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Revisiting: Baby Barney Can’t Breathe!

Baby Barney

Elaine answers last month’s quiz

Mom, don’t look now but it’s time for the quiz again!

Already?  But I’m not prepared!  It seems like just a month ago we did the quiz.

Mom, that’s because we DID do the quiz a month ago!!!


Well, is “oh” all you’re going to say?

What would you recommend?

Well, you might start by reporting on the fact that Ben E. King died!

Shana, this is very upsetting!  I don’t have the composure!

Then I’ll do it!  Ladies and gentlemen, the quintessential lead voice of The Drifters has died.

l-r: Charlie Thomas, Ben E King, Dock Green, Elsberry Hobbs

Ben E. King sang lead on most of my mom’s favorite songs, including “There Goes My Baby”, “Save The Last Dance For Me”, “Nobody But Me”, “I Count The Tears”, “Lonely Winds”, “Dance With Me”, “Oh My Love”…

Don’t forget the song I used to have as my ring tone!

What song was that?  I don’t remember…oh!  “This Magic Moment”!!!!

Exactly!!!!  Unfortunately, Shana, Ben E. King will be remembered for only one song, “Stand By Me”, and here it is:

Is that it?  Did anyone else die?

Shockingly, shortly after Ben E. King died, we lost Lenny Coco of The Chimes.

They were famous for their Doo-Wop classic, “Once In A While”:

Thanks for the great music, guys (which no one has yet to replicate.  I’m still waiting!!!!!)

Mom, let’s see if we can possibly transition over to my important announcements.  Ahem!  In happier news: I talked my mom into taking me to see James Taylor again.

Who didn’t see that coming?

So that’s August 1st at the Borgata in Atlantic City.  Did I mention that his new album comes out in June?

You may have mentioned it five thousand times, I’m not sure.

We’ll have a full report in the ezine.

It will no doubt give our audience something to live for.

In more good news, a Muppets TV series will be airing on ABC this fall.  YAAAAAY!!!!!!

Lately I’ve felt like reliving my childhood.  I don’t know why.  

No one cares, Shana!

I never got to see the older Muppets Show.  My only memory of it is Kermit The Frog, Vincent Price, and Alice Cooper (for some reason).  I miss shows like “Wishbone”, the original “Barney”…

Did you say Barney?????

The new “Barney” isn’t even trying!!  Its a disgrace if you ask me!

Excuse me, I hate to interrupt your earth-shattering editorialization, but …

I guess that’s all my announcements.

Let’s try to start the quiz for the part of our audience that’s left!

Whose case do we have this time?

Uh….Barney!  Actually, “Baby Barney”, and he seems to have a bad cold, some kind of upper respiratory infection.  His father writes in and says:


Elaine, we really need your help!  “Baby Barney’s” condition is pretty bad.  We thought it was all under control last night because his breathing seemed normal.  But today morning his condition turned worse.  He is having difficulty in breathing.  He is coughing and trying to get the phlegm out but it isn’t coming out and therefore he is crying.  His breathing is very rapid and heavy.  He is unable to sleep.

For example, he coughs and sometimes throws out some yellowish/greenish mucus.  But for the most times he is unable to do it and then starts to cry.  I guess it is hurting his throat.

There is mucous, but he is not able to get it out and is crying.  He is also not sleeping.  He is also not able to nurse!!!  This is scary!  He threw up in the morning and some phlegm came out.

He was in near emergency condition — rapid breathing, he wasn’t able to swallow, breathing with his mouth, he threw up twice.  After I gave the remedy you said to give, the rapid breathing decreased.  He was able to swallow.

But right now again he is having very rapid breathing.  He was breathing with his mouth.  My wife gave him the Sauna treatment at which point a lot of nasal discharge came out (clear, watery and a little bit like egg white).  She used an aspirator to take it out but he is still rapidly breathing.  What should I do?

(I told him to repeat _____________________30C.)

Elaine, sorry could not reply earlier — was a crazy day at work today.

Anyways, “Baby Barney” is doing good today.  I did not give him any remedy today.



Antimonium tart-5


Hepar sulph.


