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Revisiting: Claire–Tied Up In Knots!

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Elaine Lewis’ answer to her quiz from Aug 2013. (Scan down to “votes” to see the answer)

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Claire–Tied Up In Knots! 



Rhus tox-5






Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!

Hi Elaine,

Yay !! another quiz from you and thrilled to answer the same.

Here Claire had a muscle knot in her right shoulder blade and up to her neck and shoulder muscle. She had an amelioration by hot water shower.

It calls for 2 remedies now.. Rhus tox or Mag phosphorica. Rhus tox has muscles pain, ameliorated by warmth. Also Mag-phos, is an anti spasmodic remedy. Cramping of muscles and radiating pains and relief by warmth. But a neck stiffness exists only as Rhus Tox, so, I would go for Rhus Tox.

Hooray!!!! You’re right!!!  It is Rhus tox!  Also, you know how else you know it’s Rhus tox?  A subtle clue: she wanted to “slow down” to do yoga but had no patience for it, suggesting what?  She was restless!  Had to keep moving!  Plus, we saw a Rhus tox “word” in the case!

(“Say the secret word and win a hundred dollars!” as Groucho Marx used to say!)

Groucho Marx

and do you know what the secret word was?

The secret word probably was “slowdown”

Vamsi, how can that be the secret word if I just said it?  Plus, “slow down” is two words! You can’t smoosh them into one and say it’s the secret “word”! No, it’s another word, a Rhus tox word that I’ve talked about before…I think.

Elaine….that was sooo silly of me, quoting the word “slowdown”…

Yeah !!!!, the secret word is “tightened”. Rhus Tox is for stiffness. It was in your “Tit-bits-6” this time and also in our earlier discussion. I just wonder how did I miss that, as, in fact, I zeroed in on the remedy seeing this keyword!

Hope I am right on the dot this time…… keeping my fingers crossed…

Yes, you’re right, you’re right, it was “tight” or “tightened”, that was the secret Rhus tox word! 

Oh!  I see Sandy Seaman’s here!

Hi Elaine,

For this one I would go with Rhus tox.  Muscle pain, restless, better for a hot shower…


That really gets right to the point, no muss, no fuss!  People, let me remind you.  Whenever someone tells you they get completely better in a hot shower?  Rhus tox should be your first thought.  OK, time to announce our winners!  And they are……

Maria, Girl, Pratibha, Vamsi and Sandy.  Congratulations to you all!!!!  And I want to thank everyone who voted!  See you next month for another exciting edition of the Hpathy Quiz!!!

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