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Revisiting: And Now For Something Completely Different

Written by Elaine Lewis

What do our remedies say?

Who here missed last month’s quiz?  Oh wait, I see a hand going up.
Make that two hands.  OK, now I see three hands.  There’s a 4th.  And there
goes number 5.  Six, seven and eight….  Alright, why don’t you just admit
that none of you saw last month’s quiz!  So here it is again:

Hi everybody! If you’re anything like me (and I’m sure most of you are!) you are getting sick and tired of the same old quizzes, month after month, year after year!

Mom, does this mean we’ve run out of patients?

Shana in blue tank top

Shana, do I look like I’ve run out of patients?

You said last night…. “Shana, I have just about run out of patients!”

Patience, Shana, Patience! I’ve run out of patience!

That’s what I just said!

I give up!
Now, as I was saying, we are going to do something different this time!


You know what book I admire? Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman’s

Homeopathic Self-Care.

Do you know why?  Judyth includes a section that I think is very helpful; namely,
“What Do They Say?”

In other words, what does the Bryonia patient say?  What does the Kali bic patient say?  What does the Arnica patient say? and so on.  I thought of this because of last month’s quiz, where the solution seemed to be dependent on something Shana said, namely, “I’m afraid to move.”  

So, in that spirit, I would like you all to tell me what the following remedies say.  Use your imagination and come up with whatever might help us recognize these remedies in a sick patient.  OK?  Here we go:

1. Arnica
2. Gelsemium
3. Bryonia
4. Rhus tox
5. Belladonna
6. Arsenicum
7. Nux vomica
8. Kali bichromicum
9. Nat-mur.
10. Veratrum alb.

Send your answers to me at [email protected]
and I’ll see you here next month for the answers.


Well, gang, I know you’re dying to see the results; so, let’s get started!  Our first entry is from…a person.  Oh, wait!  It’s Maria!

Hi Elaine,
The most remedy sayings I am familiar with are from your articles.


I couldn’t come up with something for Kali bich.  So here we go with some of them:

Arnica: Oh I am fine! (though after a serious injury or illness)
zzzzzzzz…..The square root of 189756 is XXXX
….zzzzzzzzz (he is dazed but answers correctly and then sinks back
to dazed state)

That’s amazing!  Arnica can do square roots?  I need to give
that to Shana!

And Arnica also says….Don’t touch me!

Arsenicum: Please, don’t leave me alone!  Can’t you just sit with me a little
more??  I am scared!

Belladonna: URRRRGGGHHHH!!!  Pow!!!  (just hit the nurse)

I’m sure she had it coming!

Bryonia:  Leave me alone!
( quiet, he is not answering because it causes pain) I can’t move!  Shut down the light!

Gelsesium:   “Huh….?”

Nux vomica:  QUIET!!!  Where is the @#$% water I asked you for 30 seconds

N’ n’ n’ n’ no, Maria.
Nux vomica wouldn’t wait 30 seconds!  Maybe 3 seconds! 

Natrum Muriaticum: I would feel better if I could be near the sea!

No, no, no!  They feel WORSE at the sea!  You can imagine why.  Nat-mur is salt, and the sea air is salty; so, if similars repel….you can see that the sea shore and Nat-mur would be fighting each other. 

Rhus tox: I can’t rest! I must move!  What medicine is that?  I hope you don’t want to poison me!

Veratrum Album: I am freezing!!!!!!


And there you have it!  Thank you, Maria.  Shall we move on to our next contestant?  Here we have
the ever-popular, Eva The Picklet!

1. Arnica: ” Never mind those guts on the bed (which feels too hard, by the way), I’m fine!”

2. Gelsemium: “It all started when I heard that I had to perform the Shaker’s part in ‘Fear and Trembling’ tonight.
Excuse me, I just have to run to the toilet and then wipe up that drink I

“I wish people would just leave me alone!  No, I can’t move!  I just have to lean my poor engorged boobies against this wall.”

4. Rhus tox.: “Be with you in a moment, when I come past here again on my rounds running around the house!”

5. Belladonna: “What do you mean, my head feels burning hot!?  Touch me again and I’ll bite you!

6. Arsenicum: “Oh, I am so glad you came, sorry sorry, can you just hold my hot water bottle while I wipe up this minuscule smudge you left on my floor?”

7. Nux Vomica: “For #$^@!’s sake, what do you mean, cut back on my alcohol consumption?  Working at my sort of level, I need it!  And anyway, how else am I going to deal with all those bimbos after a hot curry?”

8 Kali bich: “These pains are exactly here and here, just the size of my finger.  Oh, and I have a new hobby, I plait
these lovely yellow ropes from my tenacious yellow nasal discharge and weave them into doormats.”

9. Nat mur: “…And forty-three years ago she said this terrible thing about me, so obviously that was the end of
my relationship with my mother.  Cry?  Well, that’s alright for some, I am not the weak type.  And anyway, she never put enough salt in my food.”

10. Veratrum alb.: “I should not have gone there, they did tell me that was a cholera area.  But, you see, as the
Great Returned Prophet of Boo-Hoo-Hoo, I should have been immune.  You may rise now and clean off that divine projectile vomit from the opposite wall
– thank you.”

And that was Eva the Picklet, ladies and gentlemen!  Very entertaining, no?  A bit unusual, but so is this section of the ezine! 

And now, for our next contestant, we have the fabulous Helen Sebastian-Pace:

Hi Elaine

This was quite fun. I can’t quite get everything
into a phrase I’m happy with – some a lot easier than others.

Arnica – No I’m fine, send the Dr. home.