Kali bich.

Coccus cacti

OK, everybody, line up!  Speak into the microphone.

Hello again Elaine,

Hello Wayne!!!

My repertorisation of this case is…
Breathing: Accelerated
Breathing: Difficult, cough with
Coryza: general watery discharge

I wouldn’t use that one, because he didn’t have coryza until the mom put him in a sauna; so, it wasn’t an inherent part of the case, it didn’t come about on its own.

Lungs: Expectoration, discharges difficult
Throat: Swallowing, difficult
Sleep: Insomnia, sleeplessness, restlessness, from

No, no, he doesn’t have insomnia.  If you couldn’t breathe, you wouldn’t be able to sleep either.

Stomach; Vomiting, coughing
The main remedy was Arsenicum and seemed to fill all the rubrics and I’m going to go with this one.
So, Arsenicum.

I repertorized all your rubrics except for the two that weren’t part of the case (Coryza with watery discharge, and Insomnia) and here’s what I got:

Antimonium tart!

Normally I think straight away of Antim tart.

D’oh!  Well, Wayne, when you see a super-keynote of a remedy?  Like a rattling cough with inability to raise the phlegm, which is the defining symptom of Antimonium tart?  Go for it!  That’s the only characteristic symptom in the case, all the rest is unremarkable.  The whole case is summed up right here in this sentence:

“There is mucous, but he is not able to get it out…”

That’s it!  That’s Antimonium tart!  Nothing more needs to be said!  This is our drowning remedy!  It’s also a big remedy in Pneumonia.  Any time there’s fluid in the lungs, whether it’s water or mucus or whatever it is, and the person can’t cough it up?  Or he does cough it up but it just keeps coming?  He coughs it up, but there’s still more, and he coughs that up, but there’s still more, and it just never stops?  That’s Antimonium tart!  Even if it’s just that you’ve “swallowed wrong”.  Have you ever done that?  Your drink goes down the “wrong pipe”?  (Oh, that’s so painful!)  Well, grab your Antimonium tart because that’s what it’s for!  Fluid in the lungs.  Sometimes you can hear it rattling, or the person has a rattling cough, but he can’t expectorate.  So, yes, Antimonium tart. was it!

“Save the last dance for me” is a song I can remember singing in my first band.

Really?  You had a band?

Nostalgia for me.  Must have practiced it 100 times.

You sang Ben E. King’s part?  I wish I could have heard that!!!!!

Good to see photos of what we Australians called “Yank Tanks”.

A reference to American cars?  But I didn’t post any pictures of American cars!  Oh!  The “Once In A While” video!  I get it now!  That’s a great song too!

Good Luck,


Is anybody else here?  Step right up to the microphone, you’re on the air at

Hi Elaine,

After a long time, I am participating for your quiz:

It truly has been a long time!

I would vote for Antimonium Tart for the symptoms:

1) Lots of mucus with little expectoration

2) Difficult breathing

As usual, you are correct and right to the point!

Thanks and regards,



Who else is here?  Oh look!  It’s Miroslav and Jitka!

Hello Elaine and Shana,


here are our responses to the May quiz.  Our answers are brief this time and we hope that at least one of us answered correctly:

Miroslav votes – Drosera

Here are the reasons why I vote for DROSERA:

it is the only drug in the rubric: rapid respiration, cough, vomiting after coughing,

aggravation when lying.

Jitka votes -Antimonum tartaricum

In this case problems with breathing were highlighted and therefore I think that the remedy

for the baby was Antimonium tartaricum:

– rattling respiration, rattling cough with difficulty raising phlegm, mucus in the trachea

– respiration, difficult, cough

– respiration, accelerated

Best wishes Jitka

Jitka, you are right, one of you did answer correctly!  OK let’s give it up for our winners!  Congratulations go out to:

Firuzi, Maria, Jitka, Shweta and Anurag!

Your prize this month is Ben E. King’s Drifters singing “Save The Last Dance For Me” (but you have to picture Wayne singing it!)  See you next time!

P.S. There’s a picture of Sam Cooke at the end of this video for some strange reason; don’t pay it no mind!
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