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Reversing Diabetes : Not a Dream Anymore

From his own successes, Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi views homeopathy as an effective option in treating diabetes.

Introduction:  The world health organization (W.H.O. ) estimated there were 170,000,000 diabetics in the year 2000 worldwide. It stated that the number will reach 347,000,000 by 2030. More than 80% of people with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries. Type 2 Diabetic patients have to take anti-diabetic oral agents or Insulin as long as they live, according to conventional medicine. However Dr.S. Hahnemann announced in his book titled “Chronic Diseases”, that the divine method of homeopathy can cure patients with chronic conditions and diseases. I believe so.

Analysis of my diabetic patients: I have been dealing with about 110 diabetics during the last four years. Eighty percent of those who have followed my method of treatment for more than 3 months have experienced inner calmness, increased energy to do their routine work, and lowered level of FBS. One of my patients, a lady aged 64 became medicine free for two months, having normal FBG and blood pressure after taking Nux-v. and Sulph. She is now 69 and still under treatment with oral anti-diabetic drugs and homeopathic remedies. Her need for the oral agents has decreased by 50% and she has become much more hopeful and very energetic.

Dr. M. B. aged 69, graduated from one of the Austrian Universities as a Chemist. He has positive family history of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Because of mouth dryness and urinary frequency he underwent a fasting blood glucose (FBG) and turned out to be diabetic with a FBG of 330 mg/dl.

Since he was a chemist and was afraid of chemical medicines, he started following a strict diet and made an effective exercise plan. This should be the first step in treating diabetic patients in conventional medicine, but in practice they are neglected and prescribing oral agents is considered as the first step.

The patient met the author at the Al Mahdi Charity Clinic in Tehran, on 8th Aug. 2012 with FBG of 234 mg/dl. A thorough case taking was done and 20 drops of Lycopodium 30c from the first glass, was prescribed as the proper remedy. He took a single dose of the remedy. In his 2nd appointment he showed much  improvement emotionally; he felt more comfortable and relaxed than before and about ten other symptoms including FBG of 95 mg/dl improved remarkably .  The last time he was visited at the clinic he had FBG of 116 without strict diabetic diet and lots of stress at his office. The number is not considered diabetic according to the W.H.O., even though it is a pre-diabetic state. He was instructed to follow a diabetic diet and took another dose of Lycopodium 200c in liquid form. He is supposed to be visited monthly for a year to be sure of complete cure and reversal of diabetes mellitus type 2.

Conclusion: Type 2 diabetes is considered a life-long chronic condition and patients have to take anti-diabetic agents in conventional medicine. However,  promising results have been observed by me in the affected people. Homeopathic literature shows complete cure in 15% of cases and remarkable improvement in 85% of diabetics. I have experienced an improvement of 80% of my diabetic patients. Randomized clinical trials are suggested to assess the efficacy of homeopathic remedies to help more than 300,000,000 people worldwide with an effective and holistic method of healing.

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About the author

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:


  • Dear Trevor

    As a Medical Doctor for more than 25 years and starting studying and practicing Homeopathic Medicine during the last 5 years, I have observed many unbelievable cures in my patients with chronic disorders.
    According to Dr. S. Hahnemann in his book titled “Chronic Diseases” Homeopathy is the great gift of God”. Homeopathy enhances one’s own self-healing mechanisms and body itself starts healing.
    In fact one of the most prominent effects of using proper homeopathic remedy is healing chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus.

    With the Best Wishes,

  • Dear Dr. Sadeghi,
    Kindly present a paper on your approach to totality…what is your method of treatment? Look forward to hear from you.
    bests wishes

  • Dear sir,
    I must congratulate for your excellent article entitled “REVERSING DIABETES; NOT A DREAM ANYMORE”where in you have rightly emphasized the importance of strict diet and exercise.
    Being a homoeopath, I am much interested in your article.I hope your reply to the comments on your
    article with confidence will certainly encourage them to practice the homoeo treatment boldly.
    I expect more such articles in this esteemed ezine. Thank you sir.

    • Dear Valerian

      Thank you for your interest in knowing more on how to reverse the diabetes with homeopathy. I have authored a book on the subject that is about to be published.

      I have observed the efficacy of Classical Homeopathic Method in my patients. Dr. Hahnemann’s “Chronic Diseases” is a priceless book that shows us the most effective method of healing patients with chronic conditions e.g. diabetes mellitus.

      With the Best Wishes and Kind Regards,


      • Dear R.C.TAMILSELVAN

        Thank you for your promoting comment. The main reason I believe in homeopathy by heart is observing so many powerful results of homeopathic remedies in my patients with acute and chronic diseases and in myself.

