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Revisiting: Anxiety With Vertigo

All her life she’s had anxiety. Did you figure out what homeopathic remedy our quiz patient needed?

Mom, don’t look now, but, it’s time for the quiz!

Is that soooo?

Yes, that is soooo! But before we get started, I thought I’d announce a very special anniversary.

This better have nothing to do with “The Brave Little Toaster” or “The Muppets”, Shana!

Well, Mom, I do kinda have a Muppet announcement ….

I knew it!!!!

But first of all, 40 years ago this month, Barbra Streisand released “Guilty” which was the album produced by Barry Gibb.

Oh. OK. I can live with that.

Due to the backlash the Bee Gees were facing because of their string of record-breaking number-1 hits (a year later they would come back with “Living Eyes”, then wouldn’t make another album again until “ESP” in 1987)…

Shana! Get back on track! You’re disappearing down a rabbit hole of trivia again! And PS, “Living Eyes” was a disaster!

I know, Mom, geez! Anyway, Barry and his brothers produced albums for other artists and Miss Streisand was one of them.

Great. Is that it? Do you have anything else to say?

Here is a clip of Barbra performing “Guilty” in 1986 (it sounds like Barry’s background vocal, “It oughta be illegal…”, in the first half of the song was pre – recorded, but he eventually does join Barbra on stage to perform their other duet “What Kind of Fool”, which happens to be my favorite).

Thanks for that long-winded clarification!

I present to you now, the one and only, Miss Barbra Streisand and Sir Barry Gibb!


Shana, I’ve gotta hand it to you, that clip was worth the price of admission! Is there a “Death Report” this month?

Is there a “Death Report”? That is an understatement! Mom, I can’t believe how backed-up the death report is!


So many of our “friends” have died!


Sadly, I must announce that actor Chadwick Boseman, who stunningly portrayed The Godfather Of Soul, James Brown, in the bio-pic “Get On Up”, passed away last month. He was only 42. Apparently he had colon cancer. “Get On Up”, which came out in 2014, was produced by Mick Jagger.

I knew it! I knew it! No matter what we’re talking about, it always comes back to Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones!!!!!

Well this time, Mom, it’s kind of relevant!

Sure it is! Though I must say, finding an actor to play James Brown seems so implausible that probably Mick Jagger deserves credit for casting Chadwick Boseman.

One of the men pictured below is James Brown, and the other is Chadwick Boseman; I can’t tell which is which!

I’m guessing Chadwick Boseman is on the right, but only because it’s in color, otherwise I would swear it was James Brown. Below, one of The Godfather’s biggest hits, “Cold Sweat”, is acted out by Chadwick Boseman. Great job, man, you nailed it!

Now, Mom, you know how much I love the Muppets, right?

Really? You like the Muppets? I had no idea!

Sadly this month we lost “Lady Holiday”, played by actress Diana Rigg, at age 82.

She starred in “The Great Muppet Caper” as the woman with—“The Fabulous Baseball Diamond!” (the one her irresponsible brother Nicky Holiday stole). See Nicky and Lady Holiday above, along with Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and Gonzo.

Oh for heaven’s sake! Shana, the Muppets aren’t real people! Geez, she’s introducing them; now I’ve heard of everything!

I loved this movie when I was younger, too bad I don’t have it anymore….

What do you mean you don’t have it anymore???

I should probably buy it again.

What??? OK, everybody, please enjoy this clip of “The Great Muppet Caper” featuring Miss Piggy and model agency owner, Diana Rigg as Lady Holiday. (Shana, you and I will talk later!)


Next we’ve also sadly lost Ronnie Bell, a founding member and lead singer of the funk/disco/soul group, Kool and the Gang, famous for songs like “Celebration” and “Ladies Night.”

Ronald Bell was 68 and he produced and wrote their songs. Apparently he was the tenor saxophone player as well. Also, random fact, one of their lesser known songs, “Dance Champion”, was used in the soundtrack of the movie “Ruthless People”, starring Bette Midler. It’s a very funny movie and people should see it! “Dance Champion” is also a pretty OK song for a B-side, not to mention Mick Jagger…

Mick Jagger???? Did you just say Mick Jagger—again????

…sings the “Ruthless People” theme song in the opening credits.

No one cares, Shana! Look, why don’t you help me by coming up with a fictitious name for our Quiz patient? She was a model too.

Then, in honor of Diana Rigg, we should call her “Lady Holiday”!

Lady Holiday it is!


Hello Elaine,

Hello Lady Holiday!

I am considering a consultation,

That’s great!

I am not under the care of a homeopath, but have been self-treating based on information I’ve gathered from classes and online research. My main complaints are vertigo and anxiety. The anxiety happens mostly while driving but not limited to that. Since I haven’t had much luck with curing the anxiety, I decided to move on to the vertigo. To my surprise Conium 6c has completely changed that for me,

Wow! Good for you! How did you land on Conium?

Well, I had a list of remedies to try, I started with Cocculus, and Conium was next in line. I am currently taking 6c twice per day for about 2 weeks now. I do not have the room spinning type of vertigo, though I’ve had that in the past. It is just a general brain fog, buzzed feeling. Since starting Conium, I no longer experience that in the day. I do sometimes still feel a little dizzy when laying in the bed at night.

Do you think that Conium has stopped working because the dizziness in bed lingers on? Or do you think it’s still working and you’re slowly getting better?

I am definitely slowly getting better. The only thing that I still have a problem with is the anxiety. For the most part, I feel good throughout the day, but I’m still not where I want to be in terms of driving. I do not have a fear of driving, but I fear how I feel when I’m driving. If I have to go somewhere that is out of my comfort zone, it completely stresses me out.

