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Revisiting: Foot Pain Can’t Stand Up to Gout

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine revisits last month’s quiz. Revisiting: Foot Pain Can’t Stand Up to Gout

Time again for the answer to last month’s quiz! Here it is in case you missed it:



Kelly, I hate to break it to you but, I read your case of “Excruciating Foot Pain”?  And well, it lacked excitement.

Excuse me? My Excruciating Foot Pain lacked excitement????

Kelly, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the lengths you go to get sick or have an injury every month–or get bitten by a large insect–but, your case was somehow, how shall I say…Lack-luster!!!!!!  Where’s the pizzazz????

Pizzazz?  My case lacked pizzazz?  You could never find a case to match my excruciating foot pain!

Well, since you mention it…..


Gout. (Homeopathy Treatment for Gout)



You’ve got gout?

I got Gout!

Get out!  Well, if you’ve got it, go on and get it!

So, this is the case of Caralyn’s father, who by the way, had Gout.

So, I’ll just let Caralyn tell it in her own words:

Caralyn's picture


If this story makes it in the Ezine, I am going to send my mother right to the Hpathy website so she can see it with her own eyes!  Lately she seems more open.  My father had gout a couple of weeks ago.  He refused allopathic treatment saying that it makes him feel bad.

So, let me begin by telling you a little bit about him. He is a very loving husband and father but he does not have a lot of regard for other people and he’s very peevish as well.  He’s got a voracious appetite, loves sweets and his favorite thing to talk about is money!  There’s a lot of skin things going on–ringworm, eczema, fungus, dryness, scaliness, freckles, age spots, itching….So anyway, like I said, a couple of weeks ago he came down with an attack of gout.  I asked him what his symptoms were, he said, “Pain and itching in the big toe.”  I gave him _____________30C in water four times the first day and he forgot to take it after that, but he got better anyway!  In fact, for the first fifteen minutes after the remedy he was making one sarcastic remark about homeopathy after another and then suddenly the remarks stopped!


OK!  Thanks, Caralyn!  Though most of our votes were for Lycopodium this time, we still had four winners!  And the winning remedy is…….

Sulphur! Three of our winners gave very good explanations:

Hi Elaine

I think the correct remedy is Sulphur: its action is centrifugal from within outward having an affinity for the skin (skin afflictions) where it produces heat and burning with itching.

Sulphur craves sweets, childish peevishness in grown ups, no regard for others, ravenous appetite.

Laurie Francis


Dear Elaine,

I dont know whether you permit this but now I think Sulphur rather than Lycopodium is better indicated.

Guess what!  Today while generally reading about Sulphur (after Dr B’s course I read the Mat Medorrhinum as a pastime!!) I found these: “Delusions; thinks rags beautiful things-that he is immensely wealthy. Childish peevishness in grown people. Irritable. Affections vitiated; very selfish, no regard for others” and thought of Caralyn’s father immediately. And of course Sulphur is indicated for itchy gouts.

Boericke specifically mentions “Extremities: rheumatic gout with itching” but Sulphur also is indicated for itchy dry skin and also for gout.



Hi Elaine,

I have a habit of missing the obvious, (GOUT!) but I’m going to say that the remedy for this case is sulphur. Here are my rubrics:

Pain, first toe: Ledum, sulph
Pain, first toe, joints: Led, Lyc, sulph
Pain, gouty, joints of: Sulph, Led
Itching: Sulph, Ledum (
Ravenous appetite, Sulph
Desires sweets: Sulph

Talks about money was tough to track down. I used this rubric:

ambition to make money: sulph

peevish: I used the rubric – irritable: Sulph. I would like to have found a better rubric–one that showed affectionate to family but not for strangers.

Considering all the skin issues, I went with sulphur, even though ledum did look like the obvious gout remedy.

I always learn so much from these cases!  It’s my favorite part of the e-zine! God bless!

Deus Caritas Est,
LuAnn Batt


Thanks, LuAnn.  I’ll just add that Sulphur is also in the sarcasm rubric as a 2 (there are no 3’s). Plus, in the 3rd ed. of Murphy’s Repertory, Murphy added a new rubric: “Mind: talking, money, about”–ars., lyc., sulph.  Well, thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks also to our 4 winners: Lu Ann Batt, Sumita, Laurie Francis and from Portugal, Marina.  Dr. B, what have they won?


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