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Revisiting: Claire—Tied Up In Knots!

Elaine Lewis’ answer to her quiz from Aug 2013. (Scan down to “votes” to see the answer)

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.



See if you can untie this painful mystery!


And now, as promised, here is Shana with a full report on The Eagles concert that took place July 16th at the Wells Fargo Center.  Take it away, Shana!

Right.  Full report. um…well… it was a great show and a spiritual experience.

It was?

I wish the Rolling Stones concert hadn’t been so expensive, because being there at the Eagles concert made me think about how impressive the Stones concert must’ve been and I wasn’t there to see it.

Have you noticed that no matter what we’re talking about, we’re talking about The Rolling Stones?????

Watching the videos on Youtube isn’t the same.  You know how much I was dying to go and Mick, Keith, and Charlie are getting older.  I think Ronnie is the youngest.  By the way Mick Jagger just turned 70 this year.  Yay!  Look, its Mick Jagger and Jimmy Fallon from “Saturday Night Live”!!!


May I assume that the Eagles “full report” is over?

Can you imagine me clapping like a crazy person at a Stones concert?!!

Do I have to?

Anyway back to the Eagles, we had some parking problems.

I’ll say we did!

I think we were parked in a corner somewhere.  We couldn’t find our car, we walked all over the parking lot….  I guess our seats were ok.

Really?  You think our seats were OK?  This was our view of the stage!  We can see the backs of all of their heads!


But wasn’t it worth it to hear Timothy B. Schmidt do “I Can’t Tell You Why”?

Totally worth it!  Click below:


It was kind of a disappointment that they didn’t do “Outlaw Man”.

Probably because they did “Desperado” instead.

…but it was still a good show.  Remember how you wanted to leave when the encore started?

It was our only hope of getting out of the building alive!

I know you wanted to avoid the stampede, but Robin Murphy would have wanted to hear “Hotel California”!

You’re not going to tell him, are you?

So how’s that for a full report?  Did I leave anything out?

In a word, Yes!  You failed to mention the long lines to the ladies’ room! 

Next show, I think we should see Styx at the Borgata, and then in October, Hall and Oates are at the Tower Theater….

Can we please stop talking about concerts I can’t afford for two seconds?

And our case this month?  What is it?

I’m sure you’ll like it!  It’s short and to the point, like a good guitar arrangement!  I give you now, our friend Claire, who, as you may remember, had a splinter under her nail in June; but now, she’s all tied up in knots!  

I hate it when that happens!  


Hi, Elaine, I just thought you would like to know…. I woke up yesterday with an awful muscle knot by my right shoulder blade that was somehow connected to things all the way up the side of my neck and my shoulder muscle and it was the worst thing imaginable; and as the day wore on, there were times when it was so bad I couldn’t turn my head to the right at all.  I took a hot shower at one point to try to help it, and it was great but I couldn’t stay in the shower all day (a pity!) so I got out and it tightened right back up again, making me really exhausted and cranky from the pain.  I honestly don’t know how people live with chronic pain.  I kept telling myself I should slow down and do some yoga but I had no patience for it in the moment.  I finally made a small remedy solution bottle of ___________ 30c in 4 oz of water and took a sip every 15-20 minutes over the course of an hour with 5 succussions before each dose.  The knot loosened and then all the muscles just felt sore like they had been pretzeled up all day.  I went to bed in the most comfortable position I could find and woke up the next morning completely pain-free!!


That’s it, people; do you know what the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected] and we’ll have the answer here for you in September.  OMG!  It’s August!  Do you know what that means?  It means time to play “See You in September” again by The Happenings!  I wait all year to be able to say this.  Here they are now, The Happenings, with “See You In September”:


Bye-bye, so long, farewell…..  Click below:



Rhus tox-5






Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!

Hi Elaine,

Yay !! another quiz from you and thrilled to answer the same.

Here Claire had a muscle knot in her right shoulder blade and up to her neck and shoulder muscle. She had an amelioration by hot water shower.

It calls for 2 remedies now.. Rhus tox or Mag phosphorica.  Rhus tox has muscles pain, ameliorated by warmth.  Also Mag-phos is an anti spasmodic remedy.  Cramping of muscles and radiating pains and relief by warmth.  But a neck stiffness exists only as Rhus Tox, so, I would go for Rhus Tox.

Hooray!!!!  You’re right!!!  It is Rhus tox!  Also, you know how else you know it’s Rhus tox?  A subtle clue: she wanted to “slow down” to do yoga but had no patience for it, suggesting what?  She was restless!  Had to keep moving!  Plus, we saw a Rhus tox “word” in the case!

(“Say the secret word and win a hundred dollars!” as Groucho used to say!)

Groucho Marx   Groucho Marx

and do you know what the secret word was?

The secret word probably was “slowdown”.

Vamsi, how can that be the secret word if I just said it?  Plus, “slow down” is two words!  You can’t smoosh them into one and say it’s the secret “word”!  No, it’s another word, a Rhus tox word that I’ve talked about before…I think.

Elaine….that was sooo silly of me, quoting the word “slowdown”… Yeah !!!!  The secret word is “tightened”.  Rhus Tox is for stiffness.  It was in your “Titbits-6” this time and also in our earlier discussion.  I just wonder how did I miss that, as, in fact, I zeroed in on the remedy seeing this keyword!

Hope I am right on the dot this time…… keeping my fingers crossed…

Yes, you’re right, you’re right, it was “tight” or “tightened”, that was the secret word! 

Oh!  I see Sandy Seaman is here!


Hi Elaine,

For this one I would go with Rhus tox.  Muscle pain, restless, better for a hot shower…


That really gets right to the point, no muss, no fuss!  People, let me remind you.  Whenever someone tells you they get completely better in a hot shower?  Rhus tox should be your first thought.  OK, time to announce our winners!  And they are……

Maria, Girl, Pratibha, Vamsi and Sandy.  Congratulations to you all!!!!  And I want to thank everyone who voted!  See you next month for another exciting edition of the Hpathy Quiz!!!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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