It is more of a distance thing, rather than a new place. I do not have a fear of getting lost. I do think that I would still experience it while doing other things out of my comfort zone, such as a crowded bus/train because the same feeling also happened while I was traveling by plane a couple of years ago. I have no problems with taking walks, around my neighborhood, not sure how I would feel about venturing further out than that. This leads me to believe that there is more to it than just driving.

In that case, you really need your constitutional case taken. I’ll send you the questionnaire.


Hi Elaine,

Hi Lady Holiday!

I’ve attached the questionnaire.

OK, great!

Please forgive any grammatical errors…

Grammatical errors??? Did you say grammatical errors? OMG! This is going to set off the alarm!!!!

I’m not a writer…

You’re not a writer too???? Dear God! Shh!!!! Don’t say anything, I doubt that anyone will notice!

Homeopathic Questionnaire for Adults

Name: Lady Holiday


Phone number:

Email Address: ****

Age: 38

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5’7″

Gender (male or female): female

Occupation: Independent Consultant (work from home)

Date: 9-3-2020



  1. Chief complaint–

Anxiety – more specifically while driving, but generally a more anxious type overall. I’ve explained all of what is going on in my emails.

Vertigo – as discussed, this is currently not a huge issue since starting on Conium 6c in RSB.

  1. Do you know what caused your complaint (s)?

I am not sure what caused the issue. I’ve had some form of anxiety for as long as I can remember. Starting with social anxiety and developing into anxiety while driving, feeling overwhelmed at home, etc. The driving anxiety comes and goes, but now happens more often than not. During the most recent time it started about 4 years ago when I was stressed from motherhood. I have two children and my first child had health issues from food allergies and eczema. So we had a lot to deal with in those early years.

  1. What aggravates your complaint (s)?

Loud noise

Not drinking enough water

Being overly tired.

Being hot

Being indoors too long without going out

  1. What makes the complaint better

Fresh air, outside

Showering (hot showers)


  1. At what time of the day or night are you at your worst? Conversely, when are you at your best?

Definitely worse in the evening and night. Though I usually feel better once everyone is sleeping and I am able to just relax for the night. This generally means watching a tv show, reading/researching, or playing a game on my phone. I’ve also been known to bake late at night because I just enjoy doing it.

Better when I first wake in morning/ during the day.

  1. What symptom or symptoms come with the complaint, if any?

Anxiety: shallow breathing, sweating, feeling like I need to go the bathroom (loose bowels). Chest feels tight.

Vertigo: Just a buzzed feeling, as if had alcohol. Feels like rocking on a boat sometimes.

I do have nausea out of the blue from time to time, but I do not really relate it to the vertigo.

  1. Do you have an issue around weather or environment?

I do not notice any difference from season to season.

  1. Is there a position that’s aggravating?

Vertigo: laying on my sides tends to cause me to feel the dizziness, but laying on my back is worse. Interestingly, I have no problems laying on my back during the night while sleeping or when I first wake in the morning.

  1. Do you tend to be chilly or warm?

Warm – but I do not like air blowing directly on me. And I tend to like the room warm unless I’m going to sleep, then it must be cold. When the room is cold, I like a big heavy comforter to sleep under.

  1. Are there parts of you that are colder or warmer; such as, cold feet, cold hands, cold nose, etc.?

In the winter, I notice my feet are really cold especially at night. I like to sleep with a weighted blanket on them at night, this is regardless of season. I will eventually get hot, but I still like to keep them covered. If I’m feeling cold, it is usually my bottom half that is the coldest. If I’m feeling warm/hot it is my upper body.

  1. Tell me about perspiration if you consider it a problem

I do not consider it a problem, as it isn’t excessive and its really hot here in the South. I tend to sweat more in my chest area, and sometimes back. Usually only when I’m out in the sun.

  1. Have a look at your tongue and tell me what it looks like–for instance, coated, cracked, indented edges, etc..

Easier for me to send a photo.



  1. Describe your nature.

Introverted, a little shy. I tend to stay to myself, unless I feel really comfortable with someone. I gravitate more to those who talk alot, and then I usually feel more comfortable and eventually talk quite a bit as well. I’m also picky about things. I’m picky about what I’ll eat as well as who I’ll hang around. I’ve also been told I’m kind of bossy. Even though I’m shy, I’d rather lead than follow.

  1. When you’re not occupied, what thoughts come to mind?

What am I going to cook/bake next?

Why do I still feel the way I feel?

Will I ever get better?

I have to be strong for my children.

How will life be for my children in this world?

Usually I’m also just thinking about what I need to do next in terms of dinner/ house work/ work etc…

  1. What makes you very happy?


People enjoying the food I make.

Helping others with health issues.

  1. What part or parts of your life should never have happened?

My parents went away for a weekend, while I was in High School and I went out with some friends and drank alcohol for the first time. I ended up being very drunk to the point of almost having alcohol poisoning. I was so hard on myself for a very long time because I really felt like I let my parents down. It was a big ordeal because my family is well known in my small hometown and I’m from a very strict christian family. Needless to say, I was the talk of the town for a while because I was known as “the good kid” who would never do anything like that. I also think that is why I’m so private now about everything.

  1. What in your life makes you the most sad?

Sometimes I think about if something ever happened to me, how would my family go on. I also think about my parents getting older and one day will not be here and that makes me sad. Anything involving death and my family makes me sad.

  1. Tell me about the kind of entertainment you’re drawn to.

I enjoy watching TV as a way to wind down. Mostly reality competition shows but also dramas.

Reading message boards and forums on social media or internet.

  1. Tell me what’s peculiar about you.

I like to talk to myself, a lot. I will have a whole conversation with myself, but I do not do it in front of others.

  1. What would you like to change about yourself?

Be more outgoing.

  1. What stops you from moving forward?

Fear of failure.

  1. What are you most proud of?

My ability to adapt. I just feel like I can adapt to anything. It might be difficult, but I’ll figure out a way.

