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Revisiting: Fear of Cold Places

Brian is not feeling well and he seems to be obsessed with staying out of cold places. Did you guess his remedy?

Mom, It’s time for the Quiz!!!!

This is a very exciting month for two reasons.  First reason, the Rolling Stones announced their North American tour dates including the fact that June 18th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly is a go!!!


Here is where they announce the tour dates in North America:

I know you don’t want to go, but, it just won’t be any fun without you.


You’ve listened to all my ramblings about the Stones since, well, I don’t know when.

Last Thursday.

I wish my cousin Jon lived closer.  There weren’t any tour dates announced in Maryland and he’s into classic rock but for all I know Jon could have his own gigs with Blue Miracle or some solo gig or whatever since I know he just did an album.  I don’t know what Jon is up to these days.  I just know he’s a lot cooler than you.  Here he is now, being cool.

Jon is not cooler than I am!

The picture of Jon being cool would beg to differ; also, it’s exciting because I turn 21 April 22nd.  I’m not excited about the fact that it’s the legal drinking age…

Oh my God!

… which I have no plans to do.  I just don’t know why I get excited about being another year older.

It’s because you’re not 65.

I guess I’m just excited about getting my best friends from high school together to hang out with me and not do anything crazy and just be with my friends.  If you’re going to get me a birthday gift….

Oh boy, here it comes…..

…you know what I want: either something I mentioned in a previous Quiz or concert tickets to the Rolling Stones in June. (*gives puppy dog eyes*)

Shana! That’s not fair!!!!!   Alright, you can go see The Rolling Stones!  (What am I saying?  She always gets her way!)

Yay!!!  Who died this month?  If no one from your world of soul music died…

I wish that were true!

…then I have someone to mention.  The actor Richard Griffiths who played Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter movies died last month from complications from heart surgery.  I heard that he had a rough childhood so it must’ve been hard for him to play a character who mistreats his nephew when he was mistreated himself.

Here is Richard Griffiths as Vernon Dursley.  This is a clip from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when owls kept sending letters to Harry until finally the house was filled with letters.

That was my favorite part of the movie!

Well if you have nothing to add…

Who said I have nothing to add?  You do know that Bobbie Smith of The Spinners died, don’t you?  Oh my God!  I can’t believe I just said that!  I loved him!  He was the greatest performer I ever saw, I couldn’t take my eyes off him!  Shana, get me a picture of Bobbie Smith!


  John Edwards and Bobbie Smith

What are you going to play with Bobbie Smith on lead?

Possibly their biggest hit of all, “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”.  

The Spinners!

OMG!  I’m all verklempt.  Shana, start the quiz!

I guess I can start the quiz and afterwards, once again, the Rolling Stones will play us out.


I think it’s appropriate given that the North American tour for the summer was announced this month.  So it will be the Rolling Stones with “Dead Flowers”, a country-esque song from the Sticky Fingers album.

Can’t you get a job as a disc jockey?

It was on a list of best 100 Rolling Stones songs and the description said it sounded like a song the Eagles would’ve wanted to get their hands on.

And speaking of which, I really wish I could get my hands on Eagles tickets for July 16th. (*gives puppy dog eyes again*)


I tried winning them on the radio but I didn’t get called.  I hate radio contests.  And now, here is the Quiz!


HI Elaine,

So I should have seen the signs as it always happens this way, but “Brian”, my 4 year old, has a cold.

As always he is a little grumpy the few days leading up to actually being sick and starts to misbehave.

He can get very upset and becomes difficult to manage.  I also noticed yesterday that he was craving milk, he wanted to drink it from a nipple which he only asks for before being unwell.  He also drinks Bellamy’s milk normally as his eczema really flares up with fresh cow’s milk.

It has come on after a few days on not being himself.  He is sneezing, and has a runny nose which is clear, though it is not profusely running.

I think it may be from over-stimulation, we have done a lot over the past few days as he is on his holidays.  He has also been swimming twice this week and one night we left the air conditioner on by mistake in his room and he woke up freezing with really cold hands and feet.  It may be from this event.

He wants cuddles, he wants to have his own way and when we mention going out he says that he can’t go to certain places because they are cold and he will get sick.  He seems to mention this a lot. Almost as though he is preoccupied with it.  He has been saying over the past few days that he is unwell but I just couldn’t see any signs or symptoms.  He wants to eat fruit.

He is worse with being cold, i.e. in cold places, worse when told off and very upset if his baby brother disrupts his play.  He can become violent and pushes or hits him.

Emotionally very sensitive and needs lots of attention.  He gets upset when things are moved or they aren’t the way they should be.

No odours, no sweating.  Stools not as firm as usual.  Appetite seems the same.

Take care,


Elaine, I gave Brian _____________30C as you suggested and it really helped.  He hasn’t sneezed or had a runny nose since.  I saw improvement after the first dose and so will wait to see if there is a relapse before giving anymore.  He’s been less aggressive with his younger brother and hasn’t mentioned not going to cold places at all today.

OK, everybody, do you know the quiz answer?  If so, write to Mom at [email protected] and let her know.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.  And now here are the Rolling Stones to play us out with “Dead Flowers”.

