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Revisiting: A Bad Cold Threatens Kelly’s Family Christmas

Written by Elaine Lewis

Did you get the right answer to last month’s quiz? Revisiting: A Bad Cold Threatens Kelly’s Family Christmas

Does anybody remember last month’s quiz? Here it is again:

Back by popular demand, I give to you once again, the one and only, the lovely, the magnificent, and the ever-cheerful, Kelly Young, with yet another sick child.  Yeesh!

Thank you, Elaine, for that emotional introduction.  It’s great to be back here at  As always, the Hpathy audience is the greatest audience in the world!


This is the case of my 7 year old son, “Emilio Rodriguez”.  The cold and flu season arrived early this year, mocking the majesty of Christmas.  The glistening of the tree-tops, the excitement of a brisk sleigh ride through new-fallen snow, the promises of holiday cheer…

Cut!  Cut!  Cut!!!!!!!!!   Did you just say, “Emilio Rodriguez”?

Is there something wrong with that?

With a nice Irish name like Kelly, is anyone going to believe that your son is named “Emilio Rodriguez”?

So, you think I’ve gone too ethnic?

That’s OK, Kelly; all beginning homeopaths make the same mistake.

What about, “Shanahan O’Hannity”?


What about “Brady O’Brody”?  What about “Seamus McBeamish”?   What about  “Timothy Blarney O’Brien”?

Well, what about a simpler name like, “Blathmac Brickney”? 

Well, I hate to say it, Elaine, but “Blathmac Brickney” is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard!

Well, aren’t we being judgmental?  We’ll go with “Timothy Blarney O’Brien” then!

Well, fine!!!!!


And P.S., there aren’t enough flowers in my dressing room! 

So… my dear little 7-year-old, “Timothy Blarney O’Brien”, started coughing late one night, waking him from sleep.

By the next day, he was coughing more and by that night, a lot!

He was very thirsty, chilly, had no fever and was pale.  The cough was productive but not too deep.

He had a stuffy nose too.  I started Phosphorus 30c (3 doses by bedtime).

He awoke around 11:30 pm, coughing, sweating and very red faced and crying.

He had a tummy ache–passing much wind and very sensitive to light.  He had a headache.  I tried zapping the phosphorus without much luck, so, I guessed it wasn’t an aggravation.

I then gave a single dose of Belledonna 30c and he fell asleep immediately.  This is always a very good sign!  No more coughing until he awoke in the morning.  I repeated the Belladonna first thing.

Later that afternoon, I noticed him wanting to lie down more.  He was tired and said he was dizzy.  I repeated the Belladonna 30c with no improvement.  I re-thought the case, thought about the new symptoms and the fact that he was no longer thirsty.  After consulting with Elaine, my most wonderful, learned and helpful homeopath…


…and somewhat reasonably-priced, I gave _______________ 30c.

He quickly improved, dizziness and fatigue subsiding.  I continued for 2 days with ____________30c, in water, with 5 succussions (pounding the bottle) before each dose and he appears well.  Another major cold averted!!!  Thank you, homeopathy…


And Elaine!  The magic of the season is once again upon us!


So, how did we do?  There were 8 right answers out of a total 13 votes cast.  And the winner is….Yes, you guessed it, GELSEMIUM!!!!  I can’t say enough about Gelsemium… just last Saturday, I noticed that it was 1 PM and Shana was still in bed!  I found this quite odd.  I walked over to her bed side and saw an ice pack on the floor.  This could not be a good sign because Shana only goes to get ice packs if there’s something wrong.  Also, since I didn’t see her get it, it meant she got it early in the morning while I was out, meaning she had been awake for hours, not coming out, not wanting company, not complaining, so right away you have a clue as to the mental state–indifference/apathy.  

I said to her, “What’s wrong?”  She looked “not present”, dull, a bit distressed.  She said her legs hurt/ached.  Around here, that always means the flu!  I got Gelsemium 1M right away and gave it to her.  Forty-five minutes later I went back in to check on her.  “Hey mom, can we go to the bookstore?” she said.

“Hey, you’re better!” I said.  Well, we never looked back!  That was the end of “the flu”!  Do you realize that could have been the beginning of a week-long illness?  She’d have missed school, I don’t even want to think about it!  Luckily, with homeopathy, you don’t have to!

When you think of Gelsemium, think of the flu; think of apathy, think of chills, thirstlessness, headache, weakness, sleepiness, shakiness, trembliness, dizziness, the “droopy-eyed” look.  They may answer all your questions with, “Huh?” or half-finished sentences, because they’re a bit stuporous; making an effort to think is just too much for them.  You may see frequent urination which seems to help them feel better.

So, here are some of the comments from our readers who got the right answer:


Dear Elaine,
The remedy given was Gelsemium, as the patient was tired, lethargic, dizzy and thirstless.
Dr. S.R.Sudarshan.


Hi Elaine,

The remedy coming to my mind is nothing but our very special GELSEMIUM.
Its known for dullness, dizziness & thirstlessness with all its complaints so also is in the case.



Hi Elaine,

I think the remedy is gelsemium.  The tired feeling combined with thirstlessness, and vertigo shows gelsemium in bold.

God bless,
LuAnn Batt


So, congratulations to our fantastic winners: Bonnie Kacher, Joyce Allenberg, Krauke Kuchenbecker, LuAnn Batt, Anca T., Banaras Khan, Shefali and Dr. S.R. Sudarshan.


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom.  Elaine takes online cases. Visit her website at:

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