  1. What role do you play in relationships?

In friendships: I think I have a good balance with being a leader and a follower. If I wasn’t so shy, I would most definitely be the boss more often than not. I’m usually listening to people, thinking, “they have no idea what they are talking about…but okay”. People more often come to me for advice. I do not usually ask anyone for anything, unless absolutely necessarily.

In marriage: I usually have to remind my self to tone it down a little. I’m kind of nit-picky about how I like things, but I remind myself to compromise. It’s very hard for me to hold my tongue. I am not a person to hold grudges, so I just like say what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. Good or bad, whatever needs to be said, should be said.

  1. What happens to you over and over again? (“The story of my life”, as they say.)

Meeting people and not keeping in touch. It goes both ways, but I’m not likely to reach out either.

  1. How neat are you? Think about your home, office, room, desk, closet, kitchen, etc.?

Average, I was more of a neat freak before children. I’m more lenient now, but I feel better if my home is clean.

  1. What makes you cry?



Thinking about the driving issue.

Looking at baby photos of my children (not all the time, but more if its that time of month).

  1. What’s taking your energy away, draining you of energy?

Thinking of how I’m going to overcome my issues.

  1. What makes you angry? What do you do when you get angry?

Feeling unappreciated. I’m ready to argue, when I’m angry.

  1. Do you have an emotion that predominates?

Not sure.

  1. What fears do you have?

Flying insects


Feeling enclosed


Driving on busy highways or long stretches of highway where there isn’t an exit.

Public speaking

  1. What was your childhood like?

I grew up in a 2 parent household with 2 younger brothers. My parents were strict with me. I was still able to do many things, so it wasn’t too bad. I just couldn’t stay over a friends or attend many parties. My mother and I bickered alot, as I got older. I had a “smart mouth” and talked back alot so that was enough to get me in trouble. I never did anything crazy though, just all talk. Despite that, I enjoyed my home and family life. I have a large family and we always did things with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

I was also into modeling and pageants as a child. I won a few pageants and was able to go to a modeling competition in New York when I was 16.

Also around the time I was 16, my dad got hurt on his job and wasn’t able to work. It was a very hard time for my family. I watched my mom cry many nights and my family struggle because of this. Other family members would help out so we never went without, but I saw how this affected my parents and therefore it affected me as well. My mom had to work 2 jobs to keep us all going. The family dynamic changed a little but it got better over time.

School was different, as I got older there was this one girl who was very mean to me. She would make it known every time she was around me that she didn’t like me. There was no reason, she even stated this by saying, “I just don’t like you.” She would also tell others about her disdain for me. This went on from Jr. High through High school. I never told my parents about this, I’m not sure why. I think I felt embarrassed. There were time I wanted to die, because of how she treated me at school. I was someone who wanted everyone to like me, so this was really hurtful.

I had friends, but I never really felt like I was being myself. I think this has alot to do with how I am today, with hardly letting people in. I don’t trust people and it takes alot for me to open up. I also feel like people are looking at me, or I have to be at my best because people are watching. I still had a good teenage life, and I did alot of things that I am very happy about and have alot of great memories from that time. That whole incident was just a stain that was always in my mind during that time.

  1. What bothers you most in other people?

People that do not keep their word.

People that go on and on about themselves.

  1. What causes the most problems in your relationships

I really do not have any problems with anyone.

In the past, I’ve always been told that I’m nit-picky or bossy by immediate family.

  1. What would you need to feel happy?

Peace & Relaxation

I just feel like I need time for just me every now and then. Not everyday, from time to time I must have “me” time.

  1. What do you do at your job–

I’m a stay-at-home mom of 2. I also work part-time from home as an independent consultant for a data collection company. I enjoy staying home, and it is what I chose to do in order to take care of my children. I’ve been at home now for 8 years. I do miss interacting with more adults, but wouldn’t trade it.

Before that, I worked in the corporate arena as a receptionist, administrative assistant, and marketing coordinator. I think I started out liking it, and planned to continue to try and move up the “corporate ladder”. Now, I would never want to do that type of work again. I do not like the politics, and feel like the stress is just not worth it.

  1. If you were made president for a day, what would you change?

Not sure.

  1. When people have criticized you, what was the criticism about? Similarly, when people have praised you, what did you receive praise for?

I’m usually praised for just being loyal, or helping out where needed. If I say I’m going to do something, I will do it. Any criticism would probably just be not speaking up on something I should have spoken up on.


  1. Give an idea of what a typical day of eating looks like for you–

I usually am not hungry when first waking so sometimes I’ll eat several hours later (1pm-3pm). If that is the case then my first meal will usually be leftovers from dinner or another meal. Occasionally I’ll eat a salad with meat, cheese, and dressing. Other times a homemade pizza. I will also sometimes eliminate the meal and just eat popcorn. Sometimes the popcorn is sweet kettle corn, other times savory with nutritional yeast and worcestershire sauce.

If I eat breakfast, I usually like something sweet such as cinnamon swirl bread or oatmeal with cream, butter, and sugar. I also like some type of smoked meat with the sweet things such as bacon or sausage (turkey). I like to bake, so if I’m eating bread its from freshly milled wheat berries that I grind myself and homemade.

For dinner, I like to make 1 pot meals usually. Some type of meat (we mostly eat turkey, chicken, and beef). I’ll use some type of sauce (usually a cream based sauce) with noodles or rice. I will roast broccoli, brussel sprouts or some other green vegetable to go on the side. My favorites are curries and gravies.

A guilty pleasure of mine in ramen noodles. I only eat them once a week or every other week. I love the fire noodles (super spicy). I know they are terrible and empty calories.

I do not really eat on a schedule, just whenever a feel hungry. I will usually eat 2 meals with snacks during the day.

  1. What would you most like to eat if you could eat anything?

I was a vegetarian, for a short time before I was pregnant with my first child. While pregnant, I craved meat so I start back eating it.

