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Revisiting: Coughing Up Pennies

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Do any of you remember last month’s quiz? Here it is again with the answer to follow!

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Coughing Up Pennies



Rhus tox-6



Hepar sulph-2

Arsenicum alb.



So how did we do this time? Is the caller there?

Hi Elaine!

I read the quiz and nothing came up to my head,

Same with me, nothing came to mind.

so I opened the repertory.

That’s what I had to do too.

Rubric “Throat/mucus, in throat/metallic taste” 3 remedies with 1 grade: Calc, merc, rhus-tox.

Wow. See, I didn’t even think to use that rubric, I just went to “Taste, metallic” in Murphy’s Repertory which doesn’t narrow the choice down nearly so well as your rubric does! So of the three, we know it can’t be Mercury, Mercury is very sick, they need to lie down; in fact, the only thing that ameliorates Mercury is rest. We don’t sense that “Angelica” is that sick. Calcarea, we generally don’t see as an acute remedy unless it’s the patient’s constitutional. So, that leaves…..

…Rhus-tox because she said that she had the cough on waking and got better after being awake a while. Overall she seems somehow restless to me like Rhus.

If my guessing is wrong I’ll come up with something else. I have to say though, it will not be easy!

Very good, Maria, you’ve come through again! What’s you’re batting average now, I’m sure it’s over .500! I think you’re leading the league!

Do we have another caller?

 Elaine, it’s Ricky. I think it’s Bromium. There are 127 remedies under Taste, metallic!!

Yes, I know!

So how did you ever find which one?

There was a clear need to repertorize here, there was no other way. I simply made a list of characteristic symptoms in the case–and luckily, most of them were characteristic (as opposed to common)–and then repertorized because I couldn’t see a diagnosis beyond “cold”, and I couldn’t see an essence, and I couldn’t see keynotes of a remedy, so…all I could do was repertorize. What are our symptoms? I chose:

metallic taste


bed feels too hard

muscles, sore

skin, sensitive

And it was surprising that the remedy that came up–one of our polychrests–had none of its famous symptoms!!!!!

What are we to make of this? It shows how wrong we can be when we start rejecting remedies based on what we DON’T see: “It can’t be Pulsatilla, she’s not crying.” “It can’t be Stramonium, he’s not violent.” “It can’t be Arsenicum, there’s no anxiety.” I mean, where is the famous Rhus tox “better from motion”? Where is the famous Rhus tox amelioration from hot applications and hot bathing? Where is the “worse from cold/rainy weather”? How can it be Rhus tox?

You know, I once cured a toothache with Rhus tox…. How likely was that? What does all this mean? I think it just demonstrates that sometimes the right remedy is simply the one that covers the characteristic symptoms in the case–period, end of story!

Please see repertorization below.

And now it’s time to announce our lovely winners! Congratulations go to:

Lynda from Canada

Maria from Greece

Diderik Finne from here

Vamsi Sudha from India

Prateek Sehgal from India

Kapil Vatawani from an undisclosed location

Good show!

Revisiting: Coughing Up Pennies 1

Thanks to all who voted, and don’t forget to try again with this month’s quiz! See you soon, bye-bye!

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