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Revisiting: Creepy-Crawlies!

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Elaine gives the answer to last month’s creepy quiz!

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Rhus tox


Where is everybody???  I guess everyone was traumatized by this case!  Luckily, Natalie is here.

Hi, Elaine; another one where there seems to be an obvious answer…with the weepiness, weather change affecting, and wanting to be massaged (caressed) being my main clues.

I will guess Pulsatilla. :0)

Enjoy that concert!!

Thanks Natalie, I’m sure I will! OK, first of all, he doesn’t want to be caressed. When the formication starts, rubbing is essential to make it stop–temporarily. So, I took the rubric, “Generals: rubbing amel.” Secondly, the “crying” rubric is huge–over 200 remedies, you’d have to use the subrubrics. But you were right, the crying is very significant. Why? He’s a man and men tend not to cry; so, if a man is crying, it’s very characteristic. It’s peculiar–strange, rare and peculiar, and as you know, we give a lot of weight to that in homeopathy. But think about Pulsatilla’s kind of crying. They make you feel very sorry for them and you just want to rush in and help them. This patient, however, is very angry. He’s crying because he feels sorry for himself and out of fear; plus, he says he angers easily. Pulsatilla’s not in that rubric. And what else does he tell us about his mental state? He says he’s anxiety-ridden, full of worries, he has anxiety about health, and he’s spending his time combing the internet for cures (“Mind: anxiety, mania to read medical books”), and then you have the issue of the pathology. What is it? He has enlargement of the liver and spleen. Does that go for Pulsatilla? No. So, what do you think now?

Well, using the rep software, I come up with Arsenicum and Nux Vomica..

Nux would come to mind for someone easily angered, (vexed by trifles) but the ‘better by rubbing’ made me think not, as they are worse by touch; on closer reading, maybe the better by ‘hard strong pressure’ is where the rubbing comes in.

No, I don’t think we can substitute “better pressure” for “rubbing amel.”

I was taking the word ‘massage’ word to mean something different.. :0)

Nux does wake unrefreshed and has the liver area engorgement..but I did not picture a Nux crying, but more angry; so, the ‘weeping’ would really seem contradictory to me, but as you said, if he is ‘weeping’ out of self pity, I can see it.

There’s an important sub-rubric under “Mind: crying” for this case: “Crying, with progressive disease” and there are only 3 remedies with only one being relevant to us–Arsenicum. Clearly, with hardened and enlarged liver and spleen, this person has advanced pathology. We would want a remedy to cover the pathology of both organs, as “crawling” is often a liver symptom–meaning if we could help the liver, the crawling would stop, then we would want the remedy also to cover the mentals. So when we look at the mentals, we see anxiety about health, fear of death and worrying. Nux isn’t much for worrying, apparently. In the final analysis, I did decide that I had to repertorize, and it came out, as I suspected it might, to Arsenicum:

 Revisiting: Creepy-Crawlies! 1

Thanks so much for these quizzes! They are helping me greatly with the thought process needed to help solve cases. I tend to rely too much on my own ‘picture’ of what each remedy is and sometimes the ‘words just get in my way’ (especially if I interpret a word to mean something other than it does in the case) 🙁 In this case, I was looking at the cause and figured it to be a liver/spleen issue which confined me to the three remedies mentioned above.

You were right, it was a liver spleen issue, but, then you missed all the anxiety in the case.

I will just keep trying.

At times, I feel like I will never be able to master this, (and at my age I am running out of time) but know full well how awesome it is and am determined to keep at it until I get it– and my daughter is following along and learning the ropes as well.

You’re lucky! My daughter is following the tour schedules of rock stars!

Stay warm and well!


Who else do we have here? Oh look! It’s Wayne Butcher from Australia!

Hi Elaine,
Here is my attempt regarding Antoine’s case:
My Rubrics are as Follows
Itching; skin; crawling

I would have picked “Skin: formication” since that’s what that crawling feeling is.

Dry; skin
Anxiety; future about the
Anxiety; health about their
White; tongue
Swelling; glands,
Salt, general; desires
Itching ;hands
Itching; legs

Highest scoring remedy was Phosphorus, followed by Sulphur, then Nit – ac, Calc, and Arsenic
Tongue signs and enlarged spleen seem to indicate a spleen problem as given in the diagnosis caused by bone marrow problems.
Phosphorus and Calcium are two remedies particularly relavent to bones. Sulphur is one of the first remedies thought of when there are skin problems. There seems to be some abnormal problem with the teeth.
Considering this my first remedy would be Phosphorus, particularly because of his desire for salt.
As usual I will be interested to see your repertorisation.