Gelsemium – leave me alone. (They don’t want anyone around them. )

Bryonia – I don’t want to move. Just leave me with some water. (Actually they probably won’t even answer you as even talking aggravates them)

Rhus tox – I’m so restless and uncomfortable.

Belladonna – I feel like my head may burst.

Arsenicum – I’m scared of being sick, I’m scared of being poisoned, and I’m scared of dying.

Nux vomica – If I could just <be sick/pass a stool> I’d feel better.

Kali bichromicum – Sorry, can’t break the rules, that’s more than my job’s worth.

Nat-mur. – I can’t forget about that time….

Veratrum alb. – Don’t contradict me.

Helen Sebastian-Pace


Thank you, Helen!!!!  
And now for the ever-popular, Dr. Nishita Gupta!  Let’s hear it!

Hi elaine,

This is surely an interesting one……….so
here I go with answer to it……

1. Arnica-is very sensitive to touch….so will try to maintain a good amount of distance from everyone and will not
allow anyone to touch or come nearby.

2. Gelsemium – this person will always be very anxious and in anticipation
whenever preparing for a meeting or going to church which will generally lead
to diarrohea.

3. Bryonia- does not want to talk to anyone or even move….just wants to
sit in the place he is sitting and does not want to move.

4. Rhus tox -this person is always restless and wants to keep moving always.
Also, complaints are better by continued movement. Has fear of being poisoned.

5. Belladonna-this patient can be recognised physically as is always red,
hot with burning sensation to an extent that the physician will withdraw the
hand on touching him. Mentally he will be very violent as there is turmoil
in brain.

6. Arsenicum -this patient will always maintain cleanliness both internally
and externally. Patient has fear of death and feels his disease is fatal and
there is no use taking medicines.

7. Nux vomica- this person always wants everything in order… very ardent
and cannot bear any indiscipline in work, is very punctual with all his work
and expects the same from others, oversensitive to cold.

8. Kali bichromicum -the main keynote to recognize this remedy is by its discharges
which are tough, stringy, ropy. The pains are shifting in nature.

9. Nat-mur.- person will be emaciated in spite of eating well…….has craving
for salt extraordinarily……and has bad effects of grief……..also has
mapped tongue.

10. Veratrum alb.- has profuseness of all discharges …..also has trio of
deliriums, ie. delirium of lasciviousness, religious mania and violent mania….also
has craving for cold refreshing fluids.

Regards ,

nishita gupta


Anonymous writes:

1.  Arnica – Don’t touch me

2.  Gelsemium  – while holding tightly to the arms of the chair, “I’m so afraid of losing control”

3.  Bryonia  -I don’t want to move

4.  Rhus tox – Once I start to move, I’m good.

5.  Belladonna  -Lemonade will make it better

6.  Arsenicum -I feel like I’ve been poisoned

7.  Nux vomica -Too much, just way too much

8.  Kali bichromicum – Step by step I keep up with the family routine

9.  Nat-mur. -I just want to be alone to think about it

10.  Veratrum alb. -with large bottle of ice water in hand, “I’ll pray for you”


Hi Elaine!

Hope you are fine,

I had much trouble in finding the sayings
of remedies, maybe most of my findings were wrong, I am waiting for your correct
answer.  My struggle is given bellow


“I dont want you doctor, I did not send for you”

“I am not sick, I do not need a doctor”

“Dont touch me, my body is so sore”

“Bed feels so hard as if made of wood”


“If I move the heart will stop beating”


“Give me a glass full of water” and  “even slightest movement make me worse”

4.Rhus tox:

“I feel very restless , I never find rest even in bed, I must move”

“My jaws crack while chewing”


“It burns so doctor, it burns so”

“Dont make noise, turn off the light, dont touch me and don’t touch my bed”

“Here is a monster, here is a big black ghost”


“I think I must die, doctor! there is no use of your coming, I am going to die”

“I’m always worse in the cold”,
(but when his headache is on he says:) “I am better in the cold”

“I am very thirsty but drink little at a time”

7.Nux vomica:

“I go to toilet frequently but am not satisfied, only a little stool comes out at each attempt. I feel some stool remained unexpelled”

8.Kali bi:

sorry I could not find any saying about this remedy.

(You could really just make something
up based on what you know about the remedy, like, “My sinuses are killing
me!”  “My nose is running AND it’s stopped up!”  “I can’t
breathe through my nose!”  “I’ve got a sinus headache.”)

How about this?  “My arthritis pain moves from here
to here to here to here….”

9.Nat mur:

“If anyone is present, I cannot pass urine, I cannot pass it in a public place”

10.Veratrum alb:

“I feel coldness and weakness”, “I feel a lump of ice on head”

“I have violent thirst for cold water or ice but it is vomited as soon as swallowed”



Thank you, Maryam, that was very good!  And last but not least, there’s me!


1. Arnica–“I’m fine, no really.”

2. Gelsemium–“What?  Do I want what?  Huh?  I don’t know.  I’m so cold!!!!!”

3. Bryonia– “I’m stuck!  I can’t move!”

4. Rhus tox–“I felt much better in the hot shower!”

5. Belladonna–“Ouch!  Don’t bump into me like that!”

6. Arsenicum–“Please don’t go!”

7. Nux vomica–“Quiet!!!!!!!!”

8. Kali bichromicum–“My nose is completely stopped up!”

9. Nat-mur.–“No, nothing, I don’t need any help, no, I’m fine, thanks anyway.”

10. Veratrum alb.–“I’m feeling faint, can I have some ice water?”


Let’s congratulate our lovely winners!



Dr. Nishita Gupta

Helen Sebastian-Pace

Eva the Picklet

Maria Theodorou

See you next time here again at the Hpathy Quiz!

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