < bending forwards, <walking, >standing,  > Typhoid – 10Ørest.

PAST HISTORY:plmonary tuberculosis (right lung),appendectomy,recurrent urinary and vaginal infections, Dengue.

PHYSICAL GENERALS:  Appetite: voracious eater. Desires sour, spicy, dark chocolates, coffee, wine. Thirst is unquenchable for large quantities of cold water.Wakes up with a parched mouth at night. Sweats:  face, chest, back.

Stool- D1-2; constipated mostly; ineffectual urging with hard stools. Urine- frequent and ineffectual urging; urine trickles when she attempts to pass it; dark coloured urine; dysuria with bloated feeling in abdomen; increased frequency at night. Sleeps on back, refreshing. Thermal reaction- HOT / Side affinity- Right


Hobbies- Working out in the gym, travelling, trekking, reading.

Menses: Cycle- 30-35 days, last 3-4 days PMS- pain in the region of right ovary.Bloating and pain in legs.

Fear of darkness ,Loves nature and thunderstorms. Desire to buy food articles even when not hungry.

Palms warm and sweaty.

PRESCRIPTION BRYONIA ALBA (in ascending LM potencies).

BASIS OF PRESCRIPTION Hot and thirsty for large quantities. Right sided Intolerance to heat and sun.Dryness of mucous membrane. Gourmand. On observation it was seen that the patient was holding the painful part and was walking very carefully so as to avoid any sudden and jerky movement. During the case taking itshe reported that she could not drive the car fast as any jerk caused by a bumpy road would aggravate her pains.

The patient was treated with Bryonia from April 20th, 2018 and was tested for the second time on July 3, 2018, when it was found there were no longer any calculi.  In addition, dysuria improved, vaginal dryness and burning improved, urine did not trickle any longer, sciatica was much better and she rarely got any episode of pain.

Also, no headaches

Before Treatment

After Treatment

About the author

Vitan Gosain

Vitan Gosain received his BHMS one year ago from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College (Delhi University). Now there are two homeopaths in his family, as his father Dr. Bimal Gosain is also a homoeopathic physician, practicing for the last 30 years. Vitan has been sitting in on cases with his father regularly for the last five years. He also learned from Dr. L.M. Khan of Calcutta.


  • Thank you for sharing this case with us. It is interesting to see that even kidney stones dissapear with the right chosen remedy.

  • Thank you Dr. for sharing a very informative request is please try to send pathological cases like Fibroid Uterus from your clinic if any. thank you very very much once again.

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