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Revisiting: Get on the Good Foot!


Revisiting: Get on the Good Foot!. Elaine revisits last month’s quiz.

Who remembers last month’s exciting quiz presented by Kelly about her excruciating foot pain? Here it is again:


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Get on the Good Foot!


And our winner for this month’s quiz is…….Kelly Young????  How is that possible?

Yay!!!  I won!!!!! 

You voted in your own quiz!!!!!!??????!!!!!  

It happened over a year ago, I was just guessing along with everybody else!

Now I’ve heard of everything!  This has to be a first!  Well, it’s a good thing you did because, there are no other winners!


Alright, how did you do it?

Well, based on the bruised/beaten/sprained sensation and Ruta didn’t seem to cover enough of it; so, it had to be Arnica!  Isn’t it interesting how bad my memory is!?

I’ve decided I must have actually injured it but wasn’t aware of it. (“I’m fine”–another Arnica symptom?) I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and will frequently “work through it” to get done whatever it is I’m working on. Sounds Arnica-like to me!

Not to mention the “Pain in Small Spots”, for which Arnica is a 3!  Most people associate this rubric with Kali bich., so, yes, we got a lot of votes for Kali bich., followed by Ruta.  But, that was the peculiar symptom in the case, Pain in Small Spots, and I think most of our readers knew it, but Kali bich. isn’t in the Injury rubric, so, it makes Arnica the only real choice.

So, James Brown’s got a song for you, Kelly: “Get On The Good Foot”!

Very apropos!  Godfather, walk it on down!



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