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Revisiting: Dry Mouth: Easy Quiz, Not-So-Easy Answer!

Did you give the right answer?

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Award Winning Hpathy Quiz!!!!

Mom, is this, by any chance, another reference to the Lifetime Achievement Award you won from Dr. B?

Oh no… why would you think that????

Oh gee, I don’t know, it’s just a wild guess!  But I have a very important Death Report to get to and I think it will be a bit of a doozy.

I would prefer if it were a bit more of a don’t-zy!

Mom!!!!  That was sooo funny I forgot to laugh.  And don’t forget to post my birthday pictures from April.  Should we save that for last to cheer everyone up?

The Death Report?  You want to save the Death Report for last to cheer everyone up???

No, Mom!!!  My birthday pictures!  Now, coming to the Death Report…and oh, by the way, the Rolling Stones…


…are to be congratulated on the 50th Anniversary of their most famous album, “Exile on Main Street”.

Never heard of it!

It’s the album “Tumbling Dice” is on!

Oh, well that’s different. Never mind!

Now as I was saying… There’s actually a really interesting 2010 documentary (believe it or not, I’ve never seen it) called “Stones in Exile”, and the 50th Anniversary of this album seems like the perfect time to buy it!

Aaaaah!!!!!  How much is this going to cost me????

It’s only $9.99!  And don’t worry, Mom, I’ll be paying for it with the gift card that Wonder Woman sent you for winning that Lifetime Achievement Award!  Now if there are no further questions…. The Stones were tax exiles at the time and the place in France where they were living didn’t even have a recording studio.

(Gasp!) Is that the end of the story?

This year is also the band’s 60th Anniversary (first milestone without Charlie Watts, sadly) but probably a good excuse to re-read Keith Richards’ book, Life, again.

Yes, that doesn’t sound like a waste of time at all!

The Death Report

Mom, I hope you’re sitting down for this.  In March, we lost Fred Johnson, the bass singer of the Marcels.  Fred is second from the left below.  Lead singer, Nini Harp, is on guitar.

OMG!  Fred Johnson is the voice you hear at the beginning—and the end—of their monster hit from 1959, “Blue Moon”.


It’s a Doo-Wop Classic!!!!  And it’s probably the most recognizable bass line in all of Rock ‘n’ Roll history!

You’re not going to try to sing it, are you?  Oh no.

Bom B’ B’ Bom B’ Bom B’ Bom Bom B’ B’ Bom B’ B’ Bom…

Mom, that’s enough!  Only Fred Johnson can do it!  He sure left his mark on the world of music. Apparently that record bumped Elvis off the charts!

Fred Johnson will be missed but always remembered.  He died at 80.

In March we also lost former Drifters member Bobby Hendricks at 84, he joined the group in 1957. He was meant to replace Clyde McPhatter.

Here he is live on PBS, from the ’90’s I assume, joining bass singer Bill Pinkney, leading the Original Drifters on “Drip Drop”:

You can post my birthday picture now.

I bought Shana a James Brown t-shirt for her 30th birthday:

And now for the Quiz!

This is an incredibly short quiz, and you might even think, “Hey, Elaine!  There’s not enough information here to prescribe on!”

Well excuuuuse me!!!!  Here’s our patient now, Mrs. Marie Attoinetti, from Brooklyn…

Is that her real name?



Elaine, the dry mouth came back after trying to eat hummus again.  It is now a chick pea allergy. What do you suggest?

I suggest the following: _______________________6C.

Will do.

Let me know what the results are.

Elaine, the remedy worked!!  I could probably use one more dose maybe.  I just took one dose yesterday but the dry mouth is so much better!!!

OK, “Marie”, just make sure that the first dose has really stopped working, OK?


Alright, that’s it!  Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what the remedy was.  The answer will be in the June ezine.







Hummus 6C

 OK, so, how did we do this time?  I think I see Maria, all the way from Greece!

 Hi Elaine,

 Hi Maria!

 and Happy Birthday to Shana! 🎁🎂

 Thank you for the cake and the nice present!

 For this month’s quiz I vote for Bryonia.  It is a 3 under “beans, aggravate”.

 I’m not sure that chickpeas are beans.  They’re legumes.  Members of the pea family.

 Bryonia is famous for its dry mouth.

 Yes it is.  Bryonia definitely has dry mucus membranes.  The trouble with going for a “dry” remedy is that the “Mouth, dry” rubric has over 200 remedies in it, many in Bold, kind of making this rubric useless for us.  What do you do when you know the cause of the acute problem?  Shana just popped in and said, “Shouldn’t Maria know what the remedy is?  Didn’t she once have to make a remedy out of her friend’s make-up?”

I said, “Yes, she did!  And you’re right; Maria, of all people, should have known!”

 It is a long shot, but I will try again if my vote is wrong.

 Well, you might want to try again.

 Oops sorry, I thought it was a bean 😛  So did she make a remedy out of hummus?

 Yes!!!!!  Finally!  Geez, at last!  Yes, she made a remedy out of Hummus! 

Who do we have next?


