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Revisiting: Bathtub Blues

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Revisiting: Bathtub Blues. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Does anybody remember the case from last month? Here it is again with the answer to follow:


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Bathtub Blues


How did we do this time? Here’s the vote count:






Eupatorium perf.-1

Total: 25

And so, as you might expect, the winner clearly is…………….Pulsatilla!

Oh yes, I know, I hear all the groans of incredulity out there!  How can it possibly be Pulsatilla?!  Well, I think alert reader, Roxann, explained it eloquently when she said:

The ice cream clue was a flag – and the worse from heat thing….

Hey, my sentiments exactly! That’s just what I said, I saw the ice cream–it was all he would eat, for God’s sake!  And then the “Generals: bathing, hot bathing agg.” confirmed it, and then if you want that three-legged stool Hering was so fond of, you can go with “thirstless with fever” or “ailments from fish“; but, sure, Phosphorus loves ice cream too, but Phosphorus isn’t worse hot bathing; Apis is worse hot bathing but doesn’t crave or even desire ice cream, so what can you do? The ice cream was a big red flag. You know about the importance of the striking and peculiar symptom in a case, right? The remedy has to match that. Please check paragraph 153 of The Organon, I get tired of typing it everywhere I go. You know the one–The most striking, strange, rare and peculiar symptom in the case, above all else, if you can find a remedy to match that, you are more likely to cure the case even if it matches nothing else–go look! I don’t want to hear that you don’t have The Organon. You know, maybe we’ve got it backwards, Dr. B, maybe the losers need the 30% discount at the Hpathy Book Store so they can buy a nice modern translation of The Organon–Kunzli or O’Reilly.

And now, let’s congratulate our winners:

Pirjo Suomi, Brooks, Roxann Roe, Gerald Field


This month’s winners will get a special 30% discount on one order of books from Hpathy Mall.

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