I used to also be a big juice/green smoothie person. I would like to get back to this eventually.

I also like salads, but with meat cheese and usually a creamy dressing.

I’ve never really been a dieter. I’ve always been able to eat what I want and remain small. However, things are changing and that is no longer the case.

If I could eat anything without consequence it would be ramen noodles and cinnamon rolls with lots of cream cheese frosting.

  1. Is there a food you simply MUST have or you’d feel deprived?


  1. Is your preference for creamy, tart, salty, spicy or sweet?

Spicy, though I also love sweet things.

  1. Is there something you like to eat that most people would consider odd, like eggplant or vinegar or lemons or chalk?

I love lemon juice and salt.

  1. Are there foods that you love but they don’t agree with you?

None that I can think of.

  1. What foods do you have an aversion to?

Can’t think of any.

  1. Describe your thirst and drinking habits.

I typically take sips then done. Sometimes I feel thirsty but just forget to drink. When I’m feeling really dehydrated I will down water in large gulps until I feel satisfied, then its back to small sips during the day. I notice that I drink less during my menstrual cycle, and I’m usually very thirsty after its over. I love sparkling water with ice. I like my water ice cold. I do not force myself to drink, I only drink when I’m thirsty.


  1. Any issues about sleeping?

I’m a night owl, so I usually do not go to sleep until around 2/3am. By that time, I’m really tired so I have no problems going to sleep. I cannot just go to sleep, I have to fall asleep by playing a game on my phone while listening to something. Once I get tired enough, I’ll put the phone down and fall asleep shortly after.

Every so often I will have an issue, usually feeling anxious about something such as my health, or driving anxiety.

  1. What do you do during sleep–

I typically start out cold so I keep a heavy blanket on my feet in addition to my comforter. During the night, I usually get hot but I still keep the covers on. I cannot sleep with my feet out, so I’ll just move them around to feel for a cool spot in the bed. I notice that I bite my cheeks alot while sleeping, they are sometimes sore when I wake up. I also drool in my sleep, more when I’m really tired. I like it dark, and also have to have a sound machine with white noise on. I have to have the ceiling fan on. I like it to be really cold because I like to snuggle up with my covers.

  1. What position do you sleep in?

Start out on my side (usually right). I notice that when I wake in the morning, I’m often sleeping on my back.


  1. Trouble with your cycle, periods or menopause?

Cycles generally come and go without issues. Usually last around 5 days. Not too heavy. No cramping.

Trouble with pregnancy, childbirth or recovering afterwards?

Both pregnancies went well and well as recovery. I did have a tear during my first birth. I had both babies at a birth center with a midwife.


  1. What medications are you on now or recently got off of?


  1. What homeopathic remedies have you had? Please include the potency and dosing schedule. Did any of them help you?

Aurum Met. 30c/200c, Cocculus 200c, Agaricus 200c, Arg-n. 6c, Aconite 6c, Conium 6c –

Of all of these, I would say I’ve felt the most relief with Cocculus and Conium. Cocculus was such a profound relief when I first took it. During that time, it did help with the anxiety in a major way. The next few times I took it, it helped but I feel like it wasn’t on the same scale as the first time. Conium is doing good for the vertigo. It still may be too early to tell; I’m not sure how it is helping for the anxiety.

Others I’ve taken just acutely but not consistently for the issues I’ve outlined:


Aconite 30/200 – the 200c helps some if I’m feeling really panicky. I haven’t taken it but a few times over the course of a year. 30c doesn’t do much at all for me.

Gelsemium 200c – I do not feel like it does much for me to prevent feeling anxious while driving. It does make me feel a little sleepy and more relaxed but not enough to feel calm and confident while driving.

Ignatia 200c – I do not notice anything with this remedy.


Sabadilla 30c – seems to help me when I get that itchy feeling in my mouth (soft palate) and the runny nose and sneezing.

Allium Cepa 30c – helps sometimes for the issue above but not as much.

Arundo 30c – helps with the mouth itching.

  1. Are any of your problems caused by a vaccination, antibiotic or other drug?

I had all my childhood vaccinations, as well as Gardisil in my 20s (before I knew how harmful they are). I do not think that I had any issues from any of them. I often wonder about the Gardisil, because I wasn’t aware of connections between vaccines and health, if anything happened I didn’t take note at the time.

  1. Any surgery? What and when? What’s your assessment of it, did you get good or bad results?

Wisdom teeth out on right side – No issues.

Lasik – No issues. I do feel like I could see better with contacts in the beginning, but have become used to it now. This was about 10 years ago.

  1. Any head injuries? When? Any lingering effects?

As a baby I fell off the dining table while in a car seat. My mom said that I didn’t’ cry at all so it scared her. I was taken to the doctor, and they said there was no issues.

  1. Talk about your skin: any moles, warts, cysts, tumors, rashes, eczema, etc.? How were they treated?

Very tiny moles on sides of face – not really noticeable.

I get an itchy rash on the back of my hands if I’m using a harsh dish soap. It goes away when I stop using it.

  1. Any discharges?

None that I can think of.

  1. What diseases run in your family?

Maternal – Diabetes, High blood pressure

Paternal – Diabetes, colon cancer (great uncle), prostate cancer (great uncle), anemia

Siblings – Asthma

  1. Time-line.
  1. Age 4/5 – lost 2 of my cousins in a house fire, one of which I was very close to. He was my best friend. I remember him, but I do not remember anything that happened during the time around the house fire. My mom said I used to ask her about him after it happened.
  1. Teenage years – had a bully, which I discussed earlier.
  2. Age 17 – broke up with my 1st boyfriend. He was an exchange student from Germany so he had to go back after a year. We continued to talk long distance, but he eventually found someone else. I was really hurt at the time, but didn’t take long to get over it.
  1. Age 18 – My parents went out of town and I drank alcohol with friends and almost got alcohol poisoning. I felt shameful, disappointed, embarrassed, and all the other negative emotions that comes with something like that for a while. (Discussed earlier)
  1. Age 25 had wisdom teeth removed only on right side.
  1. Age 27 – Had lasik eye surgery
  1. Age 31 – had 1st child
  1. Age 34 – had 2nd child


  1. What are you sensitive to?

I have an allergy that I cannot figure out. It comes and goes, happens very randomly. My eyes get itchy in the inner corners. The upper (soft) palate of my mouth itches and I start sneezing. Sometimes a light runny nose that is clear.