Hi Elaine,

 Hi Aruna!

 I am attempting this month’s quiz on dry mouth.  The patient said:

“Elaine, the dry mouth came back after trying to eat hummus again.  It is now a chickpea allergy.  What do you suggest?”

Here are my notes and understanding :

Acute case

Food allergies (as she says now it is Chickpea allergy)

Chronic Dry mouth due to indigestion                                 

 No.  We don’t know that.  All we know is, she eats hummus (which is made out of chickpeas, apparently) and she gets a dry mouth.  That’s it!  That’s all we know!  A reaction to Hummus.

 Craving for indigestible foods – as she mentions she is trying to eat hummus again even though it gave her a dry mouth before.

 “Food: indigestible things, desires”.  You know what?  By that I think they mean things like chalk, sand or cement.  But the problem with Hummus isn’t that she can’t digest it, it’s that she’s allergic to it.  That’s two different things.  So, this rubric is not going to help us.

 Worse immediately after eating.

 There’s no information for that.  She doesn’t say how long it took for the dry mouth to appear.

 Regardless of whether she has a craving or not or if it’s digestible or not, I have narrowed my selection of remedies based on only one modality “aggravation soon after eating fatty food”:

There’s no information for that.  I don’t consider hummus a fatty food.  You know what’s a fatty food?  Pizza.

 Apis , Pulsatilla, Mag-Phos, Lachesis

I am guessing it to be Apis 6C.

Apis is one of our allergic remedies, but, usually an Apis case involves swelling, water retention, edema, hives, itching, red discoloration, a stinging sensation or a burning sensation, better cold applications, worse heat—not necessarily all these things at once; but, I’ve never seen a person develop dryness of the mucus membranes after eating something and need Apis for it, though I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try it just to see what would happen.

So, like I said in the title, this is an easy case.  Why?  It’s a very clear “cause-and-effect” case:  A person eats something and has an allergic reaction to it.  What to do? 

Well, if you’ve got Histaminum 30C there, that might work.  But, if you don’t have Histaminum, then what?  Well, you might make a remedy out of Hummus!  That’s what I told her to do.  What something can cause, it can cure in small doses.  Isn’t that right?  So, I told her to read my article, “How To Make Your Own Remedy”.  And that’s all there was to it.

Love it!  A simple approach to a simple problem, I only complicated it through the analysis I guess.

Aruna, other than Histaminum, I don’t know how you would pick a remedy for this case.


Hi Elaine, it’s Lori D from PAZ!


 The case of Marie’s dry mouth from the chickpeas was very interesting.  My first choice of remedy is Arsenicum Alb because it has an affinity for dry mouth as well as an aggravation from foods in the legume family.  However, if I am wrong, I will try again.

Are you old enough to remember “What’s My Line”? 

If so….do you remember when host, John Daly, would say to the panel, “Panel, I’m flipping over all the cards!”  That was when he’d be in despair of anyone getting the right answer!  I feel the same way.  The answer is: I told her to make a 6C remedy out of Hummus!  Well, isn’t that what caused the attack?  And what’s our motto:  What something can cause, it can cure in small doses.

I’m hoping to instill in people the idea that homeopathy isn’t limited to only commercial products, especially when you know that a certain thing caused what you have.  That thing, in potency, is your best remedy!  For example, when you’re suffering from a side-effect of a drug?  Making a remedy out of the drug is the best thing you can do!

 Wow, got it.  So to make that remedy would you add a small amount of the food substance (in this case hummus) to 99 parts filtered water or do you use milk sugar?  And then succuss it 30 times…is that a 1C then?

People don’t have milk sugar at home, and this has to be very simple or no one’s gonna try it.  So, you simply need a small spring water bottle.  I always say “spring water” but I really mean any bottled water, just so long as it’s not tap water, because otherwise, you’re making a remedy out of all the questionable ingredients in tap water, like chlorine, and who knows what else!  So, I say “spring water” but it could just as easily be “purified water” or “distilled water” and so on. 

Anyway, you pour half the water out (not necessarily down the drain) let’s say into another cup to save it.  So, get yourself a cup, pour about 2 ounces of water into it, drop in a bit of the hummus you want to make a remedy out of.  Swish the cup around a few times and then pour about an ounce or less of the cup water into the half filled bottle of spring water. 

Now you succuss 40 times.  That’s a 1C.  You dump 90% of your bottle out, refill with spring water to the half-way point, succuss 40 times again–that’s your 2C.  You then dump out 90% again, refill half way again, succuss 40 times again, now you have a 3C.  See “How To Make Your Own Remedy” for the complete picture.

You keep going like this until you hit the number 6, then you’re done.  Keep in mind that after you’ve made your remedy, you always have to succuss the bottle 5 times before each dose, a dose being a sip.  It seems to me that Marie only needed one dose to feel so much better.

Thank you Lori!


Hi Elaine, 

Hello Pam! 