Oy vey!

Arsenicum alb.

Nux vomica-2






Rhus tox

Hello everybody!!!  Are all of you back from a nice month of relaxation?  Hopefully?  Ready to hear the answer to last month’s quiz?  I know I am!  Who’s up first?

Hi, Elaine,

My answer is Arsenicum album before repetorization, from his fastidiousness.  After repetorization, I still got Arsenicum.  Please advise me where I went wrong. 


Rosman Faridz

Actually, you didn’t go wrong at all!

I took the easy way, though.  As soon as I saw, “He gets upset when things are moved….” I blurted out, “ARSENICUM!”  Sometimes it seems like when we’re analyzing a case, we’re sifting through packaging material… looking for the gift inside.  We’re pushing aside filler, like…”grumpy”, “misbehaving”, “sneezing”, “runny nose”– all meaningless; searching, rummaging for something of value…. is anything in here?  And suddenly, there it is: “He gets upset when things are moved.”  Bingo!

Some remedies have famous traits.  This is certainly one of Arsenicum’s!  If you move something, they put it back!  That’s an Arsenicum-ism.  And then you can back-track and say, “Is Arsenicum worse from cold?”  Yes! ”  Is Arsenicum irritable?”  Yes!  “Does everything in this case fit Arsenicum?”  Yes!  So, there you have it.

I think I see Maria.

Hi Elaine,

I am between 2 remedies.  If I accept the etiology of leaving the air-conditioner on I would go for Aconitum.  Overall though, he seems like Arsenicum.  So which shall I choose?

I am not sure about the etiology, but it seems that it is NWS.  So I will vote for Aconitum and if I am wrong you already know my second vote.  If it is wrong too, I will try again.

Maria, you’re right to suspect Aconite under such circumstances (ailments from cold, dry winds–AKA air conditioning)!  But remember what happened last month?  We saw a keynote of a remedy (symmetrical red spots–Arnica) and the case was over!  Well, here too, a remedy keynote jumped out at me, and that was all I needed to see.  Can you guess what it was?

Hmmmmm two things struck me.  The marked fear of cold places and the over-stimulation she said that might be the cause.  I could add the violence towards his brother.

But you have to be careful because that’s also just kids being kids.

I really can’t be sure what you saw and I missed it.  I ruled out nux at first place, so let it not be nux!   Hint pleeeease 🙂

Maria, here is the hint.  You were right when you picked Arsenicum!  So, what is the Arsenicum “peculiar”, other than dreading the cold?

Fastidiousness?  She states he wants the things in their place.

Bingo!  That’s it!  It was something like, “If you move something, he gets upset.”  Do you remember the RugRats cartoon quiz we did, Tommy and Chuckie, and Chuckie was an Arsenicum?  And when Tommy tried to straighten a picture, Chuckie put it back where it was?  That’s an Arsenicum cliche!  You move something and Arsenicum puts it back!

So arsenicum was the right remedy?

Yes, absolutely!

Why can’t the etiology be picked here as selection for the remedy?

Oh, don’t get me wrong!  Arsenicum dreads the cold!  But the problem is, so do a lot of other remedies!  Nux vomica, Hepar sulph, Silica, Gelsemium…so many remedies can’t stand the cold or are, themselves, freezing; so, how can we pick a remedy from so long a list?

If we assume the air conditioner was the etiology.

Yes, that doesn’t rule out Arsenicum, it’s just not enough by itself.

Because the onset did not match?

No, we did match the etiology, but some etiologies won’t help you if the rubric is too large.

Of course I do remember the Rug Rats cartoon, it was a great quiz, big fun!  Thank you for all your help on this one and can’t wait for a “Simpsons” quiz in the future 🙂

What a great idea!  A Simpsons Quiz!   I’ll have to get to work on that right away!

It looks like Monika is next.  Hellooooooooooo……….

Hi Elaine,

A tricky quiz again 🙂 please let me try again if i am wrong..

Mind-Anger from disorder.  There is only one remedy in that rubric which is Nux Vomica.

Here’s the problem with that.  The mom didn’t say he got angry from disorder.  (Actually, who wouldn’t get angry from disorder?  I’m getting angry just thinking about it!)  This is much more telling than that.  He gets “upset” when something is “moved”!  Now, Monika, isn’t it a fact that you can “move” something without creating disorder?  So, here we have a child who is very…..what?  What’s the word for that, when everything has to be “just so”?

“Fastidious” would be the word for someone who is particular about details….and the chief remedy for that is Arsenicum.   Arsenicum is aggravated by cold….fits all the other symptoms also.

You got it!!!!!

I see Maryam from Pakistan is here!  But you guessed wrong, Maryam!  It’s not Rhus tox!  But I know, ailments from the cold, it makes sense; but, when we see a remedy keynote in a case, we go right for the remedy–in this case, Arsenicum!  Thanks for voting and we hope to see you back again next month too!

Dr. B, you were right, we do have a winner this month and it is…(Ta-da!) none other than Rosman Faridz!  What prize do we have for Rosman?

Elephants!  They make the perfect gift!

You’re right!  Elephants are perfect!  See you back here again next time, for another great edition of the Hpathy Quiz!!!


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