I don’t like strong smells when I’m sleeping. There is a sweet smelling lotion that I really like during the day, but I cannot wear it to bed because its too strong and makes me feel like I can’t breathe.

Strong artificial scents in general bother me.

Too much noise bothers me as well, I can handle it for a while, but when I’m ready for peace and quiet, its definitely time.


  1. When you have to wait in line, how do you feel?

I do not mind waiting in line.

  1. How do you respond when a family member is sick?

Very stressed, usually in the beginning. But as I see progress to getting better I relax more.

  1. Any issues with sex or the reproductive organs?

Definitely less libido since having children.

I found out I had a small fibroid during pregnancy, but it didn’t cause any issues and I still do not notice any issues from it.

  1. How do you react to consolation and sympathy?

I feel indifferent to it.

I appreciate it more from my husband or close family than others.

  1. What sorts of things do you consider to be ordeals?

Death of close family.


  1. What are your hobbies?

I love to bake breads, pastries, and other desserts.

I also like wine-making

  1. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Switzerland – just looks so lush, green, and peaceful.

  1. Anything note-worthy about your face? Freckles? Haggard expression? Frown? Acne, etc.?

I have some very small moles on my face, they aren’t really noticeable. I don’t believe I had them before pregnancy.

  1. Anything note-worthy about your voice.?

I sometimes speak quickly, but not sure if its note-worthy.

  1. Who in your life is a very difficult person and why?

Can’t think of any difficult people currently.

  1. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Pay-off debt and help other family members with some of their debt.

Buy a home in a very rural area and create a homestead

Travel a couple times a year

Save remaining.

  1. Describe your energy.




  1. Is there anything that really gets on your nerves?

Small talk

  1. Are there any topics you seem obsessed with?

Health and Wellness



  1. What was your ambition in childhood? What’s your ambition now?

As a child I was in pageants and modeling and I enjoyed those things.

Now, I really enjoy being a homemaker and just being the best wife/mother I can be.


Hi, Lady Holiday! I read your questionnaire. So, you were a fashion model? Do you have any pictures from back then that you can send me?

You must be very pretty. Maybe that’s why that girl from high school didn’t like you!

Elaine, here’s a picture of me.

Well! Say no more, say no more! Let me ask you, do you attract a lot of friends? Do people comment about your eyes? Do they say your eyes light up a room?

I have always received compliments on my eyes. I’ve been told they are pretty, beautiful, etc… Even today, I get asked if I’m a model and get random compliments at the grocery store (lol). When I was working in the corporate world, I was told that they wanted me to be the face of the company, so they would send me to trade shows and conventions. As far as friends… I’m kind of introverted, so I do not have a lot of friends. I do make friends easily though; people tend to gravitate toward me.

I think I’ve decided on your remedy. Take a dose of _________________30C, wait 24 hours, and let me know if anything happens.

You know, I’ve always suspected that I might be a _____________.


Hi, Elaine,

I took one dose of _____________30C at about 3pm on Friday. I noticed that shortly after taking it, I got a burst of energy.

Wow!!!! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

I was feeling a little sluggish that day, and it seemed to spark something. I had a little mood shift, just an overall sense of well-being.

That’s what we’re going for! Yay! We did it! OK, now here’s what I want you to do next. Get a small bottle of water, pour half of it out, drop in a pellet of __________30C, and if you start feeling sluggish again, or lose any of the gains from your first dose, succuss your bottle 5 times and take a sip.

Meanwhile, read my FAQ article which will help you manage your case:

Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions


Update From Lady Holiday, September 24th:

Hello Elaine,
I just wanted to update you on my progress so far:
I have taken ____________ 30c about 3 or 4 times in the last two weeks. The first week I took it about 3 times and this week only once. In the beginning, I noticed what I thought was a little worsening of some symptoms. I felt like I was feeling more dizzy at night, and also I was having more anxiety at night before bed. This only lasted a few days; after the 2nd dose, I seemed to mellow out. I was definitely more relaxed and my mind/thoughts just seemed “clear”. I actually was thinking “wow, I feel really good”. This week, I’ve only taken it once (9/21), and I still feel pretty good. I had to drive a little further than usual today, and I noticed that I did a little better. It is so hard to tell with the driving because there are days when I’m ok and days when I’m not. This is regardless of if I take a remedy. I think I just work myself up about it so much that its a little obsessive. I really just want to let it be and not think about, “yes, I’m doing it” or “no I don’t feel so good about it today”.
Kindest Regards,
Lady Holiday


That’s it folks! What was Lady Holiday’s remedy? Write to me at [email protected] and let me know! The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Meanwhile, in honor of Kool and the Gang and lead singer Ronald Bell, we should go out with one of their biggest hits. Here it is, “Ladies Night”.


Rest in peace, Ronnie.






Hi everybody!  It looks like only 4 people had the stamina to plow through this case!  Who wants to be first?

Hi Elaine,

Oh look, it’s Wayne from Australia!  Thanks for answering this month’s very challenging Quiz!

I think the answer to this month’s quiz is Argentum Nitricum.  I thought the patient suffered from the feeling of being enclosed in particular circumstances, particularly when enclosed in a car.  She feels caged in.

Actually, she didn’t say that that was her problem.  She said she was fine driving in the car as long as she didn’t go too far away from home (“out of my comfort zone”).  And then she went on to say she couldn’t do much of anything very well “out of [her] comfort zone”.