My guess to the Dry Mouth Quiz:

Since she ate hummus, and said it was a chickpea allergy, my guesses are that:

a) she made a remedy from chickpeas in the 6c potency

b)…. (THIS IS MY Most Likely PICK!)   😀  that she made a 6c remedy out of the hummus, using the instructions in your article “How To Make Your Own Remedy”:

c) she took Lathyrus sativus 6c, as this is homeopathic chickpea!

My final guess is: 

b) she made a 6c Remedy out of the actual hummus she ate, to cover all potential allergic ingredients! 😀

P.S.  Apparently Lathyrus is the wrong chickpea!  It’s Indian chickpea.  Doesn’t matter, as I picked “B”….made her own remedy from the food.  Final answer.


Pam, are you sure you don’t want to phone a friend, or ask the audience?  (Ha-ha!)  Yes, Pam, you are RIGHT!!!!!  You nailed it!!!  Yes, who knows what was in the hummus that could have caused that bad reaction?  We don’t really know!  It only makes sense to use the hummus itself!!!!  Great analysis!

 I think I see Yael from Israel.


Hi Elaine,

Hi Yael!

About your last (very short) quiz,

I would go for Bryonia.

We have two results for “peas aggravate”

 (Peas and chickpeas are two different things.)

  – Lycopodium and Bryonia.  But Bryonia’s known for dryness.  And that’s about all we know about this case: chick peas and dryness.

If it’s not Bryonia, I’d go for Lycopodium.

Well, Yael, I’m trying to get people to realize that when something makes them sick, they can make a remedy out of whatever that thing was.  You know that in homeopathy, our motto is: whatever something can cause, it can cure in small doses.  So…Marie made a remedy out of hummus, based on my article “How To Make Your Own Remedy”:

 And just one dose seems to have made her noticeably better.

 Thanks and Good Shabbos,



Krista from Nebraska is here!

 Hi Elaine-

I think I may have missed the time cut off, I’m not sure but wanted to participate in your quiz even if unofficially.

I considered a couple of remedies.  My first thought was Apis because of allergic reaction.

 Yes, that’s understandable.

 I know Apis is good for even anaphylactic shock and it can have a dry mouth.  You said we have to think outside the box, so that made me wonder if it was Aconite for fear because aconite does have a dry mouth too.   So I’m going to go with that one.


I look forward to finding out the remedy that was successful!  I have one more idea if I didn’t get it right here.

 Thank you,


Krista, it was very simple.  Since there was really no case here, per se, I told her to make a 6C remedy out of Hummus.  We all have to learn how to make remedies!

Oh look, the gang from Slovakia is here!


 Hello Elaine and Shana,

 Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

 We send our regular answers to your really difficult quiz.

  Miroslav says:

 Allergic reaction after eating: APIS

– chickpeas aggravates (but I did not find chickpeas in the repertoire , neither legumes in general …)

– diseases, allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, allergic attack

 Apis is a good guess.

  Jitka says:

  I Give up!

 Well that’s just as good an answer as any!

 To me it was really little information to name the right remedy.

 Yes, very little information!  And that’s why there was only one solution as far as I was concerned.

 Rubrics in in the chapters Diseases and Food didn’t help me much.  In the chapter Mouth, “dryness, sensation”, there is one remedy in bold – Nux mosch. but it’s not probably for food allergies.  I tried to look in  “homeopathic sources” on Google, mostly there are repeated 5-6 the same remedies.  Among them I was mostly thinking about Lycopodium, because in addition to dry mouth, she also has a problem with digestion of legumes and also about Bryonia, but that´s just my speculation.

I’ll put you down for Bryonia, because they do have very dry mucus membranes.  But, here’s what I told Marie to do.  I said, “Make a 6C remedy out of Hummus.”  And that’s what she did!  I mean, what something can cause, it can cure in small doses, haven’t I heard that somewhere before????

 Who else is here?


Hi, Elaine!  Mouth dry

Chickpeas aggr.

Bry ?

Certainly I am wrong… usual 🙂

Thank you Elaine


 Hi Veronique, Bryonia is a very good guess, it does have very dry mucus membranes.  And maybe it would have worked!  But since I had so little to go on, I told her to make a 6C remedy out of Hummus.  We have to remember that this is part of homeopathy too—making your own remedies!  I explain how to do it here:


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!! 

Dear Elaine,

That’s surely a clue, hope I get it right.

Dryness of mouth ( and all mucus membranes ) , calls for BRYONIA.  Please give out the answer if I am wrong 😊

 Bryonia does have dryness of mucus membranes, but, the remedy was Hummus 6C.  She made it herself.

Alright, I think we are done!  The time has come to congratulate our one and only Winner, and that winner is….the one and only….PAM!!!!!!

 We’ll see you back here again in July!  (Oh geez, the year is half over already!)  Bye-bye!


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  • Hummus is a culinary preparation with a base of chickpeas to which we add lemon juice, garlic, cumin and salt, but also tahini which is a cream of sesame seeds crushed with a little water.
    It is well known that sesame seeds often cause allergic reactions.

    I see also that sesame oil is proposed in preparations for dry skin, dry hair and dry nose. May be we see here a kind of homeopathic use of it.

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