        During the last 5 years my family and I have mainly used homeopathic remedies to heal our various conditions. My belief in this divine method of healing will never fade.

        With the Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,

  • Dear Dr.Sadeghi,
    Your article is for lay people whom you want to enlighten about the supremacy and efficacy of Homeopathy over other conventional systems of medicine. But the danger is they will try Lachesis for Diabetes, thinking that it is specific for Diabetes, which is not correct. Homeopathy philosophy is “Treat the patient not the disease”.

    Would you kindly give us the symptoms of the patient on which you selected Lachesis, potency and dosage used.

    Thanks & with Best Wishes,
    Naidu K P

  • Dear Naidu K P

    Of course you mean Lycopodium, the remedy I prescribed for the patient in this paper. I agree with you that patients should be healed not the disease. That’s why I prescribed Lyc. for him. His main rubrics were as follows:

    MIND – ANGER – easily
    STOMACH – APPETITE – ravenous
    MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence
    MIND – ACTIVITY; desires
    MIND – COMPANY – desire for
    SLEEP – POSITION – side; on – right side; on
    GENERALS – OLD AGE – old people
    BLADDER – URINATION – frequent – night
    GENERALS – SIDE – right – then left side

    With the Best Wishes,


  • Dear Doctor.
    Kindly share your method of treatments with us. I think it will be useful for all of us
    Best wishes.

    • Dear Mr. Mohanraj

      Thanks for your interest to know more of my method. I have tried to explain how to reverse the diabetes type 2 in my article.

      It needs a workshop to present the details for those interested in learning more practical tips.

      Kind Regards, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Sir,this. Is very useful and makes me more matirialised one to follow for learners in future

  • Sir
    Type two diabetes ,in my pesonel experience
    Almost all the patient who is suffer from type 11
    Only safe homeo treatment,

    • Dear Mr. Veeraragavan Narayanan

      Thank you for your kind comment. In fact homeopathy+proper diet and enough physical exercise can lead to complete cure in diabetics.

      I explain to my patients and suggest them to wait and follow their condition following a very simple formula; at most a month for each year of suffering from diabetes type 2.

      However this period can be shorter.

      Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Many use to say that homeopathy will not be able cure diabets. You have taken pains to prove that diabetes can be treated with homeopathy medicines. Your effort deserve appreciation from all the quarters

  • Dear Colleague S.Kalyanasundaram

    Thank you very much for your promotional comment. Indeed homeopathy is very effective in healing chronic miasmatic conditions according to our Master Dr.S.Hahnemann. As you know he says Homeopathy is the Great God’s Gift to human being in chronic conditions, in his useful book titled “”Chronic Diseases”.
    I am thankful to the almighty Lord who led me to such an effective method of healing. I have authored a book under the topic of Chronic Diseases Cured with Homeopathy”. It is about to be published. I have presented some of my patients with chronic conditions who have been partially or completely cured with Classical Homeopathy.

    Kind Regards, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Dear doctor
    I am a diabets and high Bp patient having fasting sugar level being 125-140and after food is 185-195
    BP being 90- 145 for Both the cases medicine is being taken as prescribe by my dr.
    Can i adopt 20 drops of Lycopodium 30c as prescribed byyou as above for diabet and also kindly suggest for BP
    Thanking you
    With regards

  • Dear Ramesh

    Namaskar. As you know in Classical Homeopathy for chronic conditions we CONSIDER the TOTALITY of patients and not just two or three symptoms, alone.

    I suggest you to meet a skillful homeopath in your location and make sure you’ll get better, God Willing. If any problem remains email to me to guide you through. My skype is saghanoor if you need consultation.

    Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

    • Dear sir
      Ther is no such good homeo Doctor near by
      Is there any problem in taking the dose 20 drops of Lycopodium 30c
      at my risk or less
      being a normal, sentimental, weight being 60 kg since 20 years ,appetite being normal etc
      Kindly advise
      With regards

  • I thank you for your article. I am one patient that believe in the possibility of reversing diabetics. To do this beside the diet, exercise and management of one’s emotions are critical efforts. In addition, one needs a dedicated homeopathic remedies to supplement these efforts.

    I am in Kenya and desirous of homeopathic remedy support.


  • Dear Sir,
    I am a Bangladeshi citizen.I am suffering Diabetes for 08 years.My FBS is 190 & triglyceride is 803.I have taken allopathy,ayurvedi & homeopathy .But till now not improve of diabetes & cholesterol.Would you pls provide me advice for homeopathy with dose.I am also suffering immatured ejaculation.

    i am from India and hv a FBG of 235 and PPG of 357 can u advise suitable line of homeopathic treatment

  • Gratidão pelas informações. Impressionada com a educação das pessoas que aqui comentaram. amor e luz a todos.

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