I think she feels enclosed in life.  She admits to prefer being at home and no longer wishes to be outgoing and climb the corporate ladder.

She feels safe at home and the farther she gets from home, the less safe she feels.  It’s almost as if she WANTS to be enclosed.  It’s interesting.  The remedy I picked has the delusion that her parts are “scattered about” and “broken in fragments, scattered about”; hence, “enclosure” would ameliorate, I would think, and she’d be worse the father she got from her “center”, her home.

She is resigned to it.  She does not initiate contact, but follows.

These people (Arg-n.) have a fear of being enclosed, heights, tall buildings etc.

Generally, all the fears she had were those associated with Arg-nit.

I used the following rubrics.

Fears- failure

Fears -general health of loved ones

Vertigo – as if intoxicated

Abuse – ailments from

Referring to the fact that she was bullied in high school, I guess?  I wondered about Staphysagria because of that.

Humiliation – mortification

Fears – high places

Fears- public, appearing in

Fears – insects

Food – Likes cheese

Food – Ice water, general desires


Some of these didn’t have hits.

The only remedies which had the rubric” Vertigo – as if intoxicated ” as high rank were Cocculus and Nux v.  Lycopodium was high in the ranking but I didn’t think the patient had a feeling of inferiority.  She said she likes being a “boss” at times and says she is forthright.

Argentum nit. people are supposed to be joyous and extroverted, but she needs to be stimulated to reach this state.

See, this is the problem I was having too.  I saw too many remedies in the case and found it hard to land on any one of them!  Somehow, I got it in my head that her being a fashion model in her youth had to be the key that would open this case!  Why did I think that?  It’s an unusual profession!  You have to be a special kind of person to be a model.  Do you know anyone who’s a fashion model?  I don’t either!  So, being in such an unusual profession, I had to ask myself, What kind of person wants to do this kind of work?  Surely, we only have to think of what that is, to come up with the right remedy!

In fact, I was afraid that my follow-up questions would give away the answer because it would show what remedy I was thinking of.  I said, “You were a model, you must be very pretty, can you send me a picture?”  And trust me, most people do not want to send you a picture, or if they do, they don’t want their case–and their picture–in the Hpathy ezine!  That’s another clue for you!  So, I looked at her picture and there it was, just what I expected:  a beautiful, long-ish face, a bright smile with eyes that could light up a room!  I said, “Do people talk about your eyes?”  Oh yes, she said, all the time.

What do we know about fashion models?  They’re tall and thin, they have to be.  They love the limelight, love to take center-stage, the adoring audiences looking up at them, applauding as they walk by.  In fact, her boss sent her to trade shows and conferences to be the “Face of the Company”!

“Are people attracted to you?”  I asked.  “Do they want to be your friend?”  Yes, she assured me, they really do.

What remedy do you think it is now?


Hi Elaine,

I am having trouble finding the remedy you have used.

I have looked for rubrics “applause, likes; attention, likes; attention, lost;” but can’t find anything.

I can only think of Disappointment – (she is no longer in the limelight).  Reversal of fortune; and Sadness, which point to Ignatia.

By the way when I used the Abuse rubric in full it was “Abuse, ailments from; indignation, with” and it was not pointed at her parents, but the bully at school.  Ignatia does feature in my repertorisation mainly under the Abuse and Humiliation rubrics where the score is high.  It did not have the fears though.

I look forward to your explanation.

Thanks in advance,


Wayne, is it possible you don’t know the keynotes of Phosphorus?  Desires sparkling water with ice?  That was a big clue right there!  Tall and thin?  Eyes that light up with their smile?

Phosphorus is light.

People are drawn to light.  Light attracts people, and so Phosphorus attracts people.  Phosphorus people are beautiful, out-going, friendly, love attention; people gravitate toward them, want to be with them.  Phosphorus has many friends.

It is very easy to imagine that there would be plenty of people around who are jealous of Phosphorus, who can see Phosphorus taking up all the oxygen in the room, allowing for no one else to “shine” but her.  I think this bully in high school was determined to put out Lady Holiday’s “light”.  Now she’s afraid of people, hides, though she admits that once a person starts talking, she joins right in and becomes just as talkative as well.  Hopefully, the remedy will return her to her old self.


Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your explanation of Phosphorus.

I repertorised “Ice water” and got a hit for Phosphorus and I know they fear thunderstorms and other things–ghosts, illnesses or death…but I guess the other low scores caused me to overlook it.

They’re impressionable.  Easily impressed, easily influenced.  They are both easily discouraged and easily reassured.  Being “light”, they’re not well-grounded.  They can just as easily be devastated as uplifted.  I had a Phosphorus child once who was quite terrified long after seeing a scary character in a movie (like the Joker in Batman) or in a cartoon on TV (Spongebob!).  Having seen such a character hours before, he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!  You might say Phosphorus has a problem with “boundaries”, can’t shut out unwelcome influences, with the flip side of that being they can just as easily be cheered up or reinvigorated by a strong, positive personality.  Phosphorus is in the rubric “desires to be magnetized”, and I think this is what they mean by that: a strong, charismatic personality can “draw them in” and make them feel more centered, grounded, a state that’s hard for Phosphorus to maintain on their own, or while alone.  Phosphorus is well known for being better in company.

I can see how you came on the remedy now.  I didn’t realize they were so popular and people were drawn to them.

Oh my goodness!  Yes!  I guess it’s a good thing I did this quiz, even though its length made me think twice about it.  This is one of the main features of Phosphorus.  Here, see this from Catherine Coulter’s book (underlining is mine):

“…cheerful and optimistic…the Phosphorus individual has an … eye-catching impact.  He attracts by his sparkling, appealing manner and his bright intelligent face. … slender and graceful … spruce and dapper … refined facial features … the eyes, however, are the type’s most striking feature … well-shaped eyebrows and long lashes, they shine with a soft luminous quality or captivating sparkle that draws another closer [and] dance with excitement.” (Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines, p.1)

Sometimes, with some people, if you are too friendly they will reject you.  I knew Phosphorus wished to be loved by everyone and were constantly wishing to communicate – the “life of the party”.  They wish to give their light.

