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Revisiting: Elaine’s Left-sided Headache

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Revisiting: Elaine’s Left-sided Headache. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Well, Shana, it’s time to revisit last month’s quiz and give the answer!  Here we go!


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Elaine’s Left-sided Headache







Carbo veg.

Kali ars.




So……how did we do? Is there a caller there?

Hi Elaine! I vote for Gelsemium! Hope it is correct! Sun and warm/hot aggravates, droopy, weak, heavy etc. fit I think. If it is wrong I can come up with another wrong answer! : P

P.S Loved the pancakes with strawberries!


As usual, Maria is right–and has excellent taste in food!  Do we have another caller?


Hi Elaine. The remedy for the left sided headache is Gelsemium Though it has no specific left sidedness, the other symptoms dragged down,droopy,weak,weary and sun exposure leads me to Gelsimium.
Am I correct?????????. If not tell me, I will try again.


Sujatha is totally correct!  Here is the Gelsemium “look”:

Revisiting: Elaine's Left-sided Headache 1

When you see this look–also called a “besotted look”–coupled with ailments from the heat of the sun, and then you throw in weakenss, sluggishness, heaviness, weariness, and an inclination to lie down and go to sleep, you can be reasonably sure it’s our friend Gelsemium. Notice the fallen eyelids.

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman has a very helpful approach in her book, Homeopathic Self-Care. It’s called “Listen” (to what they say). The Gelsemium person with a headache says, “I feel wasted,” which was exactly the word I used (among other Gelsemium words, like “droopy”). Doesn’t “droopy” describe this patient pictured above? So, there you have it, everybody, Gelsemium!

Revisiting: Elaine's Left-sided Headache 2

Why can’t it be Sepia, as many of you thought?  Because Sepia is missing from probably the most important rubric in the case, the ETIOLOGY–Ailments From The Sun!  It’s not under “Generals: sun agg.”, it’s not under “Generals: sun, headache from exposure”, it’s not under “Generals: sun, heat of sun agg.”, nothing!  If you’ve got a clear etiology, your remedy has to cover it!  It’s not enough that Sepia is dragged down and wiped out!

Etiology over-rules symptomatology, always remember that! 

So, it’s time now to announce our lovely June 2012 winners! And they are……

Maria, Sujatha, Diderik Finne and Prateek Sehgal!

Congratulations! And don’t forget to join us again next time for another exciting and nail-biting… hpathy Quiz!


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  • Dear Elaine,

    We thank u so much for the knowlegde we gain every month through the hpathy Quiz. It’s an advanced school for all new homeopaths. We encourage you to go on.
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