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Revisiting: Fear of Cold Places

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Elaine Lewis gives the solution to last month’s acute case quiz.

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Fear of Cold Places


Arsenicum alb.

Nux vomica-2






Rhus tox

Hello everybody!!! Are all of you back from a nice month of relaxation? Hopefully? Ready to hear the answer to last month’s quiz? I know I am! Who’s up first?

Hi, Elaine,

My answer is Arsenicum album before repetorization, from his fastidiousness. After repetorization, I still got Arsenicum. Please advise me where I went wrong. Thanks. Rosman Faridz

Revisiting: Fear of Cold Places 1

Wow! You repertorized! That makes my column look sooooooo professional! Actually, you didn’t go wrong at all!

I took the easy way, though. As soon as I saw, “He gets upset when things are moved….” I blurted out, “ARSENICUM!” Sometimes it seems like when we’re analyzing a case, we’re sifting through packaging material…

Revisiting: Fear of Cold Places 2

looking for the gift inside. We’re pushing aside filler, like…”grumpy”, “misbehaving”, “sneezing”, “runny nose”– all meaningless; searching, rummaging for something of value…. is anything in there? And suddenly, there it is: “He gets upset when things are moved.” Bingo!

Some remedies have famous traits. This is certainly one of Arsenicum’s!  If you move something, they put it back! That’s an Arsenicum-ism. And then you can back-track and say, “Is Arsenicum worse from cold?”  Yes! “Is Arsenicum irritable?” Yes!  “Does everything in this case fit Arsenicum more or less?”  Yes! So, there you have it.

Is that Maria?

Hi Elaine,

I am between 2 remedies. If I accept the etiology of leaving the air-conditioner on I would go for Aconitum. Overall though, he seems like Arsenicum. So which shall I choose?

I am not sure about the etiology, but it seems that it is NWS. So I will vote for Aconitum and if I am wrong you already know my second vote. If it is wrong too, I will try again.

Maria, you’re right to suspect Aconite under such circumstances (ailments from cold, dry winds–AKA air conditioning)! But remember what happened last month? We saw a keynote of a remedy (symmetrical red spots–Arnica) and the case was over! Well, here too, a remedy keynote jumped out at me, and that was all I needed to hear. Can you guess what it was?

Hmmmmm two things struck me. The marked fear of cold places and the over-stimulation she said that might be the cause. I could add the violence towards his brother.

But you have to be careful because that’s also just kids being kids.

I really can’t be sure what you saw and I missed it. I ruled out nux at first place, so let it not be nux!  Hint pleeeease 🙂

Maria, here is the hint. You were right when you picked Arsenicum! So, what is the Arsenicum “peculiar”, other than dreading the cold?

Fastidiousness? She states he wants the things in their place.

Bingo! That’s it! It was something like, “If you move something, he gets upset.” Do you remember the RugRats cartoon quiz we did, Tommy and Chuckie, and Chuckie was an Arsenicum? And when Tommy tried to straighten a picture, Chuckie put it back where it was? That’s an Arsenicum cliche! You move something and Arsenicum puts it back!

So arsenicum was the right remedy?

Yes, absolutely!

Why can’t the etiology be picked here as selection for the remedy?

Oh, don’t get me wrong! Arsenicum dreads the cold!  But the problem is, so do a lot of other remedies!  Nux vomica, Hepar sulph, Silica, Gelsemium…so many remedies can’t stand the cold or are, themselves, freezing; so, how can we pick a remedy from so long a list?

If we assume the air conditioner was the etiology.

Yes, that doesn’t rule out Arsenicum, it’s just not enough by itself.

Because the onset did not match?

No, we did match the etiology, but some etiologies won’t help you if the rubric is too large.

Of course I do remember the Rug Rats cartoon, it was a great quiz, big fun! Thank you for all your help on this one and can’t wait for a “Simpsons” quiz in the future 🙂

What a great idea! A Simpsons Quiz!  I’ll have to get to work on that right away!

It looks like Monika is next. Hellooooooooooo……….

Hi Elaine,

A tricky quiz again 🙂 please let me try again if i am wrong..

Mind-Anger from disorder. There is only one remedy in that rubric which is Nux Vomica.

Here’s the problem with that. The mom didn’t say he got angry from disorder. (Actually, who wouldn’t get angry from disorder? I’m getting angry just thinking about it!) This is much more telling than that. He gets “upset” when something is “moved”! Now, Monika, isn’t it a fact that you can “move” something without creating disorder? So, here we have a child who is very…..what? What’s the word for that, when everything has to be “just so”?

“Fastidious” would be the word for someone who is particular about details….and the chief remedy for that is Arsenicum. Arsenicum is aggravated by cold….fits all the other symptoms also.

You got it!!!!!

I see Maryam from Pakistan is here! But you guessed wrong, Maryam! It’s not Rhus tox! But I know, ailments from the cold, it makes sense; but, when we see a remedy keynote in a case, we go right for the remedy–in this case, Arsenicum! Thanks for voting and we hope to see you back again next month too!

Dr. B, you were right, we do have a winner this month and it is…(Ta-da!) none other than Rosman Faridz! What do we have for Rosman, Dr. B?

Revisiting: Fear of Cold Places 3

Elephants!  The perfect gift!  It just screams good taste!

See you back here again next time, for another great edition of the Hpathy Quiz!!!


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