Again, from Catherine Coulter: “Whitmont likens this type to a delicate blossom that ‘thrives in the sunshine of favorable circumstances but wilts in the darkness and coldness of aversity.'” (Coulter, p. 3)  So well-said!

One Australian homeopath has used Phosphorus for autism caused by vaccination.

Is there some other cause?

Usually these children are Phosphorus types, slender children with delicate eyelashes and sometimes red hair and they seem to be susceptible to vaccinations.

I think an encouraging passage in one of my books for your remedy choice says an increasingly weak Phosphorus person lets their light dim and everything becomes stuck inside and they fall ill, which is where I think your patient must be.

Hopefully, you’ve done it again.

Thanks for your time in discussing the case with me.

You’re welcome, Wayne; and thanks for persevering through this long Quiz.  A lot of people didn’t answer, which means a lot of people didn’t recognize Phosphorus, and I guess that’s because we had a Phosphorus patient whose “light had dimmed”, not what we’re used to seeing.  But there were enough clues that we could still uncover it.

I’ll keep an eye out for phosphorus people.

Must be a few film stars who fall in this category.

Here’s one now!

Thanks, Wayne


Who else is here today?

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hey everybody, it’s our friend Maria from Greece!  Hi Maria!

I am not sure about my vote.

I am puzzled, so much that I had to repertorize!

At first she seemed like a Calc-c to me.

I know:  Wants to be at home, gave up her career….

Then a Lycopodium and after repertorizing, Phosphorus came up!

What rubrics did you use?

See my chart below.  Don’t let me mention that I thought of Rhus-tox because of your advise “if you see hot showers amelioration give rhus-tox”.

Yeah, yeah, I did say that!  I’m generally referring to physical complaints with that advice.  I don’t know if it would apply to constitutional cases too?  I suppose it’s possible….

I ruled it out because she was better rest and better on waking.

Good point!  Well, that’s how you have to do it, that’s how we confirm or reject remedies.

Overall, I thought of Calc-c because she doesn’t like to leave her comfort zone as you have beautifully described in your article, “The Life of Calcarea Carbonica”:

She also has fear of failure, although Calc-c. is not in that rubric. I thought of Lycopodium because of fear of failure and fear of public speaking, the bossiness, the shyness.

Right, good thinking.

So the problem is while most rubrics are covered by Phosphorus, she doesn’t seem a lot like Phosphorus to me: Introspective, indifferent to sympathy, shyness.  What am I missing here?  Any hint?

Ok. Remember the Anorexia Quiz where we got a lot of our information based on asking, “What kind of person becomes a ballet dancer?” Well, like you, I saw a number of different remedies in this case, so I asked myself, “What kind of a person becomes a fashion model?”  I was afraid my follow-up questions were going to tip everyone off to the remedy.

So, that’s my hint.  Does it help?

Wow!  So it WAS Phosphorus!  It is the first time I have encountered this kind of Phosphorus, it is very interesting!

I searched about for the meaning of the “magnetized” rubric because Phosphorus is so well known for “desires to be magnetized”, and here is what I found:

Some Rubrics of Belladonna and Their Meaning


Magnetized (adj) = Wants to acquire the quality of a magnet i.e. the power of attraction.

Wants to be magnetized, (to be attractive) so as to be able, to attract (charm) others (mesmerism amel.) because it gives satisfaction.  The desire is to be the centre of attraction.

I looked in the repertory, and the rubric is, “Mind: magnetized, mesmerized” (suggesting the two are the same thing).  So, clearly, it goes both ways.  You can desire to be “magnetized/mesmerized” and you can similarly desire to “charm” others, to be attractive to others, and Phosphorus definitely wants to be attractive, and to attract attention.

Another homeopathic source: Magnetized : Wants to be influenced by a person with a stronger will than he is.

Yes, exactly!  That would make sense if the meaning is “mesmerized”.

Other homeopathic source:

It is just interesting to look at the remedies here of clairvoyance.  Of course in any rubric one remedy means one thing and another remedy means another thing.  So we can look again at a different support for the rubric of clairvoyance, which is desire to be magnetised (page 63).  And again of course here you will see the main remedies leaping up at you.  Now of course, in the time of the Repertory, magnetised meant what, actually?  Who was the first magnetic healer?

AD: Mesmer.

JS: Mesmer.  And what did Hahnemann say about Mesmer?

AD: A great genius.

JS: Mesmer was the only other living entity recognised by Hahnemann as someone who had something worthwhile, actually, in the terms of medicine. And the story of Mesmer is a very fascinating story and I encourage you to read it.  There are some books, one by a man called James Wycough, I believe, on Mesmer.  And you will see that Mesmer was really on to something.  He really understood something about the vital force. And what happened to him, because he understood?  He was totally destroyed by the medical profession.


They picked him to pieces, tore him to bits and buried him.  And then they resurrected his original story under the name hypnosis as a sort of mere shadow of what Mesmer actually understood and was trying to do.  Very interesting, but quite irrelevant.  So the desire to be magnetised is the same thing and implies a real openness to forces coming from outside.

This is what I was trying to explain earlier about Phosphorus: too open to forces/influences coming from the outside.

A feeling of weakness in the sense of calcarea, phosphorus or silicea, and that the other person’s energy will come in and give them a boost.