There’s a great rubric “Mind: crying, progressive disease, with”.   There are only 3 remedies in it and Arsenicum is the only one worth considering–the other two being Aethusa and Caladium. Then looking at the case, you see that Arsenicum seems to cover just about every rubric, including “Skin: formication”. You can see the case is full of anxiety and worry. Arsenicum is a 4 under “tendency to worry”, Phosphorus only a 1. Phosphorus didn’t have the indented tongue, flabby tongue or self-pity. The thirstlessness also makes you wonder about Phosphorus. Phosphorus also isn’t in the rubric “desires to go home”. So, the mentals here are much more Arsenicum than Phosphorus, though Phosphorus did come up in my repertorization, Arsenicum was #1; so, needless to say, I picked Arsenicum.

Oh look! It’s Miroslav and Jitka!

Hello Elaine


I have forwarded your message to Miroslav, that you would like to know our answers what we think the elements of the case are.


This is what Miroslav wrote:

If I should even comment on the quiz, I would try to use the Dr.Sehgal´s method

and I would choose symptoms: – “he craves after light”

I don’t remember that at all. Where does it say he craves light?

– “muscles are not subject of the will”- Gelsemium

Where does it say his muscles aren’t obeying his will?

In the present case would match the following symptoms:

– the current state of virus precedes – absence of thirst

– Fatigue – desires to be at rest, relax…..

I want to try this version:


– craves for light (he is interested in what he is looking for, looking for information about his health…)

And what is the rubric for that, looking for information about his health? “Mind: anxiety, hypochondriacal, mania to read medical books”

– Muscles are not subject to the will (he has to scratch himself…)

No, he has “formication”. It’s a “crawling” sensation on his skin, like bugs are crawling and he doesn’t have to scratch, he has to rub. So, the rubric is “Generals: rubbing amel.”

Another symptom that I had mentioned, match to Gelsemium.

Why can it not be Gelsemium? Does this case have mentals? Yes. Are they the Gelsemium mentals? No. What are his mentals? Anxiety about health. Fear of death. Worry. Easy to anger. Wants to go home. Crying with the disease. What remedy has these things? It’s Arsenicum.

In this case, there are really a mixture of symptoms and a stage after the virus brought me to this remedy.

Once I saw on Sehgal´s seminar a video case about 3-year old child, mother carried him on her hands and he was scratching himself all the time ( ugly eczema), a doctor came to him and wanted to stop him but the child continued with scratching, did not help no admonition….nothing … On the basis of this single symptom – muscles are not subject of the will – the child was given Gelsemium, that cured the child…“

I don’t know…this is not a case of itching although there is some itching in the case. It is a case of formication with clear mental concomitants and we all know that if a case has “mentals” the remedy has to cover that, right?

As for me (Jitka), I tried to take into account almost all the elements of the case and I tried to repertorize them. Because I do not have any Repertory SW . I had to write down manually remedies and rubrics for evaluating, but in my language. Now I’ll try and pick something from my notes which remedies and symptoms I tried to repertorize. But I’ve completely lost in this case and therefore I´m not going to guess another remedy. I send you only the list of rubrics and remedies that seemed like the most similar to this case. The most similar seems Merc, but Mercurius is thirsty. Then I thought about Sulphur, but Sulph. is thirsty mostly too, though they say, Sulphur is thirstless in acutes. If I’d written whatever else, it would be just mere speculation. I send this just so you could not think, that besides, I’m not very smart, I’m also lazy …: )

Well, again, if a case has mentals, and there’s no clear etiology, we have to match the mentals to a remedy; plus, we want our remedy to cover the organ pathology of liver and spleen enlargement and hardening of the liver. That’s important because this is what has to be cured. We need a liver/spleen pathology remedy that has anxiety, fear of death, worry. What else can it be but Arsenicum? Anyway, thanks for your input and participation as always!


So…to all our participants today… it appears that… Lady Luck turned her back on you…(my main man, Lloyd Price):

See you again next time!

Mom, wait!  You’re not going to believe this!  Peter Dunseith, your soul brother from Wales, just wrote in with the right answer!  Look!

Hi Elaine, greetings from Wales, and thanks for another entertaining homeo-musical-comedy-quiz!

I repertorised the case and Arsenicum covers every symptom, including the crawling sensation (formication), the loose teeth and bad breath, the white coated tongue indented by the teeth, the swollen spleen and liver, the burning in the stomach, and the anxiety. Mercury is also a front runner, but what clinches Arsenicum for me is the patient’s anxiety over his own health, to the extent that he is spending his time on the internet researching his symptoms and looking for remedies. So that is one vote from me for Ars-alb.

Wow!  I couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!!


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