Yes, exactly!  So I think we have our answer here.  Phosphorus is easily taken over by outside energies.  They’re not grounded.  How can “light” be grounded?  So, it makes sense that they would easily be attracted to, and desire, the influence of a positive, forceful personality to “draw them in”.  (I mentioned earlier that one of their “delusions” is that they’re “scattered about”; hence, the “desire to be magnetized” — pulled back together, back to their center).

However, there’s another part to this: reading Boger’s description of Phosphorus, and under “ameliorations”, Boger writes, “Rubbing (magnetic)”.  So, he’s suggesting that “rubbing”, which I think is how we make a substance “magnetic”, ameliorates Phosphorus.  We do know they like to be rubbed and are better for it.

This is my repertorization – Murphy’s:


Maria, did you leave out “desires ice”?  That’s a big Phosphorus keynote!  And so is “desires soda”!

Thank you very much Elaine for your help, I thought of Phosphorus from your comments at the end of the case, but I thought no way is she a Phosphorus!  But apparently she is; go figure!

Look at her picture.  Her face is long, her eyes are bright.  Models have to be tall and thin–another Phosphorus keynote.  Calc-carb has a big head and they tend to be overweight, not the kind of look you’re going for in a model.  Look at her eyes, they sparkle.  She says people are drawn to her, they want to be her friend.  (Phosphorus has lots of friends.)  She says she’s drawn to people who want to talk and she just sits and listens, but then after a while, she joins in and talks as much as they do–showing her Phosphorus true nature.

You get the impression that her real self has been snuffed out, like a candle.  Maybe it was that bully in high school who took all her confidence away so that we no longer recognized her as a Phosphorus.  But when we couldn’t confirm any of the other remedies in the case (Lycopodium wouldn’t want to be the center of attention or want icy cold drinks, Calc-carb isn’t tall and thin, and so on) then we have to ask ourselves, Why can’t we find the remedy here????  Looking at the person’s profession or hobby is one way of breaking into the case; asking for a picture is another way.  Her picture tells you she’s a Phosphorus.

Thank you Elaine. I learnt so much!  Great work!

Thanks, Maria!


Don’t look now, but, the gang from Slovakia is here!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

We send our answers to the September quiz with a slight delay.

No problem, you’re right on time!

Miroslav votes: Phosphorus

Symptoms aggravate especially in the evening

Yes, that’s another keynote of Phosphorus: evening aggravates; thanks for picking up on that!

and at night, she is a night owl, desires ice water, also sour (lemon juice) and salt, spicy, actually she is a pretty good eater.

And if we add “desires cheese”, we’ve got practically all the food desires of Phosphorus: ice, soda, salt, spicy and cheese.

Mind, fear, control, loss of, and I was most impressed with her photo.  Which remedy will light up everything all over when entering the room?


She is a sensitive, even ethereal being, and it does not surprise me that she is anxious and though this remedy is said to be extroverted and can be read as an open book, the opposite is also true: it is really can be an introvert too – Phosphorus

You’re right!  Miroslav is right!!!!

Jitka votes:  Argentum nit.

At first glance, I thought her constitutional remedy must be any shiny metal, because her face really shines.  I thought the most about Phosphorus and a salt of silver – Argentum. nit.

Too bad you talked yourself out of Phosphorus.

After reading the quiz, I ruled out Phosphorus because Lady Holiday doesn´t seem extroverted and sociable enough to me.

I think this is an important lesson for everybody!  We all know about “polarities”, right?  That any remedy that covers an “extreme” can just as easily be the other extreme (though less often).  We even had a quiz once, a Bryonia quiz, where the patient couldn’t hold still!  Remember the quiz where the patient was attacked by chickpeas?  This is the exact opposite of what we’d expect in a Bryonia case!  We expect Bryonia to hold perfectly still in pain!  But again, any remedy that has an extreme presentation can just as easily have the opposite extreme, we just have to be open to seeing it if we can’t confirm the “obvious” remedy; like in this case, Nat-mur: introverted, shy, keeps to herself, stays at home and so on.  But we can’t confirm Nat-mur!  Would Nat-mur want to be in a beauty pageant?  The center of attention?  I don’t think so!  In this way, we ultimately come to realize, maybe we’re seeing a well-known remedy’s “opposite” side!  Maybe that’s why we can’t find it!!!!

Her symptoms are much more similar to a constituonal picture of Argentum nit.  In the remedy Arg-n, there is a claustrophobic feeling of being trapped with no way out.

I know, but, I’m not really seeing that here.  What she seems to be saying is, she has a “comfort zone”, and she’s fine unless she strays too far away from it.

Any situation that feels like this creates a feeling of panic – lifts, airplanes, closed spaces (maybe in the car or on the road in rows of cars or without the possibility of escaping from the highway), tunnels, underground, high places and crowds. They can experience digestive issues like diarrhoea and often crave salt and sugar.  Argentum Nitricum  is good remedy for claustrophobia and alleviating panic attacks where the symptoms fit. However, I came across the problem that Argentum nitricum was among remedies she had already tried, albeit in low potency – 6C.  I noticed that she mentioned one significant symptom – the fear of failure. In the rubric: “Mind, fear, failure, from” the only big remedy is Lycopodium.  Individuals likely to respond to this remedy feel anxiety from mental stress and suffer from a lack of confidence.  Claustrophobia and a craving for sweets are often seen when this remedy is needed.  But Lycopodium doesn’t crave iced drinks and probably doesn’t even look as bright as the lady in the picture. That is why I preferred Argentum nitricum in my answer, although I do not hope much that I am right.

Jitka, I don’t see claustrophobia as the center of this case.  She seems to actually want to be “closed in”, wants to be at home: the farther from home she gets, the worse she gets.  She has no trouble driving, as long as she doesn’t get too far away from home.

OK, well, I think we should stop now.  Let’s congratulate our 2 winners!  Maria and Miroslav, come on down!  You’re our big winners in the September Quiz!

Be sure to come back again with your answers to October, it’s a really short quiz this time!



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